Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Las Vegas by the Numbers

Howdy Y'all. I'm back from Vegas! I missed my blog, because apparently Vegas has everything, including Wi-Fi, but for a price. Isn't that like paying for air these days? 

I'll get into more details on Friday (when I compare writing a book to a game of Craps) but for now...

Las Vegas by the Numbers:

Number of times we went to bed before midnight: 0

Number of times I’d stayed up after midnight before this trip: 0

Time on the clock when I finally woke up on our last morning: 11:00 (Seriously? How embarrassing.)

Number of snacks waiting for us in Valynne's car: 7

Number of “Craps 101” classes taken: 1

Number of consecutive hours at a Craps table: 2

Number of times I told other players what to bet: countless

Number of dealers named “Carmine”: 1

Number of times I annoyed the roller by yelling, "C'mon Orange Hat Guy! Gimme a nine!": 4 (In fairness to me, he was wearing an orange hat, and he didn't tell me his name...)

Number of times we lost Emily Wing Smith in the casino because she saw and followed “pretty shiny machines”: 52

Number of times we searched for her by following “anything resembling a snow globe or a bunny, or anything with pretty lights”: 52

Number of times we watched the fountain show in front of The Bellagio: 3

Number of buffets: 3

Number of countries represented at the Rio Buffet: at least 30

Number of bead strands earned from scantily clad men and women aboard a floating pirate ship in the sky: 2

Number of times – after reading above sentence – Sam asked me, “Are you sure you weren’t drinking?”: 4

Number of times friends told me I simply had to “smell” the Venetian Hotel: 6

Number of times I said, "I've found my happy place" while visiting Coke World: 7

Number of samples from Cokes around the world: 16

Number of samples that made Sara regurgitate on the floor: 1 (the sample from Italy. Disgusting.)

Number of times I said, "Isn't he cute?" about a Diet Coke aluminum bottle: 4
(His name's "Fred")

Number of times we ate before 3:00 p.m.: 0

Number of fingers I gnawed off due to hunger: 3

(Finally discovered Emily and Valynne don’t get hungry until dinner time.)

Number of times we debated the merits of the Chipendales vs. the Thunder from Down Under: 4
Number of times I saw the show: 0 (A number I hope to rectify soon...)

Bree Despain and I are speaking at the SCBWI meeting at the Salt Lake Library tonight at 7:00 p.m. It's free, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by!

Thanks to everyone for making our guest blogger Sam feel so loved on Monday. I thought he did an excellent job. If you like his sense of humor, check out his blog

How was everyone else's weekend? Anyone catch Lost last night? Anyone else's mind blown? As a side note, how many times to I have to watch Juliet die?


  1. Your aluminum Diet Coke bottle is way cute and I love that his name is Fred. I totally would've named him too.

    I'm glad you had a good time, even though you missed the BEST party ever! By the way, Bree Despain is no longer your BFF; she's mine. That's what you get for skipping out on her and going to Vegas! Booya!

  2. I know about that Coke drink from Italy! It was so bitter it twisted my mouth up in a knot and took an hour to get the aftertaste out of my mouth!

  3. Jenni- Your comment does win an award. You get... the golden star. :) And you get... Bree Despain as your BFF!

    Matt- Disgusting, isn't it? It's enough to give Coke a bad name!

  4. Woo hoo! The golden star! I've always wanted a golden star! ;)

  5. Oh! You had me at the mention of Lost. So, so happy it's back! Yay!

  6. Good luck tonight! I wish I could make it, but my husband has to work. So sad. But I think everyone's sanity would be best preserved if I stayed home with the kids, including my sick (and therefore grumpy) two year old.

  7. Anissa- Isn't it seriously the best show ever?

    Jenilyn- Sorry you have a sick kiddo. That's the worst.

  8. Number of times Sam cried out of loneliness: 13

    Number of hours worth of basketball watched: 27

    Number of dishes cleaned, windows washed, rooms vacuumed, tabletops dusted, kid teeth scrubbed, doorknobs polished, stainless steel shined: countless.

    Good to have you home.

  9. Sam- Wow. I don't even do those things when I'm home. At least the Basketball hours outnumbered the crying. You're welcome.

  10. Fred is pretty cute, I won't lie. That pirate ship thing has got me seven kinds of curious. The real question was, did you see any of the men from Ocean's 11 watching the bellagio water show while you were there?

  11. L.T.- no, but we posed like the had posed, and we talked about how much fun we had pulling off the heist of the century. (We stole more than the allotted amount of gelato at the buffet).

  12. About the not-getting-hungry-until-dinner problem, that's one of my biggest annoyances when vacationing with other people. I have to eat about five times a day, and it's hard when food isn't factored into the schedule well enough! So, I can commisserate with your hunger issues.

  13. Glad you're back and had a fun time. Sam did an excellent job. (Please tell me he now see what Bree and I mean in regards to Ali on The Bachelor.)

    Lost was intense. A friend of mine has a theory, but I don't want to share in case she is right. I would hate to spoil the show. I can let you know once the season ends if you like...or that would be a very cool blog post. Have people give their theories on what is going to happen.

    Have a good time tonight. If I was in Utah, I would be there! (2 more asked for mine, but I still haven't heard from the others! AGH! That's 7.)

  14. Nikki- Totally. You know how you can't tell what time of day it is in the casino? It'd be dinner time, and I'd be all, "Why the Frak am I so hungry?"

    Nicole- That's great you're still getting requests! Keep it up. As for the theories... ahem... I WANT TO KNOW NOW! Email me, will ya?

  15. What is it with Vegas lately? Seems like everybody I know is going there. Even we went, and we never go anywhere.
    Loved your SCBWI presentation.

  16. Kaylie- I don't know, but judging by the crowds in Vegas, you're correct: everyone does go.

    My family was never a Vegas family. When I told them I was going, they were all like, "Why?"

    Very good to meet you! Thanks for coming.

  17. Ok it's official. If I ever go back to Vegas I must go with girlfriends. My hubby and I stopped there on the way to CA and I think the crowds reaked havok with his social anxiety. We basically went into the hotel, dropped off luggage, left to get more and went to bed. LAME. Haha.

    Of course, I'm convinced, that everything is always a party with Brodi, and any of 'the six' around.

    It's a good think we partied it up with Bree though cause otherwise I'd be a little jealous of all the fun you girls had.

  18. Debbie- Bree told me about the stellar spread you provided that night! I'm totally jealous I didn't get to come.

    Definitely try Vegas on a girls' trip. I'm convinced I could go to the middle of nowhere and have fun with the girls.

  19. So were you up till 2am talking, or playing craps? We definitely missed you and the Six at the party, but it was kind of fun to have Bree all to ourselves. I hope the speaking engagement goes/went well!

  20. Heids- we were up gambling, most nights. But, really, I only lost like 30 bucks, so it's not like we were high rollers or anything. We just knew how to make our pennies last a long time on the penny slots.

    I still wish I could've gone to the shindig with Bree. It's not every night you get an entire Thanksgiving dinner at book club!

  21. Okay, okay, I think we should stop making Brodi feel bad for missing our awesome shindig. We'll just make her pay for it later. ;)