Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call me! (I'm talking to you... Yes, you!) Writers, join us for a conference call to learn about Breaking into the Business, and other stuff

Hey y'all.
Would you like to have a conference call with me? One where you don't even have to do the talking?

If yes, read further.

If no, then please don't tell me.*

*because I don't think my fragile ego could take the rejection right now. Then I have to wonder why you're reading my blog if you don't want to have a conference call with me... is it my voice? My frizzy hair? My big butt? Tell me!

Those of you who answered,Yes...

...have I got some news for you! Mark your calendars for December 16th at 9:00 EST. (That's tomorrow, for those of you less calendarically inclined).

Many of you are familiar with my critique group The SIX (we are ranked in order of most to least crazy in the sidebar, although there's been some discussion as to a revote to usurp the current number one. Which is me). 

We've been asked to participate in a conference call for writers, where we will be discussing things like:

How we got our agents
Stories of our roads to publication
Query tips
Getting the most out of our critique groups
Which conferences are worth attending

All you have to do is call in, and you can listen to our group (along with F.O.B. Robin Weeks as moderator) which includes authors: 

whose new book Back When You Were Easier to Love comes out in April with Dutton (Penguin).

whose book The Lost Saint (the sequel to The Dark Divine) comes out December 28th.

And me!
(Okay, so apparently I have a little bit of cover envy)
Also, Kimberly Webb Reid, whose agent is submitting her book to editors...

and Valynne Nagamatsu and Sara Bolton, both of whom are excellent writers, crit partners, and played integral parts in my own (and everybody's) road to publication.

This is your chance to hear just how high and nasally my voice can be! (I always have nightmares that HarperCollins cancels the contract when they hear my voice for the first time). 

The instructions on how to participate can be found on author David Farland's Author Advisory site.  (Really, it involves dialing a number. You can even raise your hand and ask a question by pressing 5*).

I'm very excited because this is the first time anyone's asked me to do anything! So please listen in, and ask a question, because I don't want to look like a total dork sitting on the phone, talking about the super-weird piece of bellybutton lint I recently found. Which is what I will talk about if there are no questions.

Because, if a conference call takes place in a forest, will the tree even fall down?

Something to think about today.

So, who will be there? And if you're not going to be there, what's everyone up to this week? What can I buy an 8-year-old boy for Christmas? 

I'm just going to post the instructions here, because they're so easy. Call tomorrow night at 9 pm EST.

1: At the appointed time, dial
(long distance charges may apply, depending on your phone plan)

2: Enter the Conference Code: 245657

3: To raise your hand and ask a question, dial 5*

4: To Mute yourself, dial 4*


  1. I'll be there! :) I'll even do some talking (if I can get six crazies to let me butt in every once in a while...). :)

    Correction: to raise your hand, pres 5*. Not *5. I used to confuse that all the time.

    My 9 and 7-year-olds wrote letters to Santa. They both want steel toed boots. I have no idea why. The 7 year old also wants a whip to whip lions with, and my 9-year-old actually asked for books! Yay! :)

  2. Awesome! I so wish I could be there! Sadly, I have to work.

    And dude, it's definitely not your "big butt" because uh, it's not big. Just sayin'.

  3. How fun! I'm try to come. It depends on work and finals. But, it sounds like a butt-load of great information (and fun knowing you guys).

  4. Robin- Thanks for the correction! That's funny about the boots- Kid C asked for "hammer hands". Maybe they come in a set with the lion whip and the steel boots?

    Elana- So, if it's not cuz of my big butt, is it because of my voice? Thanks for the butt rebuttal. My butt thanks you.

    Jill- Thank you! Yes, I love the way the beige plays off the shades of beige.

    Jenni- Yay! It's going to be a giant butt-load of information! All six of us are talking at once, just to maximize efficiency.

  5. Bro, if your 8 y.o. boy is anything like my nearly 8 y.o. boy, he definitely wants some of these things:

    Legos. Star Wars or Harry Potter, whatever. But don't get Hagrid's Hut, it's lame. Anything in the Potter line for less than $40 bucks is lame, but you can get some good Star Wars stuff for $20ish at Target.

    Iron Man or Star Wars figurines, or a light saber. They have the non-lightup kind for $7ish and the light up kind for $16ish?, also at Target.

    Tech Decks. They're these customizable skateboard thingys they use with their fingers to do jumps and stuff. Costco has a pretty awesome set with some ramps & jumps, but I don't remember the price. Or they have single board decks in the stocking stuffer section at (wait for it...) Target for $2.99.

    And comic books. Or a wallet, if he does not yet have one. And Sketcher shoes, because they make you run really really fast.

    I think maybe I will call in, that sounds interesting!

    Good luck with the kid, I should be a professional shopper I think, no?

    p.s. Not kidding, my word verification is "boloidie" Hmm...

  6. Sal- Thanks for the ideas! Seriously, those are good ones. Now to shop...

    And boloidie happens to be my middle name. Brodi Boloidie. What a coincidence!

  7. That is really neat! I will definitely be calling in. I might even ask a question!

  8. Kristin- Yay! Can't wait to "meet" you and hear you question!

  9. What an awesome thing to do. And it will give me an excuse to leave my totally lame company Christmas party- being held at a sports bar with not enough parking or chairs, no spouses allowed, appetizers and dessert only. (Can you tell I work for a really cheap company?!)

    And if I can get over my mortification, I'll ask a question too!

  10. Gina- Yes, leave your work party! In fact, I give everyone in the world permission to leave their work parties in celebration of our call! No matter when the work parties are!

    Would love to hear a question from you... :)

  11. What a fun idea and congrats on being asked to participate.

    Steel toed boots, Robin? Um ... scary. When my youngest son broke his arm falling off the couch, he learned quickly to use it as a weapon again his elder brothers. Good luck with that one if they get the boots. =D

  12. Donna--oh, they're not getting them. I've already informed Santa that steel-toed boots are quite unnecessary. We'll get them something else that lets them feel like daddy.

  13. i think we should have the WHOLE dinner group (you're missing-for a good reason!) dial in on one big group conf. would that be? you'll be great! good luck!

  14. Donna- If Kid C ever breaks his arm, I'm gonna have to break Kid B's arm too, so they'll both be armed with casts.

    Dorien- That would be the best Christmas present ever! And so much fun for the whole dinner group. :)

  15. How exciting! I'll do my best to be there!

  16. My 2 yo does not find The Six nearly as fascinating as I do, therefore I have not yet finished listening to the podcast. Sounds like it was fun, though!

    My 8-year-old is a girl, but for a boy I'd go with Legos, action figures, video games, Nerf weapons or a remote control something or other.