Monday, April 12, 2010

Please Vote on our Next Car Purchase... and other random items on my mind

Happy Monday y'all. Here's what's on my mind...

1. I went to a bake sale on Saturday, and I saw a plate of homebaked cookies, wrapped in cellophane with a bow. Perfect. My neighbors just brought a brand new baby home, and now I had treats to go with the baby blanket I had for them. I bought a bunch more single cookies and things, and then I went home, wrapped the little blanket, and was ready to go.

In the time it took me to walk in the door and put the blanket in a gift bag, Sam used his giant hands to rip a hole in the cellophane and steal a cookie.

Would someone please explain to me what about this picture screams, "I'm available for general consumption. Nothing special, as evidenced by my bow and special wrapping. Please, Mr. grubby hands, help yourself."

Not only that, there were like 50 other non-wrapped cookies, ready for consumption. But these cookies were just too pretty to resist. 

I'd been home for 10 minutes.

Ten Minutes!

2. We just sold Sam's truck, and now we need a new car. We have it narrowed down to two types, so I would appreciate your input.

Here's a 1970's Blazer:

Here's a 1970's Bronco:
Which one do you like better?

And to preemptively asnwer any questions, yes, we like to waste money on gas, and yes, I hate the earth.

3. Congrats to my favorite golfer Phil Mickelson for winnning the Masters!

How was all y'all's weekend? Anything fun going on?


  1. I agree with the Bronco. You can't go wrong with that shade of orange.

  2. In fairness to me, you were home like 15 minutes. Also, the cellophane wasn't on too tight...yes, I couldn't rip it open and yes, I had to get some scissors to cut it open, but it was basically open to begin with.

    I am being objective about it all. Go with the Blazer. But watch out, because the girls around town are going to go crazy seeing your hott! husband drive around in that.

  3. I think the Bronco has more character (especially if it is orange like the picture), but the Blazer looks like it would last longer...

  4. Go with the Blazer! I have fond memories of hanging with my best friend and her mom, when we were kids, going around town in the blazer.

    Sam - shame on you. (However, my hubby would have done the same thing...I guess wrapping screams, rip me.)

    Weekend was good and bad; my mom is back and recovering from her last cancer surgery (her melanoma is back) but her spirits are good.

    Hope you all had a nice weekend!

  5. Thanks for the votes everyone!

    Una- I'm sorry to hear about your mom. She'll be in our prayers. Cancer sucks!

    Sam- I can't wait to get that blazer and ride around town, picking up on the ladies with you. It will be so fun.

  6. Bronco, Bronco, Bronco, Bronco, Bronco!!!!!!!!!!!!



    And then sell it to me when you are done with it.

  7. I like the blazer the best because it's closest to my last name. ;)

    I think cookies wrapped up always scream, I'm available to eat. At least, to men and children.

    My weekend was good. One of my nieces got married, so I went to a lot of wedding festivities.

  8. so Cam, what's your vote?

    Sam thanks you for your vote, Jenni. (He's all about the Blazers).

  9. Orange. The orange one. It will actually be orange, right? Orange. That word sounds funnier the more you say it. Orange. Orange. Orange....

  10. That word does sound funnier. Now it's at the point where I don't even know what it means.

  11. I know nothing about cars. We initiated the process of purchasing me a replacement for my possibly-soon-to-die Accord and Jerry decided to get a 4Runner. Then he thought to ask me what I wanted, since I'd be driving it "most" and since he has "his" truck. I told him I could care less, so long as it runs, will continue to run for a long time, and has a decent price. Looking nice is good, but not essential. most cars get all gussied up for sale, anyway. :)

    We picked up our 97 4Runner in Bountiful last week and stayed the night at my parents' in Sandy. Too bad certain bloggers were too busy to hang out. Next time, I'll schedule in advance (like for April 22 at 5:00). :)

    Jerry would tell you not to buy the Found-On-Road-Dead, I mean the Fix-Or-Repair-Daily. He does love Orange vehicles, though, and makes exceptions for old Mustangs. I don't know if he has a similar exception for orange Broncos....

    If Jerry spoke French ("we speak English in this house"--"but that WAS an English word!") he'd use my word verification to describe most Fords: "lasucke."

  12. If it's good enough for Jamie Oliver, it's good enough for you. GO BRONCO!!!

  13. Even if I clearly state that the cookies or whatever treats are not to be eaten, I am rarely listened to.

    Also, I'm diggin' the Bronco.

  14. Ooh! The Bronco... especially if it is that awesome shade of orange! I've always wanted a car in a wild color! It would be so much harder to lose in the WalMart & church parking lots! That's pretty much my #1 criteria when it comes to purchasing vehicles. Luckily, I have never been called upon to do that, or we'd have ended up with a lemon for sure!

  15. My vote's for car #2. =D

    I don't know what it is but wrapped cookies scream "fresh cookies!" and so people feel the need to steal them. ;)

  16. Are you kidding me??? I have been trying to talk Michael into a Bronco for years! Go for it! If you give me a ride I will make cookies for your next occasion...and even wrap some in cellophane for Sam. Bad Sam.

  17. Robin- Fords: La Suck. He he.

    Sal- I know- I just noticed he drives one too. I love the naked chef! That just sealed the deal.

    Shauna- Lemons are okay, as long as they look cute.

    L.T.- The annoying thing is Sam is always saying he doesn't necessarily like cookies. So it's not like he was craving them or anything. It was like, "Oh, as long as they're in front of me, I guess I could snack on them..."

    Keersten- I will totally trade a ride for some fresh baked cookies, wrapped in cellophane. Can I request Uno-chocolate chip? (My made up type that only has one chip per cookie, the perfect chip to cookie ratio).

  18. Oh, the Bronco is definitely spunkier!

    And, you know, about the cookies, maybe Sam wanted to open a present too. Husband's are like really big 5 year olds sometimes and they need something to unwrap too.Lol!

  19. Windy- You're right. Men are big babies. That was your point, right?

  20. I have found the only safe place for anything is on top of the fridge. Hubby knows to ask if it's up there. It's taken many years of training to get him to realize this. And I still find myself frustrated when the last of the cream is gone because 'a little bit tastes so good on my Lucky Charms.' Thanks, I'll tell everyone we can't have dessert because of your nightly habit.

  21. Kimberly- I decided to try the top of the fridge thing, and I found that Sam has been storing random things there:

    1. A duster
    2. Electric bills
    3. calendars

    How did I never notice this before?

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