Monday, March 14, 2011

Sitting in the Airport

So, I'm sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight to Palm Springs to board. Don't believe me?
Me. Trying not to look stupid while taking my own picture.

I'm not sure why someone wouldn't believe me, but I felt the picture was necessary. 

Here are some headlines I anticipate for this trip:

1. Brodi Spends half of Advance for front row seats to see Rafa do this:

2. Brodi and Rafa will become best friends, just like she always dreamed. (Seriously, she has this dream several nights a week. Nothing naughty, they're strictly platonic. They just have so much in common. She also likes to pick her wedgies.

3. Kid C picks a fight with all the Pirates of the Caribbean.

4. Kid B pukes on the plane. It's okay, Sam's flying with the kids separately. I'll be safely out of the splash zone.

5. Disney will overcharge us for the privilege of existing in the happiest place on earth.

Ope. We're boarding. Will blog later! 

Love you all. 



  1. This sounds like an adventure! Have fun and tell Rafa I said hi! :)

  2. Frankly, I'd rather be friends with Jack Sparrow. Better loot, you get to hang out on cool ships, and you don't have to be quiet so he can hear a little ball bounce.

    You can have Rafa, but if Kid C wins his fight, I expect you to bring me back Jack as a souvenir.

  3. I'm way jealous. Have fun seeing Rafa!

  4. I will be watching Rafa too! On a tiny computer screen. Oh well. Have fun. Wait, gotta go and work...and clean up the house...and help the kids with their homework...and go grocery shopping...and...

    Have fun. Rock and Roll!

  5. Have a good time! I hope you are able to realize your dream of becoming best friends with Rafa!

  6. i'm with robin on jack sparrow--however, i would take him in johnny depp form as well! ;O)
    have a fun week pickin' wedgies!

  7. lol... have fun I grew up in a town outside of Palm Springs called 29 palms. Enjoy the sunshine!!!

  8. What could be better than a week with Rafa, wedgies, pirates, and puke? Have fun. :)