Friday, April 9, 2010

In Which I Participate in No Whining Week

No Whining Week:

I think agent Colleen Lindsay started no whining week this week, so I thought I'd take up the gauntlet (reminder: gauntlet=gloves) and make a list of things I will no longer whine about.

I will no longer whine when:

1. The news anchors drop their to-be verbs. "Officer friendly teaching kids at the local elementary today. Students taking note."

Officer friendly is teaching. Is teaching! Is teaching! If you don't want to use "to be", pick another verb.

2. 24 unearths yet another mole within CTU. 

Of course the blond computer analyst Dana Walsh is working with the terrorists. She totally fits the profile. Just look at her:

3. The doctor says I have to come in for an appointment before she'll refill my prescriptions. 

Their phone call made me feel like I had requested a refill for oxycontin: "We keep getting calls from your... pharmacist **I imagine her making air quotes** We will not be filling any more prescriptions until we see you."

I've had the same allergy prescription since I was a toddler. It doesn't change. It never changes! Gimme my pills!!

Okay, maybe I do sound like a druggie.

I have to admit, it feels great to not whine. Talking about these little pet peeves makes me want to complain, but I'm so glad I could control myself.

Want to join me, blog readers? What do you vow not to whine about anymore?


  1. Poor Starbuck. Such a great actress and she becomes yet another mole. Still fabulous.

    Call up your doctor and start screaming: "I NEED MY MEDS!!!!! GIMME MY MEDS!!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  2. I kind of like whining, so I'm going to grab the sword by the guilt and restrain from participating . . . I mean, refrain.

  3. Sam- then I'll follow it up by saying, "I can quit anytime. Any day!"

    Valynne- Ha ha! I still laugh about grabbing the sword by the guilt. It sounded so wrong, but oh so right.

  4. I wish people would stop making recreational drugs out of the same meds I need just to survive going outside three seasons of the year.

    I need to make an anti-drug PSA in which users see their behavior is hurting the common man.

    You and me. As common, and manly, as they get.

  5. Emily- Thank you. I've always wanted to be a common man. Nay, THE common man.

    Here, here about the ones who ruin drugs for the rest of us.

  6. if you stop whining, i think that should allow me to whine TWICE as much, right?

    seeing as you're not whining and all! ;O)

  7. Dorien- Yes, I give you permission to whine twice as much. Although I will say that kind of defeats the purpose of "No Whining" week.

  8. What if you are whining about whining? Does that count?

  9. I never could stand that Dana Walsh on 24 - she was so whiny and now she is evil - don't quite get it, but okay.
    My doctor refused to refill my subscriptions a few months back and I was very annoyed too. But I take blood pressure medicine so I guess I do need to have a check-up once in awhile, but I hate doctors. I feel like a druggie too when I run out of pills and I'm begging the pharmacist to just give me a few to get me through the weekend.

  10. I've had all sorts of problems with BSG actors showing up in other TV shows. I had to refrain from watching 24 during lunch at work because I had trouble not screaming "Don't go near him! He's a Cylon!" in the early episodes when the Russian mobster guy was still alive.

    And, then, on Chuck, I kept waiting for Sheppard to either start talking about his dead cat or put on a shiny hat and start harrassing Adam Baldwin (who totally should have pulled out Vera at some point).

    But, as for whining...I should probably give up whining during classes at the gym. That second set of burpees...after tire flipping, pullups and mountain climbers just about did me in on Tuesday and many of my fellow classmates were made aware of that fact. I should probably whine less and heckle (the instructors) more. At least then we're all laughing (I have a license to heckle in gym classes...which I think is like an 627 on the "James Bond three digit number license scale").

  11. I mostly whine about whiners. (But you're my attorney! You're supposed to get me off! If you were a good/real/competent attorney, the overwhelming evidence against me wouldn't matter. Besides, putting me in prison won't do ME any good!)

