Monday, April 26, 2010

In Which a First Chapter Contest brings a new addition to our family... And Who Knew Flusher Instructions were Necessary?


I went to the LDS Storymakers conference last weekend. (Okay, I missed the second day of the conference, something that came back to bite me in the bum). 

1. The night before the conference, I got to meet a couple of blog readers in person- Susan from Arizona and Robin from Idaho (She's the one who made me the diet coke spreadsheet).
Susan and Robin

It's hard to see them behind our giant appetizers. Apparently we ordered deep fried bagels.

2. The next day, we rushed to Provo and made it just in time for Bree Despain's class on "Delving into the Paranormal." She did a great job, despite the rowdy group of hecklers on the front row. (Okay, that was us.)

3. Soccer games and tennis matches kept me from the conference on Saturday, but around 1:30 I got a bunch of texts and calls saying I'd won the grand prize for the first chapter contest. A new laptop!

They announced it in the giant ballroom at lunch time, and they're all, "The winner is... Brodi Ashton!"

Then they looked out into the audience, searching.

"Brodi Ashton?... Um, is Brodi here?"

Thankfully Valynne (#4 Crazy) stepped up to accept the prize. It worked out great, because we look so much alike. She's like my brother from another mother.
My Twin, Valynne

They started snapping pictures of Valynne with the laptop, and she's all, "But, I'm not Brodi."

To which they replied, "Then why are you trying to steal his computer? Why do you hate this 'Brodi' person? What did he ever do to you?"

But Valynne's a bouncer, so she just threw a few elbows and dashed out of there.

I have to say, I'm so excited about my new little computer. Look how small he looks next to Little Red (whom I have subsequently named "Big Red"):

I named him Snoop and I can't wait to tote him around. The only problem is, I have man-hands, so when I type on it I feel like Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat" bit.

4. Aside from little Snoop, the highlight of the weekend was the restroom. 
The flusher came with instructions. Up for #1. Down for #2. 

So apparently the toilet's all, "I gotta be honest with you. If it's #1, I'm not gonna give you 100%. I'm gonna swirl around a couple times, at the most. I'll mix it up. But that's it."

I've got a week of decisions ahead. What are y'all up to?


  1. Congrats on your new baby computer! He's so cute! It's so good to have look-alike friends who are willing to step up and claim your prizes for you! You're just lucky she handed it over... I don't think I'd have been so nice -- I don't have a laptop big or small (I feel so limited sitting here at this desk day after day!)

    And those toilets are hilarious! I first came across one at the zoo and spent a good 30 seconds laughing (while I peed... then I pushed the handle upwards. Wouldn't want to waste water on a #2 flush when there wasn't any #2!).

    Have a great week of decision making!

    p.s. This week I'll be making a stunning (hopefully) Topsy-Turvy cake! Wish me luck!

  2. Shauna- Wow, good luck on the topsy-turvy cake. I've made one of those before, but I don't think it was on purpose.

  3. I hope you appreciate the fact that I had to take out about 4 people to get that laptop. Or maybe it was like 25 people, but in the heat of the moment it was hard to tell just how many had dog piled on top of me. Fortunately I am strong. And it helps that I do look a lot like you.

    Your twin

  4. Valynne- We should totally swap homes sometime and see if our families notice.

    Thanks for throwing a few punches for me.

  5. That's awesome, Brodi! Your chapter definitely deserved the grand prize. (I know I didn't read any other chapters, but that's okay because you're always the best in my eyes.)

    I'm glad you had a good weekend and that you got to meet a couple of your readers.

    My weekend was uneventful, which is nice. I'm finally almost done with Elantris. I'm really enjoying it; I just want to start another book, lol.

  6. Oh, yikes! Is that really what I look like in person?? At least I look better than the bagels, I mean, onion rings :)

    It was SO nice to meet you and your friends. Thanks for letting a couple of blog stalkers hang out with you. We had such a great time!

    Congrats on winning the First Chapter contest. Robin and I were so excited when you won ... a little confused when Valynne walked down the aisle ... but so thrilled for you. Congratulations!

  7. Little Snoop is so cute! And your first chapter is awesome.

    I'm going to be blogging today about my advent into stalking, as per the advice we received on Friday. Fun times.

  8. Jenni- Thanks! You'll have to let me know how you liked Elantris.

    Susan- You look gorgeous in person! It's the "onion rings" that looked a little off. So good to meet you too, and I hope we can do it again!

    Jenilyn- Per the advice we received on Friday, I'm going to try to be more beautiful.

  9. Congrats! Not only do you get a laptop but the reassurance that your first chapter is the bomb dot com!

  10. Olivia- "bomb dot com" ha ha! I've never heard that. I need to up my hip factor.

  11. Congrats on winning the grand prize!! You don't know me. I've been at a couple of SCBWI meetings and that's how I found out about you. So I like to read your blog. When I heard your name announced as winner I got all excited and started cheering and the people at my table were like, "Do you know her?" And I was like, "Umm...sort of..." I didn't want to admit that I'm merely a blog stalker :)


  12. Megan- So good to meet you in cyberspace! Hopefully we can meet in person at the next SCBWI event. Thanks for cheering for me- I wish I could've been there. How did you like the conference?

  13. Oh, the laptop is so cute and little! Um, I'm not sure what to say about the flushing instructions. I'm thinking if a toilet needs instructions, it isn't for me. I need a simple, straight forward "push here" mechanism.

  14. Melissa- I don't think that's asking for too much. Straight forward flushing should be a right, not a privilege. Let's start a grass roots campaign.

  15. I'm late to the comment pool because I've been driving all day. Then I had to come to work (which is a total buzz-kill after my wonderful vacation!).

    I, too, cheered when your name was called, though I was also surprised--you've been very considerate whenever I mentioned my own doomed entry to that contest. No taunting or gently letting me know that I didn't have a chance. I appreciate that. You're a nice girl, Brodi.

    That's a cool picture of Susan and me--but I can't wait to see the one with your face in the center of one of those monsters! Thanks for hanging with us--we loved meeting you and the gang.

  16. Wow! New lap top??? You rock. I was sorry I missed that conference. I didn't sign up because I was supposed to be on my cruise....and you can see how great that worked out for me.

    So I have lunch with Bree should tag along :)

  17. Robin- I hate the let down of going back to work after a fun trip. Worst part. That was very fun meeting you and Susan!

    Cam- You're going to have so much fun at lunch with Bree! What happened to your cruise?

  18. Nice job Brodster! Are you going to give us a peek at the winning chapter? Or did you already? I like little Snoop. Cute.

    And the flusher - where were you??

  19. Congratulations Brodi! Love the little new addition to your family!

    Instructions for using a toilet...hmmm, what have we become when we need instructions for something that should be pretty natural.

  20. Thanks Cath! The first couple pages I posted the other day were about half of the first chapter.

    The toilet was at the Marriott in Provo. Typical Provo.

    Una- I have to admit, although it was #1, I flushed like it was #2. No half-arsed flushes for me.

  21. Who wouldn't want their toilet to give 100% effort?!?

  22. Congratulations, Brodi! So happy for you and "Big Red."

  23. Una- I expect 100% from all my toilets.

    L.T.- And folks said my relationship with Big Red wouldn't last...

  24. OK so I missed out on a lot when I went on my fiesta or siesta or whatever the heck it is and I just saw this. My hubby got me one of those cute little baby computers too! Don't you love it?? Did I tell you I started writing?