Friday, April 29, 2011

The Debut of our Cover Band, The Barely Manilows... with video.

Some people didn't think it would happen.

Some people thought I was only kidding.

Some people thought that we would suck.

Well, 2 out of the above 3 people were wrong. I wasn't kidding. It did happen.

Our critique group The Barely Manilows (More commonly known as The SIX) sang at the launch party for the awesome Emily Wing Smith and her new book BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE.

And while we originally threatened that anyone caught filming the catastrophe, I mean, performance, would lose a pinkie finger, we have since embraced the fact that we have no control over the interwebz. So now, we would like it to go the way of a virus. 
In the video, from right to left: Bree Despain on maracas, Kimberly Webb Reid on the Triangle, Sara Bolton on Bass Vocals, Emily Wing Smith on Castanets, Valynne Maetani Nagamatsu on weird jingle bell thingee with a long red stick... and finally, that's me on the keyboard.

I tried to get a keytar, but apparently it's not 1986. Oh well.

Enjoy. (The lyrics are below for your amusement. Just follow the bouncing ego.)

Her name was Joy, and
She was dumped by Zan
he liked to wear his grandpa's shoes
And he left her with the blues

But she was clueless
Why he liked her less
And while she tried to heal her heart,
Noah Liked her from afar
And then on beverage night
He liked to drink his Sprite

They were young and they fought each other
Who could ask for more

At the Haven
Mormon town, Haven
The dullest spot north of the border
At the Haven
Mormon town Haven
Music and Passion were never the fashion at the Haven....
They weren't in love

So joy and noah
they took a road trip
so she could stalk Zan like a fool
And surprise him at his school
But there's this detour
They're stuck in Vegas
And while his car is getting fixed, then their feelings get all mixed
And all you need to know
There's Barry Manilow
And the rest you can read within the pages of the book

At King's English
You can buy copies
They'll even print you out a receipt
At King's English
The Great King's English
Reading and Passion are always the Fashion
At King's English...
Go Buy the book.

Thanks to Jenni Elyse for taking and uploading the video. 
And now, as to the comments, please be kind. :)


  1. SO FUNNY!! :D You rock that piano girl! ;)

  2. Truly beautiful music. I listed to it twice (in fairness, one of the times you made me listen to it). Lyrics were genius, ladies were lovely and laughs per plentiful.

    Congrats to Emily. She totally rocked out another book. I can't wait till her next book where the main characters love 'Air Supply.' That will be fabulous.

  3. Chantele- Thanks! If by "rocked" you mean "pounded without concern as to notes or timing", then yes, I totally rocked that piano. :)

    Sam- There will be no second time. This was a one time thing for a one of a kind gal. (To everyone's relief.)

  4. You guys were awesome! You should have planned an encore!

  5. I totally meant to put "rocked". **whoops!** As in you were the pianist of awesomeness.

  6. Jenny- So good to meet you in person! And I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief that we did not have an encore. :)

    Chantele- I totally thought "rock" made sense. :) Thanks.

  7. I feel bad I missed it! I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing. I can't contain myself now. :)

  8. Elana- Laughing at... or laughing with? :) You were most definitely missed. Can't wait for your launch!

    Now to find some Barry Manilow lyrics that deal with Possession...


  9. I found it interesting that I was told on several occasions, by several people, not to quit my day job.

  10. Emily- That's weird, because I got a couple of recording contracts. Hmmm.

    p.s. You were awesome.

  11. Well done, ladies! Well done.

  12. OH MY! that made my day! are you all wearing matching shoes?

  13. Wow! I think that was my favorite moment of the new millennium. It was that memorable!

  14. You guys were fantastic! And, I'm glad my laughing isn't too loud in the video. I tried to keep it down so that it wouldn't ruin it. :\

    Emily did great too and I'm really excited to read her book. It was really fun to see you guys and accuse James Dashner of being a name whore too. Love that I feel like part of the "in" crowd when I'm with you guys.

  15. So. Cool! Thank you SOOO much for recording it! So very thoughtful and kind to let us poor non-Happy-Valley-dwellers to still share the joy. Can't wait to read the book!

  16. Oh, Brodi, that was hilarious. You guys must have the funnest release parties ever.

    I kept getting stuck following the lyrics and trying to watch video. Well done!

  17. Nicole- Thanks! And thanks for the comment on my parents' blog. They loved it.

    Dorien- Of course! It would be silly to wear matching t-shirts and not matching shoes, don't you think?

    Jenni- The filming was awesome! And it's you who always makes me feel "in". :)

    Robin- hopefully you loved it so much that you will finally leave Idaho for Utah. :)

    Donna- We purposely made the lyrics tongue twisters. We didn't want to make it too easy on ourselves.

  18. Yeah, should have thought of that before I married a dyed-in-the-wool Idahoan....

    I'll be there most of next week, though! :D

  19. Absolutely brilliant!! You all did such a great job. Made me *really* wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting the video.

    You're sure that y'all won't take the "Barely Manilows" on the road? :)

    Many congrats to Emily for the launch of her new book! Can't wait to read it!

    Oh,...and you were awesome on that piano. :)

  20. Robin- Boo. I understand, though.

    Kristin- Thanks so much! And we are taking it on the road... to nowhere.

  21. Wait--are you booing my current residence or my planned trip to Utah? 8-?

  22. Neither. I'm booing the fact that you won't be moving to Utah. :)

  23. Whew! That IS rather boo-worthy. When are we getting beam-me-up tech? Or, hey! You can move to Idaho! And bring the whole YA writing community with you! Plenty of room! :)

  24. What?! I missed this to watch my son's baseball game? For shame. So happy for Emily and can't wait to read her book.

  25. Robin- I have heard there really is plenty of room in Idaho. :)

    Rachel- It totally should've taken priority over family! Just kidding. The book itself is much better than the performance. :)

  26. Absolutely fabulous. So sad I missed it - I was totally planning on it, and then something came up right at the last minute. Grr... but at least I have the video to sing me to sleep at night now, right?

  27. This is getting unlimited rotation on my Ipod!

    If I had one.

  28. Chersti- Oh yes, repeated viewing of the video will put you to sleep. :)

    Amanda- Unlimited rotation on an ipod might just turn a crazy writer sane! (Or a sane person crazy).