Friday, December 3, 2010

Second Revision Letter, Shorter than the First... And my Blog has a new Dress

Hey y'all.

So, I got my second revision letter. As you may recall, I turned in my revisions the Friday before Thanksgiving. That's less than a two-week turnaround, during a major holiday.


The good thing is, my editor is really fast!


The bad thing is, my editor is really fast .

Break's over.

And apparently she's a speed-typer, because you'd think with such a quick turnaround, the revision letter would be only a couple sentences long.


The letter itself is brilliant. I haven't actually read it yet. (I usually need about 24 hours to work up the nerves to read these letters. The process involves dressing in my gray sweats and running up the steps to the state capitol, at the top of which I throw a couple of fist pumps, and then sacrifice a goat). But Sam read it, and he gave me a rundown of the major points, which were all insightful and necessary. Dangit.  

I love having an editor who gets the book and is so enthusiastic about it, in spite of the fact that she's Captain McSpeedy Typerpants.  

For those of you who thought, "Her book's not coming out until winter 2012? That's like forever away!", it turns out we are on an accelerated schedule, just to make all of our deadlines. 
And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. Because I hate the wait. I go a little nuts when I wait. Just look at what I did to my blog! 

*Ahem*... do you like it? My blog, I mean? 

I still have to flesh out the clicker tabs (I totally speak tech) and gussy up the top, but I'm happy to be rid of the flowers. Because, as Bree Despain pointed out to me yesterday, "Yeah, the flowers totally aren't you." I'm not sure how to take that.

Now, anyone know where I can purchase a goat?


  1. Wow. That's fast. Good luck with those and with finding a goat. Maybe you could make do with a picture of a goat. It would be a lot less messy that way. Probably cheaper too.

  2. You look good in blue. It's clean; I like it. I can't even imagine how crazy it must be to swim through the writing process. Makes me want a diet coke just to look at that letter. Very impressive.

  3. Jenilyn- It would be cleaner and cheaper. But I don't know if the gods of revision letters would buy it.

    Yes, I understand my reasoning may be flawed...

    Keersten- Oooooh, Diet Coke. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. That is amazing Brodi! I cannot believe your editor--we should crown her Captain McSpeedy Typerpants superhero!

    I like the face-lift or new dress or whatever happened to your blog.

    A neighbor of mine actually had a goat for sale last summer--too bad we missed it.

  5. Since we're entrenched in the holidays anyway, why not make it a sacrificial turkey instead? That'll at least be easy to find!

  6. Eden- I think the most interesting part of all that is you had a neighbor who had a goat.

    Gina- Excellent idea. Perhaps I'll just throw a frozen turkey through the stained glass rotunda of the Capitol building.

  7. Accelerated time schedule? I realized publishing took a long time, but I didn't know it took that long. Wow! I can only imagine how long the wait is when you're not on an accelerated time schedule.

    The blog is awesome. I love it!

  8. Really fun blog design--but where's the altar? For the goat?

    Is the design based at all on some element of Everneath?

    Bless you and your editor for the accelerated schedule. Now read the dang letter and meet those deadlines!! I wanna read the book!

  9. Jenni- I know. It's really crazy how long it takes to revise, copyedit, design a cover, create arcs, etc. Glad you like the blog!

    Robin- Funny you should ask- I chose the header because it's a picture of broken glass, and I used to call the book "Broken".

    Donna- Do you think it will catch on?

  10. Oooh, I like the new look! That blue rock thing at the top is cool! Good luck with your next set of revisions! At least this means that you aren't waiting anymore!

  11. It's so, um, sterile in here...

    Good luck with the second revision!

  12. Lulabell- And we all know I hate the wait. Thanks!

    Sal- That's totally me. Sterile.

    p.s. Do you think it's TOO sterile?!

  13. Love the new blog look! And I'm glad your editor gave you her revisions back so quickly. You do go crazy when you are not writing! So here's to great revisions!

  14. Sheesh. You're break certainly didnt last long. I'm sure you can find a goat for sale on ebay or amazon right?

  15. Totally love the new look. And I have to agree with Bree. Breaking ice is much more you. Right? It is ice, isn't it? Seems like your editor is not only Captain McSpeedy Typerpants (yes - this can totally catch on), she's EXCITED about your book. That's what quick turnaround says to me. You're amazing. And, did you really have Sam read the revision letter first?

  16. Through all the woes and jokes it really does sound like you are enjoying this journey.

    My mom was talking to me today about the Gates party. It'll be fun to chat there!

  17. Erin- You would know how crazy I get waiting..

    Debbie- I'll check eBay. Let the bidding begin!

    Cath- Yes, I really did have Sam read the letter first, and then he summarized it for me.

    Heids- I can't wait to see everyone! And yes, I am enjoying the whole journey.

  18. You will do great with revisions...sorry that is is such a stressful thing though!

    Um, I know I've passed some alpaca farms before, will one of those do?

  19. Aubrey- I've never known how to spell alpaca before! I always pictured it in my mind "L-Paka." Thanks for the education!

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