Friday, July 1, 2011

Thing #1 and Thing #1: the Jacob and Esau of Tomato Plants, and the Hairy Beast I met

Hey y'all. 

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And now, it's time for...

Thing #1 and Thing #1!

Thing #1

If tomato plants can ever be described as "crazy", this is the time.

Both of my tomato plants were planted at the same time, in similar pots, with similar soil, and equal water/sun exposure.

Yet look at them:
One of these plants is not like the other...
How does this happen?

Now, I could relate this to the publishing world (why does one story get published and another doesn't?) or the parenting world (why does one kid in the same gene pool and the same environment have issues and the other one doesn't?) but today, I'm thinking... they're just tomato plants.

Maybe there is no higher meaning.

Like any respectable ancient civilization, we took the weaker plant and sacrificed it to the gods by hurling it off a cliff, and yelling, "Only the strong survive! Viva la strong plants!"

Thing #1

This next one is indeed a THING. The other day, my cousins and I took our kids to the "This is the Place" Heritage Park.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the vernacular, "This is the Place" Heritage Park is so named because when Brigham Young arrived in the Salt Lake Valley with the pioneers, he said, "Let's make this a really long pit stop!"

The park is a mini-pioneer village, and it is filled with mini-pioneers. It is a place stuck in time, where traditional chores are valued...

Here you see two swarthy men performing the daily task of "Breaking Stick"
... Child Labor Laws are scarce...
"Mush, Tommy. MUSH!!"
... And the people are much larger than usual...
Here, we see giants riding an actual pioneer train.
We also caught a glimpse of one of the strangest animals I've ever seen:
It's kind of a mix of a cow and a horse. So, it's a "Corse", of course... or a "How". Either way, it's a hairy beast. 

What about y'all? Anyone doing anything fun for the holiday? Anyone know what this animal is? Anyone else worried that they've relaxed the restrictions on aerial fireworks, which basically means they've put surface-to-air missiles in the hands of thousands of 8-year-olds?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hmm. Makes me wonder if I should check on my own tomato plants....

  2. Robin- I don't know which is scarier- a plant that is mysteriously weak, or one that grows way too fast. Because one of my fears is of plants that grow too fast. Seriously.

  3. Is it possible that it was draining the life force of the weaker plant? Now that you've removed its food source, it might grow more normally. Or just die.

  4. Okay, now I really am creeped out.

  5. I think you think you loved and watered both plants equally, but you really were in fact favoring the bigger one. It's all your fault! You didn't sing to the littler one enough! How dare you!

  6. Jenni- I've learned enough from killing 5 fish that I should never try to engage with the house pets or the house plants. I am sure if I sang to the plant, it would surely wilt and die. :)

  7. Bear Lake here we come! My kidos are excited to get away. Hopefully our house won't burn down from fireworks while we are gone. Have a wonderful holiday! Your the Best!

  8. Thanks Anonymous! If only I knew who you were...

  9. I love your thing 1 and thing 1 posts! always crack me up! My plan is to you know... work as usual. if kids want to aim those pesky fireworks towards my work I won't tell!

  10. Ah, Brodi, you make me laugh! Loved the sacrifice of the smaller weaker tomato plant and the How...or the course. ;)

  11. Andrea- I wonder how many houses will burn this weekend? :)

    Jenny- Thanks! Have a good holiday.

  12. Tomato plant higher meaning ...

    I love it. Surely that's material for a book. Hmm ...

    Thanks for the laugh to start the weekend.

  13. Yes, I am personally scared of the new firework laws. Last night as I heard BOOMS outside of my window, I was praying that we weren't about to blow up. I wore clothes to bed in case of sudden evacuation. This weekend to distract the boys I am taking them to the swimming pool we often local, to swim after live goldfish that will be tortured & caught by hundreds of crazy kids. Then, after we escape the PETA protestors, we are heading to the ball park. I figure BIG fireworks by professionals are safe & Chris Isaak will be singing. Who could be safer than Chris Isaak? Happy 4th!

  14. Ha ha ha! Seriously, you are hilarious. Your blog posts always make me smile. ;)

  15. I love the giant on the train! I missed him the last time we were there. And I'm listening to said fireworks right now going on somewhere in my hood, hoping the field behind my house goes untouched...

  16. Donna- Thank you! Have a safe, fire-free weekend.

    Laura- Are you serious about swimming with the goldfish? That sounds crazy!

    Have fun at Chris Isaak. He seriously rocks.

    Chantele- Thanks, girlfriend.

    Katie- I've heard random accidental fires never happen in fields... :) Good luck!

  17. "And the people are much larger than usual..." That picture made me laugh out loud! And I've never seen a "How" - but I'm pretty sure they exist in a Dr. Seuss book by some other name. I'll get looking... Thanks for always making me chuckle Brod.

  18. Cath- Why didn't I think to look in a Dr. Seuss book for that animal?

  19. Wow your pictures make me want to go to "This is the Place" Heritage Park. I must confess I have lived in Utah for a total of I think 11 years - and for the past 6 and I don't think I have ever been there. *blush* Should probably get on that!

    I Take the Pen

  20. Haha! Did you forget to whisper lovingly to one plant? Someone secretly feeding the one things you don't want to know about? hahaha! Life's like that.

    Last summer we went to a Heritage Park and it was the hightlight of our trip. Nice meeting you and congrats on the book it sounds great.

  21. Krista- You should totally get on that! My niece is the fiddle player there. If you go, tell her hi!

    Tanya- I do wonder if one of the neighbors is playing a practical joke on us...

    Nice meeting you too!

  22. Twin-to-twin infusion, the strong plant is leaching ;)
    I don't know what that animal is either...But I think I might want one ;)