Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be Vewwwy Vewwy Quiet. I'm Hunting Vampires.

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I won't be here Friday. My family is driving to Washington State, where we will be swinging from the trees for about nine days. Don't worry about my fish. We have friends house-sitting, and they are perfectly capable of killing a fish. 

I've never been to Washington state, so I've been studying maps of the area. Here's a general map of the state. The yellow star is where we're going.

Let's zoom in a bit.

Yep. It's the Olympic Peninsula. I can't wait, because I've never been there, but I've heard it's beautiful. I've also heard it rains a lot. And I've heard there are quite a few unexplained disappearances and an extraordinary number of animal maulings. 

I see something over on the other side of the peninsula. Let's zoom in even closer.
Whoa. That does not look safe. Thank goodness I'll be on the east side of the peninsula. Let's zoom in to the area where I'll be, and see if it's any better.

What? An entire region full of sexy vamps and weres, and I get the werewolf with 80's Richard Marx hair playing air guitar and the vamp with the high collar and the creepy-old-man look? No way do I want to confess my innermost secrets to him. Mostly I just wanna keep my kids away from him.

Where are the vamps that sparkle? I WANT SPARKLIES!

Vampiric Jack Bauer has a point there. 

So, wish me a safe voyage in the great Northwest. If I'm not lucky enough to run into sparkly vamps, here's hoping for a sasquatch sighting.

Blogging might be a bit sporadic, but I'll try to update y'all on the adventures!


  1. I'm hoping for a safe journey to the North/West Coast. And I'm also hoping for a couple of run-ins with Stephanie Meyers, maybe sitting in a little cafe chatting while Bella's in the background pining away for Edward. We need a real hero here. Long live the Underneath! And be safe in our journey!

  2. Will you get to attend the premier of Eclipse in Forks? How cool would that be?

  3. It is so pretty up there! I loved it when I went there a couple of years ago. If you have a chance, you should go to Port Angeles, it's pretty cool. I hope you have an awesomely fun time and that you see the gorgeous vamps and wolves rather than Grandpa Munster and that wolf wannabe.

  4. PS - Robin, there aren't any movie theaters in Forks. So, she'd have to watch Eclipse in Port Angeles. But, that would be just as cool. I saw Mama Mia there, which was a lot of fun.

  5. Robin- Unfortunately that's not on the schedule. But that would've been very cool.

    Jenni- I will try to make it to Port Angeles. I've heard great things about it! And supposedly it has good bookstores and Italian restaurants.

  6. have a fun trip! it is beautiful up there!

  7. Yay for the NW! Have great time. BTW, we all know you are going for the Twilight hardcore fan tour. Have fun with that. :D

  8. Dorien- Thanks!

    Keersten- When I said to my family, "Hey! We're going to be near Forks!" they all gave me a blank stare.

    me: "You know, Forks? La Push? Sparklies?"

    Them: Blank stare.

    I probably have the only family in the world who would react like that!

  9. Wow, have a great time! Let us know if you run into any fae (Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs takes place around there - the TriCities area)!

  10. Brod - have a great trip! Stay out of the forest eh? Seriously though, I've heard it is breathtaking up there. (Haven't been since the World Fair in '83 - when I was using aqua net to spray my bangs into place!) Can't wait to her about your favorite haunts.

  11. Britt- Thanks!

    Una- I'm sure I'll run into fey, but the problem is I won't be able to see them. Right? Doesn't it take extra special sight?

    Cath- I'm sure nothing has changed since '83. Time is supposed to stand still up there, right?

  12. You want sparklies? That's easy, just throw an open container of body glitter in Sam's suitcase! I'm sure he won't mind...

  13. Ha, Sam bedazzled in sparkles! You must take pictures and post!

    I hope the vacation is going smoothly but funly. Hmmm, is funly a word... maybe not...but if not...what is the correct word. I stream of consciousness typing again?

  14. Hope you are having a great time! I'm from Issaquah, and I'm sure you won't visit it, but I'm jealous of you being up there. I love it up there.

    We didn't spot any vamps when we were in Forks, but we had a run in with a meth dealer in Port Angeles, so be careful! :)