Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disneyland, spotting Punky Brewster, and Kid C thinks of the most evil thing someone could do...

Okay, third star to the right, and straight on to Disneyland!

We travelled the mean streets of D-town in style:
My dad in the chair, Kid B in his lap, my mom on the right. Me pushing.
My dad's chemotherapy regimen makes his feet swell and blister, so he was our designated driver, which kid B found perfectly convenient. Neither of their feet ever touched terra firma.

We shot defenseless aliens:
Sam trash-talked Kid B the entire ride, after which he slam-dunked his laser gun and chanted "loooo-serrrrr!"
We drove lots of cars

The first time Kid C rode on Indiana Jones, he was in the driver's seat. He was very nervous about the responsibility of driving the jeep:
He wanted to switch seats with me, but the people in the rows behind him encouraged him to drive the car. He did fine. Enough that he was allowed on the ride again.
Kid C, trying to smile

Next up was Autopia, where Kid C literally tried his hardest to jump the tracks. My poor dad.
My dad hanging on for dear life, with Kid C at the wheel. Don't try this at home. It is not good for the chemo stomach.
Kid B. Driving a car is serious work.

And is there a scarier sight than these two headed your way, armed and dangerous?
Two cool cats, ready for their mission. 
My dad says he slept for two days straight when he got home.

We saw Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster:
We didn't take that picture. Sam was way too nervous to ask to get a picture. I've never seen him blush so much, but blush he did. He sort of had a crush on Punky Brewster. We teased him the rest of the trip.

By far, Kid C was most nervous to go on Space Mountain. 

Here's us before the ride:

I don't know why he was nervous. I was completely calm during the entire experience, as evidenced in this in-ride picture:

Would it make it better if I told you my feet were being amputated at the time? 
Seriously, worst picture ever. I can't even believe I'm sharing it with y'all. Don't show anyone. This is especially for those of you who believe I look the same in every picture I take.

Kid B demonstrates the proper way to wear shades.

We were exemplary hotel guests:

We don't really need much when it comes to hotel rooms, except the basic necessities: COLD DIET COKE. 

When we checked in to our hotel, we found that the mini-fridge wasn't working. We called the front desk and immediately demanded a new one, which we promptly did this to:

Not only that, the original fridge wasn't even broken. We just hadn't turned it on. I think we made their "Permanent No-Vacancy" list for future trips. 

Kid C learned several life lessons:

1. How to eat pizza like a burrito

2. How the United States decided to participate in ousting a crazy Libyan leader:

I was trying to explain to Kid C how evil Gaddafi was, without going into too much detail. 

Kid C thought very hard about the most evil thing he could imagine someone doing. He then looked at me and said, "Does he fart on his wife?"

Oh for the days when passing gas on your wife is the most evil thing you can imagine someone doing. 


  1. Punky was totally flirting with me. Also, Punky and I are now Twitter friends (I follow her and she refuses to follow me...but she will).

    And for those that are concerned, I did clean up that Diet Coke. It wasn't my fault that I turned up the fridge to the coldest setting. They shouldn't allow me to make that kind of dangerous decision.

  2. Well, it C's defense, farting on your wife is pretty evil.

    I have to ask, Brodi, are you ever nervous posting pics of your kiddos? I never dare, but my life revolves around them, so sometimes it's hard to find a topic to post on. So I'm thinking I might start . . .

  3. I took my nephew on Space Mountain. He was four and wanted to hold my hand. His grip got tighter and tighter until he was holding on for his life. He came off completely in shock and said, "Um. I think that was a little too fast for me." Isn't it fun to terrify small children?

    Thanks for sharing the pictures (including the one of you on Space Mountain)!

  4. ROFL--you so got me with Kid C's comment! Sounds like a fun trip, Brodi.

  5. Sam- I don't think they'll ever let you make that kind of decision again. They learned their lesson.

    I hope you and Punky live happily ever after.

