Monday, March 7, 2011

My Trip with Doctor Who, and How a Small Child was Maimed at the Book Blogger Social

Happy Monday y'all.

How about some Thing 1 and Thing 1!

Thing 1:
Doctor Who visited me in my sleep last night. For those of you who don't know, Doctor Who is a time-travelling man/alien who saves the world a lot. 
Dr. Who and Rose. They made me cry a lot.
Last night, I dreamed I got to go on one of his exciting adventures.  Where would we end up? Ancient Rome? Shakespearean London? Or... a thousand years into the future? 

No. He took me to 1989 to see the filming of that Patrick Swayze classic Roadhouse. You know, the one where Swayze plays a tough bouncer hired to straighten out a dirty bar? 
It's his way... or the highway.
Yeah, I wasn't familiar with this movie either. I have no idea where it was hiding out in my sub conscience.

Before you ask, no, I didn't get to see Mr. Swayze utter his most famous lines:

"Pain don't hurt."


"Nobody ever wins a fight."

and finally,

"My way... or the highway."

I asked the Doctor what we were doing here, and he looked at me like, "Duh, it's your dream. Isn't that a question for your therapist?"

I'm inclined to agree with him. 

Nobody ever "wins" a fight! Except the last guy standing...

Thing 1:
We went to the Utah Bool Blogger Social Saturday night. Utah is home to a staggering amount of book bloggers, and twice a year they get together to party with the local authors.

And when I say party, I mean party. Want proof? Check out this candid pic:
Authors Matt Kirby, Bree Despain, and myself.
Photo taken by 
Heather Gardner Photography
This picture popped up on the internet after the party. I love it. Bree and I look thoroughly unimpressed, and Matt looks a little disgusted. 

I'm here to tell you, that was not representative of the evening! Heather has promised to give us a little more notice before she snaps a candid picture next time.

Overheard at the party:

-Emily Wing Smith and I, taking turns to see who could cough up a lung first. (I won)

-Bree and Emily, having a discussion that involved the phrases, "Who did you fork that one time?" 
It's not like it sounds. They have both had accidents where they nearly impaled a bystander with a fork. 

-Matt Kirby said afterward that the "Who did you fork" conversation would make my blog. He claims his blog-worthy-statements-detection-skills are running at about 98%.

-During the book swap, Chersti Nieveen trampled a small child to get her hands on Emily Wing Smith's ARC of BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE.

-She later swore the child was really the devil's spawn, and deserved to be trampled. 
Here's a picture of the unfortunate demon child:
Don't be fooled by her angelic disguise.
Here's a pic that better captures the spirit of the event.

Top: Matt Kirby, Bree Despain
Bottom: Chersti Nieveen, Emily Wing Smith, Leisha Maw

Because nothing screams "Party!" like Bree Despain wearing Princess Leia Buns made out of lightbulbs. 

So, what did y'all do over the weekend? Were you at the social? (If so, give a holla in the comments). Did you see any good movies? Did you trample any small children?


  1. Ah, the trampling a small child incident was hilarious!

    I think I was at the social, but I have no photographic proof of that. Unless you count that I was wielding the camera that distracted half the people in your last picture.

    Anyway, I love your recap of the night!

  2. I was there in spirit. Did you see me? My spirit was green with envy. Hard to miss. (Which is why you didn't miss me.)

  3. Jeni- Next time sit across from me! Then you will definitely have your picture taken. So good to catch up with you!

    Robin- I think one of the cameras caught your spirit on film. Now to find it...

    p.s. Everyone missed you.

  4. Actually, since you posted the "who did you fork?" conversation, my accuracy climbed a whole percentage point to 99%! Thanks!

  5. Awwww. *blushes* So kind of you to say so. :)

  6. I almost dragged a table over to sit near you guys but the old couple I was trying to steal it from wasn't having any of it. I should have just been like the rest of the late comers and pulled up a chair and squeezed in right? :)

    I tried to watch Dr. Who once. I couldn't get past the first episode. I've heard good things about it though, perhaps I should try again.

  7. Oh my - I had no idea that there was any harm on a small, innocent child . . .

  8. Oh man - so sad I missed it. I would have maimed a kid to get my hands on Emily's book without any remorse whatsoever. Hmmm - I think I used to be easier to love. Maybe Emily will send me an ARC and I'll do a review and giveaway on my blog. Are you reading Emily?
    Anyway - hilarious that you're dreaming about movies you've never seen.

  9. I wanted to go, but I was at home finishing an afghan for my my friend's baby's blessing. I was up until 5:00 am on Sunday finishing it. After nearly a full 24 hours of crocheting, I'm surprised I'm even typing since my arms are killing me.

    I'm glad you had a good time at the party and that you recap it. Your recaps are the best because you share all the "fun" stuff and I know they're not over-exaggerated at all. :)

  10. It looks like you had a blast. Where was it held? Sadly, I wasn't there. I've been working on revisions from my agent. (I wonder if I'll ever get tired of saying that.) I think I'll make that my answer to every question somebody asks me.

