Friday, March 4, 2011

The Treat Down my Shirt, and how I owe Phil Mickelson a Virtual Kiss on the Cheek

Happy Friday, yo.

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1.  So, last night my critique group (the SIX, ranked in order of crazy on the sidebar) had... a critique group. That sounds oddly redundant, but adequately explanatory. Anywho,  here's a list of what everyone is working on:

Me: EVERNEATH 2, Revenge of the Na'vi, 

Bree Despain: The Dark Divine 3: Daniel gets a Cavity, 

Emily Wing Smith: Her next book about a quirky girl, a camcorder, and a television show. (I don't know if I'm allowed to share more.) 

Kimberly Reid is working on Haunted: an awesome story that will change the way you think about time and space forever. 

Sara Bolton: Mostly she is working on feeding and changing her newborn, who has a tendency to puke on cue, especially when confronted with stupid questions. 
Emmi Bolton, in a rare non-puking moment.
On the side, she is working on a Historical fantasy, about a girl who becomes a knight. 

Valynne Nagamatsu: A collaborative book about a girl and a boy obsessed with making horror movies. 

For aspiring writers, I can't stress enough the importance of finding a good critique group who understands you and your work. I can honestly say I wouldn't be published if it weren't for these writers. 

So, last night, during the discussion, I went to pop a cough drop in my mouth. But I accidentally missed (Hey, aiming for your mouth is hard, especially without a mirror) and the cough drop went down my shirt to where it nestled comfortably in my cleavage. 

I dug around to pull it out, and along with the cough drop I pulled out a piece of popcorn. 
Well, where would you store yours?
My friends started cracking up. They asked me when I had last eaten popcorn. I told them I had it for breakfast (because it's smart to start the day with nutrition). So the popcorn had been stuck down my shirt for about 12 hours without me noticing.

I asked Sam what he thought this event said about me.

Sam: "I think it's a testament to the breadth of your cleavage."

Me: "Please, for the love of everything, don't ever say 'testament to the breadth of your cleavage' ever again. Never ever."

 2. A couple of days ago, my dad and mom went down to Houston, TX, to MD Anderson Hospital. (Known for their awesome cancer-fighting ninja skills). 

At first he couldn't get in, because MD Anderson is in high demand, and we weren't being successful in jumping through the right hoops. So we pulled every string we could think of, and called in every favor, which resulted in Phil Mickelson... 
Yeah, this guy...
...calling his good friend, the head doctor at MD Anderson. An hour later, my dad's cell phone rang, and it was the head doctor. He arranged for my parents to get in with a pancreatic cancer specialist later that week. 

The doctor was blunt, spirited, and quick to tell my dad his first mistake is thinking we don't have a fight. He then detailed a plan A,B,C,D, and E for extending my dad's life. 

I love doctors like this, and I'm grateful for people like Phil Mickelson who would do my family a solid. *High-fives Phil* *Slices one wide right, just for him*

Okay. This post is way too long.

Anyone going to the Utah book blogger social tomorrow night? Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? Can you join me in thanking Phil? Anyone know how I can get ahold of Lance Armstrong's doctor? We might as well assemble the best team possible...


  1. So glad your dad was able to get in with super-ninja doctor! Phil Mickelson is way cool for what he did.

    Also,...this post is hilarious. You were just trying to same some for later, right? What better place to hide goodies? :)

  2. Kristin- exactly! And the goodies are safe down there, because nobody is gonna go looking there for anything!

  3. You were just waiting to have "second breakfast." You are such a hobbit.

  4. Eden- You're right! I never go anywhere without spare popcorn to snack on.

  5. I think the real question is, when exactly was the last time you ate popcorn?

    Also, I think about your family all the time! I am so glad that you guys found a doctor with such a great attitude!

  6. Yay for getting your dad to an awesome doctor!

    And, yes, I'm going to the Book Bloggers thing. Maybe we can have popcorn there?

  7. Once again, I wish I still lived in Utah. Curses!

  8. Jeni -- I hope it's not popcorn that Brodi saves for you down her shirt...

    Brodi -- I just have to admit that I am secretly jealous of you and THE SIX and your magical powers of awesome. Oh wait... I guess the secret's out!

  9. I was looking forward to the other rhymes with Na'vi in the breakdown of the Six, but you stopped at number 2. Sad.

    Phil Mikelson = awesome!

    I might go tomorrow. It depends on two things: homework and whether I can get the afghan I'm working on done because it's for my friend's baby's blessing on Sunday. Yeah, I know how to cut things close.

  10. I am getting the boys a haircut this weekend. It is going to be soooo fun. E.P.I.C. fun. Otherwise, thats it.

  11. So glad to hear about your father, Brodi. There's absolutely nothing like having a doctor who believes in your changes of success.

    I was planning to attend the Book Blogger event tomorrow, but I just got back from California, where I saw my father off to his next great adventure (it was lung cancer). It happened very fast. I'll have to see if it's too late to attend.

  12. Lulabell- I ate popcorn that morning! I swear!

    Jenilyn- I like to bring my own stash...

    Robin- There's a rumor going around that there are houses for sale here...

    Chersti- How do you know about our magical powers? Who talked?

    Jenni- There's no way I can crochet under pressure... mostly because there's no way I can crochet. Hope to see you Saturday!

    Sam- Live it up, dude.

    Donna- I'm so sorry about your dad. Cancer is the biggest suck of all. Thoughts are with you, girlfriend.

  13. Love Phil Mickelson...can't stand Rango! Phil and his crew of doctors have been such a boost to mom and dad. Love all of them!

  14. *Groans* I've been wanting to go to the social. But it's my son's bday party. And it's 2.5 hours drive. Tell them I'm sorry I missed it. :(

  15. Erin- I love them all too! Here's to Texas!

    Amber- Double groan. I will pass it along.

  16. That was so awesome of Phil! I'm really, really glad the head doctor has a great plan, too. I'm praying for your dad and his doctors. Tell him to fight on!

    On a side note, popcorn is a completely acceptable breakfast. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ;)

  17. Wow, I'm such a fan of Phil now. That's so awesome of him. You guys keep fighting! :)

  18. L.T. - Thanks for the prayers, and the popcorn love! (Never really thought I'd say those two things together in a sentence.)

    Jenn- Thanks! And good to hang with you the other night!