    Amber- I'm not nervous right now posting pics of them. I let my husband do most of the family posts, because this blog isn't necessarily about my family. But I do include the kids sometimes in my posts. I don't use their full names, but if someone looked hard enough they could figure it out.

    Maybe I'll feel differently when my book actually hits shelves, but for now, it's fine.

    Jenilyn- Ironically, the rides that scared kid B the most were the ones in fantasyland! Mr Toad's wild ride was the worst- the cars end up getting sentenced to Hell. Who thinks these things up?

    Donna- Yeah, he had us laughing pretty hard about it.

  6. If Punky somehow knows Rafa, you guys could totally double date...

  7. Kent- That would be the absolute best double date ever! Of course, Rafa and Punky would probably totally fall for each other. How could they not?

  8. Thanks for a much needed laugh :) I'm glad you guys had such a great time!

    I have to comment that Libyan dude is really ugly.

  9. Farting on your wife is the most evil thing someone can do! I know I've experienced this. :)

    I'm glad you guys had such a great time. It's fun to live vicariously through your adventures.

  10. Brodi when were you there??? We might have been at D-land on the same day! Just LOVE that place. Glad you had fun!

  11. Shellie- of course he's ugly. That's exactly the kind of person who farts on his wife!

    Jenni- It is most definitely evil. My sister used to hold me down and fart on me. I was traumatized.

    Aubrey- We were there last thursday and friday. Apparently a lot of people from Utah were there!

  12. Looks like a fabulous time! I love the exploded diet coke. Okay, I don't love that a diet coke exploded (that's murder) but I do love the pictures of it. ;)

  13. Did your mom get you to the front of any lines by touting your impending bestseller-dom?

  14. L.T.- I know, I'm just sorry a Diet Coke had to give his life so we could get that picture.

    Robin- No, but we touted my dad's wheelchair, and that helped with the line situation. :)

  15. I can't believe you went to Disneyland without me. Whenever people do that, I secretly hope Belle punches them in the face. She never does...unless you left that out of the post.

  16. Heather- Belle didn't punch me in the face, but Ariel did whack me up the side of the head with her tail. Now I know why!

  17. Sounds like a great trip! Love the photos, that one with Beckham and your dad is a treasure!

  18. I love the randomness of this post. And I love Punky - seriously, I need more of that show! They should do a remake or something.

  19. Lulabell- Isn't that pic the cutest?

    Melissa- My post was random? I guess it was a little train-of-thoughty! :)

  20. first, i LOVE Disneyland, and this post made me want to be there right now!

    second, i am dying laughing about "does he fart on his wife?" ROFL! so innocent. :)

  21. Awesome! I was there Monday. It was a busy week. Arizona and Nevada were on spring break. I went with my brother's family from AZ. Glad you had fun!

    Looks like you got to do some of the older and more boyish stuff. I pretty much did all the fantasyland and girly things with my 2 year old daughter. ;)

  22. Poor Kid C hiding in that last Space Mountain pic! You look very, very happy.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. And I'll have you know that passing gas on a spouse is punishable by law in 7 states, and can result in jail time and forced viewings of Benny Hill re-runs.

  23. Erin- Next time, we'll have to meet in D-land!

    Aubrey- I couldn't believe how crowded the park was. It gave me hives.

    Amanda- That is a severe punishment. I can't wait for us to inflict that on the Libyan leader.

  24. Love, loved your Cali posts. The tourny sounds like it was everything you dreamed of. Second row!!?? How did you swing that? Did you play the author card? And I love how your Mom tells everyone. She's awesome.

    Also love all the Disney pics with your Dad. What great memories.

    Doug and I had daffodils for you, but just as I was about to drive over and give them to you, I realized you were out of town. So they bloomed here (and now they're in the trash) but I'll swing by with another set of spring blossoms. For the cause. And for hope. Love you Brod.

  25. Cath- I loved your Daffodil post! Can't wait for the blossoms. Love you too.