Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Stuff on my Lawn, and Veiled Threats from Kid B's Teacher

Merry hump day.

Well, today I woke up to this in my front yard:

And this in my back:

(I know, every year I think, "This year will be the year I actually dismantle the trampoline...)

I know what it looks like... The Perfect Day for Revising!

But Kid B is home with a "cough". As in, his teachers sent home a subtle note yesterday.

"At the end of the day, Kid B seemed very tired. His nose was runny, and he coughed a bit. He might be getting sick."

If there was a "P.S." on the note, it would not read like this:

"But if he's feeling better tomorrow, send him for sure!"

It would read like this:

"If you send him, and he even clears his throat funny, you will be forever known as THAT MOM WHO SENDS HER SICK KID TO SCHOOL, THEREBY RECKLESSLY INFECTING EVERYONE ELSE. I know what you're thinking... Chances are that he could go to school, and be just fine. But you have to ask yourself one question: do you feel lucky? Punk?"

I don't know if I'm reading too much into it. Sam says I've been known to be a little dramatic. But when I mentioned that Kid B could go to school, and try it out for the morning, a little bead of sweat formed on Sam's forehead, and slowly trickled down his cheek, and fell off his chin, splashing loudly on the kitchen floor, where it pooled, reflecting the concern in Sam's face.

Stop calling me dramatic!

So, how is all y'all's week going? Anyone else out there scared of their kids' teachers?


  1. When my own Kid C reported strange pains to his teacher a week or so ago, my husband (a First Responder) went to the school, checked him out, declared him healthy, and sent him back to class. That night, the little guy developed a fever, which spread to his younger brother... and, likely, untold numbers of his classmates. I insisted that he not be sent to school the next day. Even stayed home myself to "help." (Besides--I had a bit of a headache....)

    Hubby thought that was overkill, since his fever had broken by the next morning and, after all, he'd already infected everyone....

  2. Robin- That's my favorite excuse. "Well, he's probably already infected everyone he's going to infect.."

    I use that all the time!

  3. when josh was attending another school, he had a 2nd grade teacher that ALL the parents were scared of...the weird thing was-ALL the kids loved her. she made me quake in my tennies every time we had P/T conf.

    hope kid B feels better soon.

    p.s. i LOATHE snow!

  4. I hope Kid B feels better!

    Unfortunately for my son, I always went to school, sick or not. As an adult, I go to work (why be miserable at home when you can get paid to be miserable at work). I'm son's teachers will hate me and prove it with lots of notes...

  5. Love your description, Brodi!

    Veiled threats from teachers. How delightful. And that comes in spite of all the times the little fakers aren't sick at all! If I'd let my kids stay home from school every time they'd complained about a tummy ache or a cough I'd have had to do home schooling.

    As as child I had one teacher, who was a power tripper and used to send nasty little notes home to my mother. The only poetic justice was that she had me in her classroom (I was one of those "bad seed" children--at least enough that when I saw the original film I worried about myself). After I put her through hell that year being my normally charming *coughdevilchildcough* self, she won the final battle. We were living overseas on a military base and were reassigned stateside in May.

    She flunked me (only because she knew she wouldn't get stuck with me again). I'm sure she wouldn't have dared do it and risk getting me again. So my snotty little brat self carried the stigma all the way through school. I'm sure my teacher thought how sweet vengeance could be.

    But I think you're safe, Brodi. They don't even flunk kids anymore, do they?

  6. You're not being dramatic at all! That's totally what the teacher was telling you in her cryptic note. She just didn't want you to know that's what she was thinking. But, you're smart enough (good enough, and doggone it, people like you) and you figured out her coded message! Way to go! You should work for the FBI or CIA.

  7. Una- I did too! I remember missing like one day total my entire elementary existence!

    Weaving- That is a sad tale. Although I had a 7th grade teacher who called my mom in for a "special" meeting, where she suggested I might need some intensive therapy. (I laughed uncontrollably during my oral book report).

    You can bet she was happy I moved out of that school.

    Jenni- I used my super-duper decoder ring from my box of Froot Loops.

  8. Dorien- How did I miss you? It's not like I had a billion comments today or anything. Seriously, I need to shape up.

    p.s. I'm scared of all of Kid C's teachers.

  9. I love the photos of the snow! It's an unseasonably warm 70 degrees in Connecticut today- kind of disconcerting considering the stores have skipped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and are already decorated for Christmas!

  10. "Although I had a 7th grade teacher who called my mom in for a "special" meeting, where she suggested I might need some intensive therapy. (I laughed uncontrollably during my oral book report). "

    Seriously? Why do some people go into teaching?

  11. Gina- I wish I could skip right over Halloween. I hate Halloween! I'm a Hallow-scrooge.

    Enjoy the 70-degree weather!

    Weaving- It's true. Although to be fair to the teacher, I was giving an oral report on "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret" and I literally couldn't stop laughing.

    Looking back, I can see how I looked a little psychotic. In fact, I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.

  12. My kids teacher did that once so I kept him home. The school informed me that if he got a fever (which ended up happening) that he had to be fever-free for 24 hours before he could return. Naturally, I obeyed and kept him home until it was "safe" to bring him back. When he got back, his teachers were mad at me that he'd missed three days of school. Um? NO WIN, people! What do you want from me? *sobbing in corner*

    That was basically a yes. I'm scared of my kiddos wardens.

  13. I always make it miserable for my kids when they come home "sick" from school just so they won't fake illnesses at school. So if the teacher tries to tell my kids that they are sick and must go home, their response is usually, "Please, no. Don't send me home. I feel fine. I promise I can shake this." My poor kids...

  14. WHAT??? It snowed already? That's crazy. I wish it would snow on Christmas Eve and then all melt on New Year's Day.

  15. L.T.- "What do you want from me?!" Ha ha. So funny.

    Erin- I totally do that with Kid C. Kid B's not quite at the age where he even thinks about faking sick. But Kid C came home from school today, and he's all, "How come Kid B is playing the wii? I thought we couldn't play the Wii, or do anything fun when we were sick?"

    Because that's the rule. If it makes you smile, you can't do it when you come home sick from school.

    Jill- Yep. Either it snowed, or Al Pacino in Scarface blew his nose.

    Sorry, that took way too much work for such a lame joke. My fault.

    I mean, yes, it snowed.

  16. Man, I thought I had it bad up here in Logan, but hardly anything stuck. The storm must have stayed right over you guys! Although, the heat in my apartment is out, so even though there is no snow, it's FREEZING in here!

  17. Well my kids teacher implied that my kid is writing my signature on notes. I can't help it that we have the same handwriting. Actually mine is worse than his - we had the same handwriting when he was in 1st grade. When I went in all gung ho to set the record straight she said it was all a misunderstanding and I caved and said I understood even though she said he was very capable of doing it.

  18. Lulabell- that stinks. Hope you have a lot of blankets!

    Mary- Thankfully my kid's handwriting looks like someone threw spaghetti on the wall and then took a picture. It will never be confused with mine!

  19. Really? They sent a note home? Wow. Serious beeezness. I'm freezing over here! The snow is a bummer. There should be a rule it can't snow until after Halloween. How's the revision going??