    I'd love to participate in no whining week, but whining about whiners is the only way to not strangle them. :) Strangling is worse.

  12. Una- Whining about whining is like a double negative, so they cancel each other out.

    Mary- Especially when you put it like that: "Just give me another hit to get me through, doc. One more hit!"

    Rue- You are a funny woman, and judging by your taste in shows, we should totally be friends. Now that would be one twist I'd want to see on 24: the Russian mobster admits he's a cylon, obsessed with Dana Walsh.

    Where can I get me a license to heckle? I need one of those for every day things: grocery lines, post office, airplane rides...

  13. Robin- Yes, if it comes down to whining, or strangling someone, please choose whining. Strangle only with much deliberation on the subject.

    btw, whiny criminals are the worst.

  14. I don't think I have the self control you do to give up whining! Dana is a molde, eh? Big surprise. She is one of the reasons I stopped watching this season.

  15. Ahhh! You spoiled me again! I need to quit reading your blog until I'm caught up on 24. I'm like 6 or 7 episodes behind. Evil! Oh well.

    Anyway, I'll quit complaining about being spoiled by you. Ha!

  16. Oh man! What can I stop whining about? Lotion spread all over the boys cribs this morning - courtesy Sami? A roll of toilet paper ripped up into tiny pieces downstairs? Oh yeah - and how about the bottle of Oxi-clean the girls used to douse everything at kid-level in the laundry room?? I think I'm a little beyond whining. That stuff makes me crazy. But alright. I vow not to whine. But can I still yell occasionally?

  17. Can I tell my kids it's no whining week?
    If they went a whole week without whining I would probably die of shock. That would be bad. So maybe we'll just celebrate this week of fun by ordering a pizza so I don't have to whine about how no one knows how to load a dishwasher and they don't have to whine about my cooking! Brilliant! I love no whining week! :)

  18. My husband & I had to refrain from throwing things at the TV when Dana strangled that parole officer with a computer cord (the crazy staple guy from "Office Space") & stuffed him in the wall.

    Like you said, just look at her she totally fits the profile!

    Not that I watch 24 for a totally realistic interpretation of world events or anything but seriously?

  19. I want to not complain about having to stand up at my new job for 5-7 hours straight. When did I become such a wuss? Maybe if I got to sit down for even a few minutes I'd be better. Good thing there's no more whining.

  20. Brodi - Thank for the kind comments. I got my liscense to heckle about a month ago when I gave a bunch of feedback to the instructors who were teaching a new class at the gym and I mentioned that I preferred heckling to whining about what we were being told to do. The instructor agreed that was a better option. Unfortunately it doesn't extend to anywhere outside of the gym.

    Now, my liscense to shush (which is 767 on the James Bond scale) that I was given for helping to deal with the youth at church (I'm a volunteer youth leader), that one extends to pretty much everywhere...except for situations involving my older sister...although her kids and our Mom enjoyed it. :)

  21. I vow not to whine anymore about door-to-door salesmen who treat me like dirt. This I vow!

  22. Cam- I know. She ruined the season. And I loved her as Starbuck!

    Jenni- Crap, I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking. BTW, the nuclear bomb goes off in NYC too. :)

    Cath- You are free to pass whining and go straight to screaming your guts out whenever you want. Five kids four and under gives you special privileges. Lucky you.

    Kayla- If my kids went a week without whining, I'd accuse them of being cylons. Then an intergalactic war would start. It wouldn't be pretty.

    Olivia- Why the heck did Dana waste her time helping out her old boyfriend? She should've just shot them all at the beginning of the night!

    Rue- Shush seems to be my only way of communicating at church. (I'm in the primary. Shushing is a way of life.)

    L.T.- They're the worst. So nice until you don't buy the thing, even though you told them you wouldn't buy anything at the very beginning. We had one at our door who said to my hubby, "I guess you don't care about giving back what you've been given."

    Arghh. There I go, whining.