Friday, April 22, 2011

My Love Letter to Goodreads... I'm just Happy to be Shelved

Hey y'all. I'm back.

I'm sorry I didn't blog or even answer comments during the week. There was absolutely no Wi-fi. And I really wanted to tell Jenni Elyse that I was flattered I nearly killed her husband

I'm getting my pictures together, so I'll tell you all about the trip next week. For now, I'll tell you about something awesome I saw on Goodreads.

So, I'm in a group called the Apocalypsies- we're a bunch of debut authors who have books coming out in 2012. Get it? Apocalypse? Add on the -ies?
Because this might be your only chance.  Dunh dunh DUNH!
Anywho, one of the authors was talking about building buzz, and how she's gotten more publisher support because of the number of people on Goodreads who have marked her book "to-read". 

So, I checked the Goodreads numbers for Everneath. 

Let's just say that other author had me way beat by, like, thousands. Which is okay, because that's not what the story is about.

I know it's not coming out for awhile, so right now the numbers are small enough that I notice each person who's signed up to read it, and I feel a burst of love for that person. I heart them long time.

Not in a weird way. Okay, this post is getting off-track. My point is, it's early enough in the process that I don't have to avoid Goodreads for fear of bad reviews (because there will be people out there who hate it. Every author has to accept that.), and since I get maybe one new "to-be-read" designation a day, I feel like the book is spreading person by person, one by one. 

Anyway, I was going over the list of people who've decided to read my book. It's a crazy thing to go from begging family, friends and neighbors to please please pretty please read your book, to people on Goodreads actually wanting to read it. Without any bribery.

As I was looking over the list, I started noticing people put my book on "shelves" like: "Apocalypsies", "Mythology", "Retelling", "Paranormal YA".

Makes sense. Until I got to one reader. This reader had marked my book not as "to-read" but as "maybe-read" and then in the shelves, she had my book shelved under "Going-in-Skeptical."

I don't know why this made me smile. How honest! Maybe this reader is saying "I might read it, but I might not, and I wanted to tell you I'm on the fence about it and I'm not really expecting much."

I figure the "Going-in-Skeptical" shelf is just below the "There's-a-50-50-chance-I'll-Like-It" shelf, and just above the "I'll-bet-you-my-right-pinkie-finger-this-book-is-going-to-blow" shelf. 

And then I started wondering how I got on such a shelf. Was it my book description? Was it a sketchy blog post? Is it because I didn't have Wi-Fi this week, and the reader was all, "If I can't count on her to deliver a Wednesday post, how can I have faith in her book?"

Do I smell?

Or maybe the cup's half full. Maybe the reader was never planning on reading my book in the first place, and then saw something that made her re-think her position. (Was it the author picture with the pickle on my cheek?) Then she was all, "Well, if she's brave enough to put a pickle on her cheek, it might be worth my time. Maybe."
Here's my Hopeful Face

Now I want to thank her. Pinch her cheek and tell her I'm honored she would give me a chance, despite her low expectations. I kind of hope everyone goes in with low expectations. Those are so much easier to meet!

I know this sounds a little manic with a side of neuroses, but I really do appreciate each and every person who has announced to the world that they plan "to-read" my book. Even if they also announce they plan on "Not-Being-Impressed". 

I want to gather all my Goodreads readers and commence with one giant group hug, and possibly a spontaneous Hokey-Pokey. 
I'm the sassy girl in the green plaid skirt on the left.

I want to know what made them choose my book- the thought process behind clicking on the to-read button-thingy. 

And then I think about how a stranger, from who knows where, has chosen to invest her time in me. What an honor, and a responsibility. 

So, you Goodreads readers, this is my love letter to you. All 292 of you. I have to do it now, because in a couple months my ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) will be out. And then reviews will come in. And maybe no one will want to hokey-pokey with me anymore. 

But for now... the slate is clean. There's still the chance I might come as a pleasant surprise to this reader. 

Hope. It's what I live on.

If you would like to put me on a shelf of your making, you can do it here. I don't care what the shelf is called. I'm just happy you would shelve (shelf?) me. My whole life, I've dreamed of being shelved. 

What do y'all think about Goodreads? Are you a member?

And has anyone seen the new Jane Eyre?  


  1. I've got you marked as to-read. I'll have to go make a shelf called "predicted bestsellers" just so I can put you on it. Mainly so I can say "HA! Told ya!" later. 'Cause it's all about me, and my mad predict-industry-trends skills.

