Monday, October 4, 2010

In Which I'm on Goodreads! And Matt Kirby's Book Launch

 Hey y'all. It's time for:

Thing #1 and Thing #1!

Thing #1:

Yesterday, someone tweeted to me that I'm on Goodreads! Click here to see.

Here's my attempt to cut and paste the entry:

The Ever'neath
Brodi Ashton

my rating:
didn't like itit was okliked itreally liked itit was amazing

The Ever'neath

5.0 of 5 stars5.0 of 5 stars5.0 of 5 stars5.0 of 5 stars5.0 of 5 stars 5.00  ·  rating details  ·  1 rating  ·  1 review
"The first book in the deal, The Ever'neath, is partially based on the Greek myth of Persephone: a 17-year-old who's been banished to the underworld escapes to her former earthly existence with her family and boyfriend. The catch is that she only has six months in the real world before being sent back to Hades, this time forever. Book one is tentatively scheduled for ...more
Published 2012 by Harper Collins / Balzer + Bray 

I do have to say, that cover is creepily like the one I came up with. I might have to sue. 

And yes, I am averaging a 5 star rating. My friend Valynne, who has indeed read the entire thing, posted her review. 

I feel privileged that she gave me 5 stars. She's very tough. She's our critique group (The SIX) bouncer, in charge of event security. (In the event that we actually have an event where security is a problem. Like maybe in an alley known for drug deals.)

Anywho, I had to share the listing, because it's one of those little milestones. The ones where you tell yourself, "It'll never happen, will it? Could I ever write something that would end up on Goodreads?"

Now, for all I know, my mom posted it. But still...

Thing #1

I went to Matt Kirby's book launch for The Clockwork Three at the King's English. 

He did such a good job speaking to the large crowd. He was totally at ease, despite a vocal heckler who kept shouting stuff about a "sequel".

Okay, it was me.

Anyway, Matt talked about how he doesn't really outline before he writes his books. He said, where other writers have a Google Map, with the directions clearly marked, he's going off directions he got from a gas station, from a vagrant, who may or may not have been tipsy. (Okay, so I'm paraphrasing). 
Afterward, we went for dessert at The Dodo, and Jessica Day George called me a "quiet person." Yeah, the rest of the table looked at her like she was the lone participant at the crazy parade.

I also learned what a "pee-smock" is. And I discovered there's nothing funnier than Matt Kirby standing up in a crowded restaurant, demonstrating how a pee-smock would work. 

So, how was all y'all's weekend? Are you going to go to Goodreads and mark my book as "to be read"?


  1. Congrats! I'm so excited to see the actual cover show up on Goodreads next. That's definitely a big milestone, too. So can you tell your publisher to get on it? I mean, obviously the cover is the most important part of the whole process. Never mind about revision notes; just get a cover made!

  2. Yay for you on was a celebration on seeing that. Very cool.

    I also really like the name of Kirby's book, 'Clockwork Three.' I have to read it, but the title sounds cool.

    Oh, and google imaging 'pee smock' helped out a lot. Thanks!

  3. Nikki- Seriously! They need to get on that. Do you want to tell them, or do you want me to do it?

    Sam- Oh no. I hope people aren't going around googling pee-smock now...

  4. Cool! I just put it on my To Read shelf and I fanned you, or perhaps became a fan of you is better. Nope, I like fanned you better.

  5. Oh yeah, what is a pee smock? I think you should've videoed Matt with your "trusty" iPhone.

  6. Jenni- Thanks for fanning me! as for the pee-smock, pretend you have to go #1, and then imagine a giant poncho that goes over your entire body, and then imagine a little water proof pouch inside that poncho...

    And you have a pee-smock. Works better for men.

  7. Congrats! I'm not on Goodreads, but I'm on shelfari, I'll see it you are there!

  8. You, heckling? Never. :)

    (Missed you at the Book Blogger thing in August-- I was hoping you'd be there.)

    I added you to my To Read shelf. :D

  9. Una- Thanks! Let me know if you see it.

    Britt- I missed you too! I was there, but not until it was basically over. Thanks for adding me!

  10. Oooh, awesome! I remember this feeling and it is AWESOME. Also, we must meet face-to-face sometime soon. I *think* I knew you were in Utah, but yeah. Are you going to James's launch?

    Going to add you right now on GR!

  11. Elana- I will definitely be at James' launch. We must meet up!

  12. Added to my book shelf! :)

  13. Thanks Hannah! Can't wait until the actual book is on your actual book shelf.

  14. Awesome! I added it to my bookshelf. Can't wait to see the real thing :)

  15. Thanks Emily! Me too. Now to find someone who can speed up time...

  16. I'll be on the lookout for you on the 12th! I'm sure it'll be packed, because James is like Mr. Popularity, but still.

  17. Congrats! That is an awesome milestone. Have you stopped grinning since you saw it?

  18. Leisha- Nope. As a result, I have many flies in my teeth. It's not pretty.

  19. Yes, I am way tough. I eat bits of metal for breakfast. So you should be proud of that 5-star review because it was well-deserved.

  20. I'm off to Goodreads right now!