Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll Pack my Bags, and Keep my Eyes Fixed on the Sun

This weekend, I'll be packing.

Because next week, I'm going to be here:

Watching this guy:
Rafa and his bicep.

And these guys:
Roddick and Roger Federer
Do this:
And this:

Can you guess what I'm doing? 

Just kidding. It should be obvious. I'm going to Disneyland. But before I see Mickey, I'm meeting my parents, and my secret lover Rafa, down in Palm Springs for the BNP Paribas Open.

I'll be tweeting pictures live from the event, so if you want to follow along, you can find me here:

I can't wait, because I love tennis, and I get to spend time with my dad. And I need to feel the sun shine on my face. Blogging will be sporadic, but if I have wi-fi, I will blog.

We're going to have an extra day in L.A. Anyone have any ideas on what we should see? The Grove? Some sort of famous chinese theater? I need ideas!


  1. I hope you and your family have loads of fun and enjoy the sun! (Hey, that rhymes and I didn't even try.)

  2. Nicole- You're a poet! We will definitely enjoy the sun. :)

  3. I wonder if the hot gene and the tennis gene are part of the same strand of DNA. Certainly looks like it!

  4. Well we did have fun when we visited that one chinese theater down there, and The Grove too if I remember right. But I'm sure it won't be the same without Tammy and I right?

  5. Sounds fun. I will hang out at home watching it all on television. It better NOT be on the Tennis Channel.

    Gina - yes, any and all tennis players are hott! The women tennis players seem to be a bit hotter though than the men players.

  6. Gina- That hot gene is totally connected to the tennis gene, connected to the thigh bone.

    Paula- It definitely won't be the same! In fact, it's not even worth going without you two. We need to get together.

    Sam- Enjoy! Wish you were here. :)

  7. But... but... who will write Everneath 2 while you're partying with Rafa and Mickey? :(

    Maybe you should spend your extra day holed up, working on that. Because as soon as I read Everneath, I'm gonna want Everneath 2. Then 3. Every day you spend in frivolous persuits is aother day I have to wait in agony. Where's the compassion?

    You should at least take me with you. It's only fair.

  8. Robin- Never fear! Everneath 2 is well under way. Disneyland only inspires me! And... Rafa definitely inspires me.

    You are welcome to meet me in Palm Springs. Everyone's invited!

  9. You get to see Rafa?? I'm sure you're not at all excited about that...... *grin*

    Have tons of fun in Disneyland!

  10. New follower here. I had to because I read a couple of your posts and laughed out loud. A rare feat for me. Have a fun time!

  11. Kristin- I do! And I'm sure he's just as excited to see me! :)

    RSJ- Thanks for finding the blog! Hopefully we can make you lol again.

  12. Just please don't run away with Rafa! I need my Brodi fix! Of course, if I were in your shoes and had the chance to see Ewan McGregor, I couldn't promise I wouldn't run away with him. Okay, scratch that request. Have a good time! :)

  13. Jealous! I would kill to see all those guys in person. Gotta love Rafa, but I have to say I'm more of a Djokovic gal ;)

  14. SHUT UP!!! We are going to Disneyland next week, too! We're driving down Tuesday and will be there Weds-Fri, we should hook up!

  15. Cool! Have fun. Also, I'm jealous. I haven't been to DisneyAnything in much too long.

    On your spare day in LA, I recommend at least considering the Hollywood History Museum. They've upgraded and changed a lot since I've been there (been about 10 years). But tons of amazing stuff. I don't know if they still have it, but when I was there they had Cheers bar (like the whole thing. Entire bar set.) and the bridge from the Enterprise from Star Trek (Next Generation), the transporter pad from the original Star Trek. Tons of other props - original stuff from Sparticus and The 10 Commandments all the way to recent productions. Really cool stuff and very well put together museum.

    I also used to like hanging out in Burbank. All sorts of cool little shops and bookstores and stuff. And ya gotta eat at least one In-N-Out Burger. Mmmmmm....I miss In-N-Out Burgers. There was one between my apartment and the freeway, on the right hand side of the street. I stopped there way too often (good thing I only lived there 5 months).

  16. Jenni- I have to admit- and I'm sure my husband knows this- if I have the chance to run away with Rafa, I'm taking it.

    Stephanie- Djokovic is awesome to watch! Hopefully he'll get some good wins in.

    SalGal- No way! We'll be there Thursday and Friday. We should totally hook up! Tweet me while you're in the park.

    Rue- That Hollywood History museum looks way cool! I might have to check it out. As for In-N-Out, I have one about 25 minutes away from where I live. Just far enough away so I don't abuse it, but close enough for a weekly fix. :)

  17. No question you should go to the Huntington Museum and library. Don't you want to see an early manuscript of the Canterbury Tales, a first folio of Shakespeare, some of Twain's drafts, the beautiful Pinkie and Blue Boy, the largest tea rose collection, Shakespeare garden...if you haven't ever been there it is absolutely gorgeous and even your kids will find some things to sounding the gong in the Japanese garden...

  18. Brodi - visit Diddy Riese, on the UCLA campus. You'll thank me... oh, how you'll thank me!! Have fun!

  19. And who know what random but seriously kewl inspiration will come while Brodi's busy watching hunky tennis guys and partying with Mickey (and Brodi's dad, of course)? Isn't that the perfect place for creativity?

    Have fun Brodi. Grab those moments with your dad.

  20. We actually had a blast walking down the sidewalk with the stars, and putting our hands in their handprints.. and seeing how big or little their hands were/are. Weird... but fun. Really.

  21. anon- That sounds great! I will check it out. And don't be shy- introduce yourself!

    Kristen- What is a Diddy Riese? Is it ice cream? If so, I'm there!

    Donna- Trust me, Rafa's shorts are inspiration enough for anything!

    Suey- That sounds right up our alley. Then I can really prove I have man hands. (Don't tell anyone).