Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Thoughts after Pressing Send on my Revisions

A list inspired by finally turning in my revisions:

1. Sometimes I can't get my characters to shut up! It's wonderful!

2. Sometimes my characters give me the silent treatment, even though they know I'm facing a deadline.

3. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is break my manuscript up into chapters.

4. Sometimes the only thing harder is numbering those chapters in the correct sequential order.

5. Sometimes my characters do things they know are out of character.

6. Sometimes, because of #5, I talk myself in circles.

7. Sometimes, after the twentieth reading, my book bores me.

8. Sometimes, after a break, there will be one little chapter that I think won't put people to sleep.

9. Sometimes, even after I turn in the revision, I spend the next few hours kicking myself.

10. Sometimes, because of #9, even the most patient husband gets a little... peeved.

11. Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself to believe my book is actually going to be a book.

12. Sometimes, I want to pinch the people around me. For no reason.

13. Always, I'm grateful for blog readers who put up with my lists!

So, what's on your list today?


  1. on my list:
    letting you pinch me.
    (after all what are friends for?)
    now relax! (ya-right!)

  2. I definitely do not write in order, or chapters. I totally relate to MANY points on your list.
    Also when I was 12 and babysitting I once pinched a little girl because she was being a brat. I felt really bad. :)

  3. Dorien- I'll be right over.

    Debbie- Sam's older sister used to pinch him when he was a baby so he'd cry and she could take him out of church.

  4. Yay!!! I'm so happy your revisions are in! What's next? Do they go for round three? Line edits?

    Thanks for letting us wanna-be's live vicariously. :)

    I'll let you pinch me if you let me read it....

    (Let me know when the pestering gets annoying. I never expect you to actually hand it over. At least, not until it has a lovely shiny cover and lots of friends that look just like it. And I've paid money to someone for the privilege. I wouldn't want you to think I've lost interest though....)

  5. Robin- Pestering to read my book will never ever get annoying! I'm just happy anyone out there wants to read it! :)

  6. Most people need a good pinch every once in a while. I say pinch away.
    Oh, and CONGRATS!! WOOHOO! On to the next step!

  7. Shari- Woo Hoo! the next step! Which is probably another round of revisions...

    but, woo hoo! One step closer! How about you?

  8. Whew! 'Cause it was going to be very, very hard to stop. Not only am I a world-class, with years and years of experience, but I often go back to your post where you let us read the first page, just to get my fix. If the rest of the book is half as cool as that, my heart is all a-flutter.

    When will your editor let you post the first chapter? That might tide me over for a while....

  9. I love your list and I also love pinching people for no reason. Just ask my hubby. ;)

  10. Sometimes I bang my head against my desk. For no reason. And sometimes the thought of opening my document makes me scream. For no reason.

    I love the list and I'm so excited I'll actually get to read this book! (Even if I do have to wait for it.)

  11. Excellent list, Brodi! That pinching one sounds like fun. I know some people who deserve a smurf bite or two. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Robin- Good question. I'll ask her!

    Jenni- I love pinching your hubby too.

    Jenilyn- I have that problem too! (The head to desk one.)

    L.T.- Smurf bites are awesome! Until they get infected...

  13. Numero 1 on my list: Read Brodi's blog!

    I am so excited you are done with revisions. You need to party!

  14. Sometimes, I think my head will explode if I have to spend one more minute in a room with 30 8th graders.

    Love your blog and can't wait for the book!

  15. Eden- That's an excellent plan!

    Meg- 30 8th graders? I wouldn't know how to count to 1 after that.

  16. Brodi, you must feel like you've just completed your end of semester finals and get to sit back and enjoy the Christmas break. Way to go.

    Will there be further revisions likely?

  17. Congrats, Brodi. You are #1 on my list. Now #1 Crazy. Just #1.

  18. Donna- I'm sure there will be another round or two of revisions, but it's definitely closer.

    Emily- I finally made it to #1? Yay! All my campaigning paid off!

  19. We blog readers love your lists! And your blog! I'm practically useless every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until I read it!

  20. So glad I'm not the only who feels like pinching people around me for no reason. I think the Christmas stress is getting to me!

    Can you relax now for a bit??? And enjoy Christmas? Finally? Yeah!