Monday, October 18, 2010

Revisiting the 80's: a.k.a., the Five Stages of Grief

Happy Monday y'all.

Thanks for all the entries in the "Help Brodi Express her Feelings" contest. I learned a lot from the comments. For instance, emotions often lead to gastrointestinal issues.

And the random winner of the signed copy of PARANORMALCY, chosen by the Random Number Generator, is...


Please email me your address at: brodiashton (at) gmail (dot) com.

As an added prize, I will use the emotions you gave me somewhere in my book. I don't know if you'll consider that a prize, but I think it's pretty cool.

Moving on...

Sam and I went to an 80's Prom Party over the weekend.

Me and Sam: When he said he was going in "Tighty Whities",  I was hoping he meant something else.

In anticipation of the event, we had to search for 80's clothes.

We went from Denial: "There's no way we're dressing up."

to Anger: "Who actually plans to revisit the 80's? Even the 80's knows it should stay dead. It was the 80's that took its own life in the early 90's, when it felt useless and unloved."

to Bargaining: "I'll tease my bangs if you wear the pink suspenders you wore last night..."

to Depression: "I swear it wasn't that long ago that these stirrup pants used to fit..."

and finally to acceptance: "Molly Ringwald would've killed for this outfit! It's okay to cut the fingers off my Isotoner* gloves, isn't it?"

*Side note: My mom gives me a pair of Isotoner gloves every year for Christmas. I have boxes and boxes of them, unopened, in all sorts of colors. Every year, when I unwrap the gloves, I say, "Thanks! I totally needed these!" And then they go to the dedicated "Isotoner Glove Drawer" in my dresser.

**Side note to the side note: It's okay I told that story, my mom doesn't read my blog.

At the party, I sang karaoke with my writer peep Valynne (#4 crazy). During the musical interlude, I showed off the move that got me countless wrist corsages in high school.

Here's a shot with my writer's group, The SIX, and I'm sure y'all recognize the man in the middle. (Rick Springfield). 

Me, Kim, Sara, Emily, Bree, Valynne. Otherwise known as, #1, #6, #5, #2, #3, and #4. (We rank ourselves in order of most to least crazy). 

Here's a picture of The OTHER SIX. (That's how we affectionately refer to our hubbies.)


Stand back, ladies. They're taken. Unless you really want them. Then we're open to negotiations.

The men did an awesome rendition of "Turn Around Bright Eyes," and rumor has it there's video evidence of the performance. I'm hoping to unearth it for Wednesday's blog.

How was all y'all's weekend? 


  1. You look awesomesauce! ;)

    And have you ever seen the literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart? Holy cow, I laugh my butt off. "Mullet with head lights!" LOL!

  2. L.T. - That's like my favorite video ever!

  3. Your hubbies didn't stand in the correct order. Makes it look like Sam and Bree are a couple, which I know isn't true....

    Really, who made those 80's music videos, and what were they smoking at the time? Also, what will literal video do with the videos they're making today....

  4. It looks like you had a great time! I love the outfits all of you scrounged up. Did you have a big bonfire afterward? I would have!

  5. Being a product of the 90's the 80's are the best to revisit! We did an 80's prom a few years ago complete with dinner at Olive Garden and it happened to be on the night of an actual local high school progrm which led to some very confused high schoolers and very confused servers...great fun had by all.

  6. Looks like it was a blast! I'm sad we couldn't make it. :( We were planning on it, but car accidents and crazy family drama got in the way. Bummer.

  7. Robin- actually, they were in the correct order. We did some swapping that night.

    Jenni- Most of us scrounged up outfits. Bree actually spent money on one. It paid off. She looked the most authentic.

    Kristin- That is totally tubular.

    Sara- If we let family drama get in our way, we'd never go anywhere.

  8. Looks like fun! But I'm pretty sure that's not Rick Springfield in the picture. I think it's, umm, what's his name? Bon Jovi, right? Right?

  9. Wow, I had no idea how well I could pull off those pink suspenders. You are one lucky woman.

  10. Lulabell- You're right. It's Bon Jovi doing his Rick Springfield impersonation.

    Sam- I'm pretty good at pulling off your suspenders too.

    *Ba-dump ching!*

    Ugh, sorry everyone else.

  11. I have to say I'm very disappointed in Sam, though. Sam, as soon as you heard about the 80s party, you should've started growing a mullet! It would've made your costume all the more better! At least you know for next time.

  12. Oh, Brodi, I'm so disappointed. You had an opportunity to revisit the age of "wall" bangs and you didn't take advantage of it?

    Just kidding. Sounds like you guys had a fun.

  13. Looks like fun - I'm sad I couldn't make it.

  14. Looks like a great party! Loved the outfits!

    And I have to say including our "emotional responses" sounds like a great prize! Unless of course the character that has our response suddenly is sucked into a black hole and pounded repeatedly with golf ball sized hail and then set on fire. That would be kinda sad.

  15. Jenni- The problem is a mullet is "business in front, party in back" but Sam wants to be a party coming AND going.

    Weaving a Tale- That picture is made of awesome. I definitely did not take my hair to its full potential!

    Mary- I'm sure there will be another 80's prom party in your future.

    Una- Strangely, that is exactly what happens in my book, down to the golf ball-sized hail and the setting on fire. (Hail and fire always make for a good book).

  16. Brodi, Brodi, Brodi... (sigh) Where are the bangs? Where is Sam's mullet? How come nobody wore parachute pants or the Thriller jacket?? What about charm necklaces (remember the ones you could get from gumball machines?) Somebody should've forked out the cash to at least show up in braces and head gear, these are the things the 80's are made of!

  17. Sal- I know. I'm an embarrassment to the 80's, which is worse than just being a regular embarrassment.