Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Snarky Question-Maker gives an Introduction to my Blog

Hey y'all. How goes it?

I thought since we have a few new visitors (Hi! new people!) today could be an introduction post. So I've awakened that sleeping giant, the great Question-Maker (who lives in the void between rainbows and shooting stars) to interview me.

Question-Maker: yawn, stretch, crick. "Hey, every- whoa. A lotta new faces around here. What happened?"

me: "Well, dear Question-Maker-"

QM: "That's Mr. Question-Maker to you."

me: "But we've known each other for years! We should be on a first name basis. What do you call me?"

QM: "A nickname I only use on special occasions."

me: "What occasions?"

QM: "Right after you've left a room." snort
me: "..."

QM: "..."

me: "Okay, so we have some new faces I think because of the EVERNEATH cover reveal, and I think because of the ARC."

QM: "What's an ARC?"

me: "An Advanced Reader Copy of my book. I got them last week. Wanna see a pic?
The cover makes my hand look even uglier.
I love it so much."

QM: "You know the rule about loving your ARC?"

me: "No."

QM: "You can love your ARC, just don't love your ARC."

me: "I would never-"

QM: "That means no petting."

me: "Dang!"

QM: "So, for the new people around here (and I really don't know why they would want to spend time here)-"

me: "Stop with the asides!"

QM: "Sorry, that was supposed to be an internal aside. So, for the new people - and welcome, you smart people - tell us a little about your blog."

me: "Okay. I blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I blog about writing and books, but even more I blog about random stuff."

QM: "Like that time you got stuck in a bathroom on Venice Beach?" snicker snicker

me: "... and I blog about other things too."
QM: "Like that time you shouted 'belly boobs!' to an elevator full of strangers?"

me: "That was not my fault! ... It was the fault of the shirt I was wearing."

QM: "I think those are great examples about what you can expect on the blog."
me: "I also blog about this guy a lot:"
Rafa Nadal, celebrating right after he heard he would be featured on my blog.
"He's playing in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon today."

QM: "What's Wimbledon?"

me: "It's only like the most important tennis tournament in the world."

QM: "What's tennis?"

me: "Seriously, do you even read my blog?"

QM: "I thought you already knew the answer to that question."

me: "And... that's it for the Question Maker! Thank you for your help."

QM: "I'm not done yet-"

me: "Thanks so much for stopping by!"

QM: "But I still have more-"

me: "Have I described Rafa's hip dents to you lately?"
They are defined, and pointy.

QM: "You're right. Look at the time. See y'all next time!"

Okay, so that was the Question Maker! If you would like to run a question through the Question-Maker, and have me answer it, you can leave it in the comments.

And if you're new here, take a moment. Introduce yourself. We're very nice around here, and we only bite on special occasions. Like Tuesdays.

I'll even give you a question form you can use:
1. Name
2. A little bit about yourself
3. How would you describe Rafa's hip dents?


  1. i'm an oldie (and maybe the first comment??!!)

    i just want to touch IT! (and not anything on that tennis players body--)

    YOUR ARC!!!!! i am in love.

  2. Even though I'm not new, I'd definitely describe Rafa's hip dents as smoldering. Yowza!

  3. Dorien- I will bring it by so you can touch it! And remember, no petting.

    Jenni- That is an excellent description. Succinct, yet accurate.

  4. Ah, the Question Maker. Snarky goodness. :)

    Will you bring your ARC to MY house so I can touch it? Will you also ignore the men in black standing behind the door, who will make sure you don't leave with it? They'll be very gentle.

  5. Robin- That depends... do the men in black resemble Rafa? Because then I would happily be tackled by them. :)

  6. Of COURSE they resemble Rafa! What kind of evil genius do you think I am? Only the best for you, Brodi.

  7. I've actually read the ARC and I LOVE IT!!! Love the cover too!! I can't wait for the second book to come out! When does it, by the way? (And I better not have to wait until 2013).

    Oh, and Rafa is not so bad to look at either....

  8. That Question Maker. Snark, indeed.

    As for Rafa's dents? I want to tell him to pull his pants up. =D Sorry, it's the mom in me.

  9. I know why you have that crush on Rafa...he has the same hip dents that I have. You are a lucky woman.

  10. Being that sculpted almost seems uncomfortable to me, bones sticking out. The boy doesn't have an ounce of fat on him - but those eyes!

  11. Erin- how did you get your grubby little hands on a copy? :) I'm glad you loved it. I can't wait until the second one is written too. When is someone going to get on that?

    Donna- I know, part of me wants him to pull his pants up too. Ah, the dilemma that is being older than him by ten years!

    Sam- I thought yours were hip outdents, not hip indents. I was wrong.

    Kay- His whole being makes me uncomfortable. In a good way. :)

  12. VAMOS RAFA! I'm a big fan of his too, that alone is reason enough to follow your blog :-D

    Name: Moment of truth, my name isn't Safari Poet {shocked gasps}. I can imagine I would of had a lot of problems in school with a name like that. It's Petra.

    A little bit about yourself: Born in the Caribbean, living in Germany (weird combination, I know) and I have a tendency to read... a lot.

    How would you describe Rafa's hip dents? Can't, my thought go blank just looking at them *blush*

  13. Sorry Kaye! I left off the "E".

    Safari Poet- I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to find your real name is not Safari! Thanks so much for introducing yourself. Welcome to the blog!! And vamos Rafa!

  14. i wonder if there is any way to get a couple of ARC's?????

  15. Kaitlyn- If you look on my blog under "Contact Info", you'll find the email address of my publicist. You can send her an email and request an ARC.

    Good luck!

  16. @brodi YAY!!!! i need to get my hands on a copy!!!!!!! :)