Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kid C Speaks Chinese. Who knew?

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Chronicles of Kid C (Like Chronicles of Riddick, only better)
Kid C came home the other day from school, devastated.

kid C: "Brodi [yeah, he still calls me Brodi], did you know there are people who kill fish?"

I assumed he was thinking about the welfare of our new fish, Chopie.

me: "um... yeah..."

Kid C: "Did you know they kill them... and... eat them?"

me: "You don't say..."

Kid C: "That's bad, right? They're bad people, right?"

me (Only because I don't particularly like fish): "Yeah. Very bad."

Kid C: "They don't realize fish have lives. I saw a man kill a fish."

me: "Where?"

Kid C: "In China."

me: "When did you go to China?"

Kid C: "Remember that time I didn't come home for dinner? I was in China."

me: "Oh."

Kid C: "Did you know when you're in China, you have to speak in a different Lang-goo-ish. Or they won't understand you. Here's how I sound when I'm in China:"

I hope no one's offended by Kid C's fake Chinese...

I'm off for a writing day with Bree Despain. Which means I'm not gonna get a lot of writing done today...


  1. so cute! Love that he went to China during dinner. Have fun with your "work" day.

  2. It had a very american accent, but kid C in fact said 'I am enjoying school and I am working hard and my parents are awesome!' It was very sweet indeed.

  3. Mary- Glad you liked it. It took me a few hours to figure out how in the heck to post m4a files.

    Sam- That Kid C. It's so hard to get him to stop talking about how cool his parents are.

  4. Not only does Kid C speak Chinese, but he's been to China too! Wow!

  5. So cute! My daughter has had a fascination with everything Chinese for a couple of years now. Good thing at her school she takes Chinese!

  6. Awww. Kid C is darling!

  7. Jenni- Yes. Apparently he took the Concord, because he only missed dinner during his trip to China.

    Yamile- So your daughter would probably hear my son and be all, "Why in the world does this kid think he's speaking Chinese?"

    L.T. - Thanks. He's available on loan for weekends. Do you want to book him?

  8. He reminds me of my own son, who also has trouble separating fact from fantasy. (Should I stop reading them fantasy novels?) My Kid C has been reduced to tears on occasion when we refused to believe his most recent wild tales, despite assurances that every word was the truth!

    I also heard recently that kids have no "tells" for when they're lying. And here I thought I was just a bad mommy when I couldn't tell! (I pretend, though, of course, and throw around wild, unprovable accusations of falsehood.)

    My boys don't have a problem with killing fish. Ice fishing is one of the many bloody joys of their lives.

  9. Oh my gosh, how cute!! I'll have to ask our exchange student if he understands what Kid C says.


  10. Oh man, I'm cracking up. That kid is hilarious! Ask him why he didn't bring you back a souvenir. =)

  11. Robin- My hubby heard this and told me it was obvious Kid C's brain works like mine. The thing is, Kid C doesn't think he's lying. He has really convinced himself he's been to China!

    Sally- Let me know if you are able to translate. Unless it says something unflattering to me. Then keep it to yourself.

    Marianne- I should ask him that! But then he might get the idea that he's lying, and he'd be crushed that he doesn't really speak Chinese.

  12. I taught English in China during college and I gotta say, he sounds a lot better than most people trying to imitate a Chinese accent. They'll often say things like, "Ching, cong, chin-chin, cong". He sounds kind of like it sounds!

  13. I'm sitting here listening to "C" with Eliza. And she's begging me to play it again and again. We're laughing so hard! Sounded good to us!

    I actually think Chinese is the language of the future. I wish I could get my kids into an immersion program! Just think! Kid C is way ahead!! He's already been there!

    Happy writing today Brod.

  14. Olivia- I thought the same thing. For a made up language, he sounds pretty real.

    Cath- glad it entertained you both! I hope Eliza really thinks he can speak Chinese, and therefore thinks he's really cool.

  15. Man, that totally cheered me up. So cute! I miss y'all so much!

  16. i have nothing cute, clever or witty to say....i just always have to say when it comes to kid "c"--he is adorable (as always!) :O)

  17. Lullabell- we miss you too. Are you still snowed in?

    Dorien- Thanks. We kind of like him. Most days.

  18. Your kid is a riot. I hope you take notes. He’s a wealth of dialogue.

  19. Thats just stinkin cute! It makes me wonder if my kids have no imagination. They never go off to China. :)

  20. On a side note, if you dont like fish, wouldn't you be more ok with them not being alive? Or did I read that wrong?

  21. Douglas- I keep thinking I'll remember all the funny stuff he does. I know I won't.

    Debbie- I should've clarified. I don't like eating fish, therefore I don't feel the need to defend fishermen. If I loved to eat them, it would be a different story.

  22. You poor little creature!! Your job is spending all day with your BFF's writing!