Friday, March 25, 2011

Please Vote on our Barry Manilow Cover Band Name

It's Friday, yo. 

So, my crit partner and BFF Emily Wing Smith has a new book coming out called BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE. 

The story involves a girl, a breakup, a guy, a road trip, and Barry Manilow. (Description my own. It fails to convey the awesomeness of this story.)

Anywho, for the launch party, my critique group The SIX (very apt description, because we are all six feet tall) decided to form a Barry Manilow cover band. 
The band members.

The fact that none of us are very musical didn't enter into the decision-making process.

Emily herself will be on the bongos.
Bree Despain on the maracas.

Valynne Nagamatsu on the piano.

Sara Bolton and Kim Reid on backup vocals. (We don't know who they'll be backing up. We're just hoping one of us emerges as a star).

I will be on the key-tar. 
The severed hands are included.

Guess who's invited to the launch party?
You! Yes, you!
Thursday, April 28
7:00 p.m
King’s English Bookshop
1511 South 1500 East,  Salt Lake City

Mark your calendars!
So, we are trying to decide on a band name, and here's where you come in. Please vote on your favorite, or if you have a suggestion, you can enter it in the comments. 

A. The Six Merry Manilows

B. Raindrops Keep Falling on my Dead (submitted by Douglas Cootey)

C. The Cuckoo Cabanas (submitted by Josh Berk)

D. Rico Wore a Diamond (submitted by Saundra Mitchell)

E. The Barely Manilows 
And if you suggest a title, and we choose it, we will dedicate a song to you. Thank you for playing!


  1. Fools get lucky - based on the song by that name. :)

  2. Who doesn't love a Barry Manilow. With that said, he is no Meat Loaf. If we could somehow mix Barry and Meat Loaf Barry Loaf...or Meat Manilow, it would be magical. Beautiful music by two beautiful men.

  3. How about Six Broads Rockin' Manilow ?


  4. The Copacabana Lolas
    The Easier Lolas

    Or, E.

    Wish I could come to the party, but that's my anniversary.

  5. The Six Sexy Barry Babes!

  6. I choose Rico wore a diamond!!!! I can't wait to see the launch party fiesta!

  7. Thanks for the votes and the suggestions everyone!

  8. I'm liking the Barely Mannilows. Ha ha!

  9. Brodi, I LOVE Barely Manilows that is hilarious. Ad when you're all better than you expect it will give people more to talk about ;). P.s. My hubs and I are in Midway this weekend for a wedding, and I thought of you each time we passed Tarahumara. I wanted to go there this trip but it's not working out. Oh well, next time :)


  10. Aubrey- That's my favorite too.

    Ashlie- Mmmmmmm, I love me some Tarahumara. Have fun in Midway!

  11. I have to go with the Barely Mannilow's, although I have my own suggestion. Since you're all authors, you could call yourselves "Read 'em and weep"-ers. (Wikipedia says it was a Meat Loaf cover song, which would make Sam happy.) However, do what you think is best...

  12. You guys crack me up! I really hope you go through with this because I can't wait to hear one of your songs! My favorite is C.

  13. Hahaha! This cracks me up! I love it! I would *have* to go with "The Barely Manilows." It's brilliant!

    BTW, I read the posts about your trip. Looks like you had a fantastic time! The pictures are so good. :)

  14. Nicole- Read 'em and weep-ers is great! But it is a tad heavy on the meatloaf and light on the Barry...

    You are tallied.

    Jenni- Finally, a vote for C!

    Kristin- The trip was indeed awesome. You are tallied!

  15. I like E.! And also the severed hands. A must!

  16. I vote for "The Barely Manilows." Genius.

  17. I'll go with the Barely Mannilow's as well, it's a keeper.

  18. Amanda- Your vote for E and severed hands is tallied!

    Kristen- Counted.

    LC- I agree. Your voice has been heard and tallied.

  19. "Looks Like We Wrote It" Roadies.

  20. Oh, I vote for E. That's just too hilarious!

    I saw Emily ARC at the book bloggers social and seriously contemplated clubbing a baby seal to get it. Except there weren't any baby seals in possession of it and I didn't think Chersti wanted to be clubbed.

  21. Lesli- Very creative!

    L.T. I think E is the winner. And thank you for not clubbing any baby seals. Restraint is always good in those cases.