    "Do you want to go see a movie?"-- I'm sorry, but I'm working on revisions from my agent.

    "Are you going to finish that dessert?"-- No, I'm working on revisions from my agent.

    "Do you want to trample a small child?"-- Oh, tempting, but no. I'm working on revisions from my agent.

  11. Brodi you are hilarious! Thanks for the plug. Had no idea when I posted that pic it woould cause a Twitter flurry of over 1500 views. All I to do is catch authors recovering from the food at Golden Corral.

  12. Matt- Happy to be of service!

    Debbie- Start with Season 2, the David Tennant years. Seriously, it gets better!!

    Natasha- It was all in the name of nabbing Emily's ARC, so it's all good.

    Mary-I will make sure Emily knows you too would maim a small child to get her ARC. That bodes well!

    Jenni- At least you'll have defined biceps after all that knitting. You were definitely missed. Hope to see you at the next one!

    Nicole- indeed, that is an awesome thing to say! But I wonder if perhaps you will get tired of saying it if the revisions go on for six months. I know I did! Kick butt!

    Heather- Excellent strategy!

  13. Which Doctor was in your dream? Because any dream with David Tennant as the Dr. has to be a good one. Heck, I'd trample a kid to get in on the dream. :)

  14. Leisha- Yes, it was with David Tennant. At least my sub-conscience got that part right.

  15. You gotta be careful of those little kids. They lure you in with the cute and the eyes and then, *Bam* they unleash the evil.

    I spent the weekend with good friends who moved to a different state a while ago. Great weekend of doing almost nothing that involved more energy than debating which DVRed movie we were going to watch. We ended up watching Taken one evening and napping through Bourne Identity Saturday afternoon. Fortunately Matt had watched Bourne Identity recently so he was pretty good at filling in the gaps when his wife or I would wake up from a short nap and be confused at which part they were at and why the car was driving down the stairs or the guy was riding the dead body down the center of the stairs in the building (totally unrealistic but still a great scene). I hadn't seen Taken before. Fairly good action movie if you disregard the bad science and the fact that the dad character seems to come up with whatever he needs at whatever without actually ever carrying anything with him (I mean, even Jack Bauer carries his JackSac most of the time). Also, lots of good food over the weekend and I got to spend some time watching turtles an a bumbling horseshoe crab at the natural science museum.

  16. The maimed child was my demon child! :) I only know because Chersti came up to me later and apologized profusely. I swear toddlers are always underfoot.

  17. Rue- I liked both Taken and the Bourne Identity. Bourne is like one of my favorite movies of all time! Sounds like a great weekend.

    Megan- It was your child who was maimed? I'm so sorry. Please note that it was never me calling him/her a demon child. And I think the picture I chose to represent your child was adorable.

    Hope he/she was okay! I know Chersti didn't mean it. And she doesn't weigh very much.

  18. Are you sure that's the kid from the social? Because I swore his eyes were green. (I know mine were when Chersti got Emily's ARC. Man oh man.

    Love the dream. And Dr. Who. =]

  19. Sounds fun, Brodi. I so hoped to go, but after the week I had I just wasn't up to it. Maybe for the summer event. Sounds like you guys had fun.

  20. I just have to say that I was totally the victim in the whole toddler fiasco!

  21. L.T.- There was a lot of the color green going around when Chersti scored the ARC. But that picture is the exact picture of the child... who represents the child who was trampled.

    Donna- So sorry about your week. I don't now when I'd be getting out of bed, let alone socializing. Definitely plan on summer!

    Chersti- I agree! Anyone who thinks otherwise is the spawn of the devil. For reals.

  22. I could just read the titles of your posts and be content. You make my eye crinkles set in deeper (in a good way).

  23. I wanted to trample children Saturday, does that count?
    I'm sad I missed this one, but looking forward to the summer social!!

    So which is weirder-- your Dr. Who dream or my dream the other night... the only part of it I remember is that James Dashner was the villain mastermind.

  24. Amanda- Nothing's funnier than children getting trampled!

    Britt- Your dream is not weird, James Dashner really is a villain mastermind!

  25. What a lovely? recap! :) I think Chersti should share that ARC around... anyone? Thanks for coming! You guys are always so good to support the bloggers.

    P.S. Where was James anyway? He USED to support the bloggers!:)
    P.P.S. I want to watch Dr. Who, but haven't figured out how yet.

  26. Awesome dream!! David Tennant is haaaaaawtt.

  27. Suey- As for Dr. Who, you can get it streaming on Netflix. Do you have netflix? Or you can order episodes on Amazon On Demand. (I'd recommend starting with season 2. Season 1 is for serious dorks only.)

    Heather- David Tennant is my secret lover.

  28. It's all good- I was laughing when I read the demon child jokes. About Dr. Who... do you miss a lot if you start with season 2? How many seasons are there now?

  29. "Princess Leia buns made out of light bulbs" made my day. Thanks Brod.