Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Talk of Blood and Brain Viruses: Typical Book Launch Party for James Dashner

Hey y'all.

First off, I wanted to share a link to this auction to benefit Pakistan Flood victims. There are awesome ARC's and swag up for grabs. Click here to see what's on the table. Most of you know how I feel about the people in this area of the world, and I love to see people here take action to help out.


So, we went to James Dashner's launch party for THE SCORCH TRIALS, the second book in the Maze Runner triolgy. 

He did a great job, especially when he talked about how amazing his agent is, and I have to say, his agent sounds like a gem. (Okay, we have the same agent).

James, looking casual, talking about brain viruses.

Some highlights:
-James shared at least two secrets he "wasn't supposed to divulge*."

*He didn't use the word 'divulge'. Divulge is a very big word. 

-He told the audience he did at least 20 minutes of research for THE SCORCH TRIALS. He even looked at a map.

-He said the word "fart" and then in an effort to make up for such an offense, he told the kids in the room not to say the word "fart", and by doing so, he said the word "fart" about 486 more times.

-When he met my twin nieces (niece E and niece E), he told them how lucky they were to have me as an aunt, and how even luckier they were that they weren't actually blood related to me. 

-I told him where he could shove his book. (He could shove it forward on to the table in front of him, so he could sign it, of course.)

-Just to get the last word in, I gave myself a paper cut and bled on him, and then ran out the door yelling, "Now look who's blood related, beeee-yaaatch!" 

I'm hoping this disturbing scene makes it into his third book, The Death Cure, since his books are chock full of disturbing scenes.

On today's agenda:
I've made progress on H-E-L-L. (btw, some of you made reference to an actual word my acronym spells out. Any similarity to an actual word is accidental.) Yesterday I finished writing a prologue for my book. Item #1 on the Revision list, check. 

Now on to items 2-582.

How's all y'all's week going?


  1. Now that's how a book launch party is supposed to go. I hope some day I get to bleed on your author self.

  2. It sounds like a rockin' time. I am a bit surprised that James didn't sign the book, 'To Brodi and her amazingly fabulous husband, coolguy Sam.' Oh well.

  3. M.G.- I can't wait to get bled on! Hmmm... Not sure how I feel about that sentence.

    Sam- Even though he didn't sign it, he said it. It was one of the big secrets he divulged.

  4. James is always a hilarious host. It was a fun night!

  5. Blood, bodily noises, and brain viruses. What more could you ask for? It sounds like a blast.

  6. I so wished I could have been there. =[

    Brodi, I frickin LIVE for your posts. You're so bloody hilarious! =]

  7. Aubrey- Good to see you there!

    Leisha- Well, there's always pus.

    L.T.- Thanks so bloody much!

  8. Sounds like a good time had by all. Keep this up Brodi and TLC or some other real life channel might start following you around. I have no idea if they pay you for it...but it could be a worthwhile gig.

  9. I get so torn when you post about events I can't attend. I'm happy to live vicariously, but I'd rather have been there myself! :(

    Ah, well. Someday.

    (Like my new profile pic?) :D

  10. Best book launch party ever! Well it is the only one I have been to :) and it was awesome!

  11. Wow Brodi, that's kinda creepy what you did to James. And I agree with him, I am way lucky to have you as an aunt, and even luckier to be...well you know. Haha just kidding! Sounds like the party was a blast.

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  13. Hey! I know those nieces of yours. E and E are my cousins! haha :)

  14. Una- It's a great idea, but then I took inventory of my day, and I realized it's 20% writing, 20% running kids around, and 60% just sitting there. Would that really be interesting?

    Robin- I love your new profile pic! Pretty.

    Emma J- It definitely rocked. So fun to see you there!

    Lulabell- It's not creepy. Authors do that to each other all the time. (Or maybe I'm doing it all wrong). :)

    Hannah- That's crazy! Next time, you should come with them.

  15. That sounds like it was tons of fun!

    I saw your post on Nathan Bransford's blog. I really liked it. Thanks for sharing!