    Really, though, your book is a no-brainer best-seller. I should probably find some borderline books to build my prophetess rep on....

  2. I've had a couple maybe-reads, too, and I'm okay with that. A chance is really all we want, right?

  3. Robin- I would be happy to make you President of Predictability. Your faith in my little book is stellar! You rock. Want to hokey-pokey?

    Trish- Exactly! That was totally my point. I'm grateful for the chance!

  4. I'm reading your book because it sounds good and because your blog is so freaking funny! You make me laugh so hard. (in a good way) ;-) This is the first time I've commented though cause I'm chicken.

  5. Yay Jenny! Thanks for de-lurking! Please, don't be scared to comment in the future. :)

  6. I remember the first time that I asked you out on a date and you replied - "sure, I will go with you, but I will be honest, I am pretty skeptical that I will have fun, don't get me wrong, you are totally one of the most handsome men that I have ever met, but still skeptical, so we'll see."

    I can't wait to see if she actually reads it.

  7. I haven't been to Goodreads for a while, but I'm definitely reading your book. Or at least chapter two. :)

  8. Sam- That's so crazy you remembered our conversation word for word! I have that tatooed on my forearm.

    Jenilyn- Yes! But I can't believe you want to read chapter two already. You've only read chapter one about 485 times. You want to move on already?

  9. Wow, I didn't even realize you had the choice to say you were skeptical going into a read there. I don't think you have anything to worry about though. But you're right. Not everything is for everyone. And writers have to aceept that or constantly flay themselves alive over it.

  10. Donna- As much as flaying myself is fun, I think I'll just accept it. :)

  11. I love love LOVE Goodreads. I've been a member for a few years an still love it. I have your book as to-read. I'm sure I'll love it too! :D

  12. Brodi, I just "shelved" ya, let's see if you can figure out which one is mine. :) And Amy, my mom & I are planning going to Jane Eyre soon, we could certainly use some company in the form of beautiful "naturally blonde" comediennes if you'd like?

  13. Chantele- Hooray for "to-read"! Thanks so much.

    Kristen- I'm in! I'm in! Send me an email when you decide to go. :)

  14. Oh goodness, I love you. I'm not ashamed to admit it. You're fifteeen kinds of awesome with chocolate sprinkles on top. And a pickle for added taste.

    I would have added your book to my goodreads before even reading the synopsis, purely based on your blog posts (and your awesome name). But when I discovered the FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC plot, I went into 'OMG I NEED THIS NOW' mode. I love greek mythology as it is, but Everneath sounds AMAZING.

    2012 is way too far away!

  15. Brodie- Thanks so much! And 2012 is indeed too far away. I swear, it's like two years away. Move faster, time!

  16. I'm on the computer this morning because I need to bring some creative easter cookies to a party in 2 hours & I need a recipe. Instead of looking up recipes, I'm reading your blog & that's why you are on my "to-read" list. You're much better to read than recipes- that doesn't sound like much of a compliment, but it is! I also love your Dad & I figure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, or whatever. (By the way, I realized it's not your parents speaking at women's conference & now I feel like a real idiot! Don't you think it's a weird coincidence that another Dennis Ashton is speaking on dealing with life's great side blows, or however they worded it? Weird). Anyway, I personally can't wait to read your book & was wondering if you're going to do author appearances at book clubs???! (I'm assuming it won't suck! High expectations!)

  17. I had to double check and make sure I wasn't one of the losers that don't have you marked down as "to-read" yet! (I'm not.)

  18. Laura- I'm so happy I rank just above reading recipes! Seriously, thank you. And I will happily do appearances at book clubs. Just ask me!

    Sal- Ha ha! Thanks, girlfriend.

  19. Ha, I got put on a similar "maybe read" shelf. It's all good! Better than on the "HELLS TO THE NO" shelf.

  20. Jill- "Hells to the no" shelf. Ha ha!

  21. What I love about all your posts: the awesome photos included. Seriously, that Hokey Pokey one is fantastic! And of course I added your book to my to-read shelf. I guess I'm totally unoriginal, because I don't have cool shelves like "going-in-skeptical" or "this-might-suck-but-I'll-try-it-anyway." I guess I'll work on that.

  22. #1 - I'm totally reading your book. I have loved your blog for a long time, and I'm really psyched to get to see the finished product. If your sense of humor and general awesomeness are in the book as much as they appear on your blog, it will be terrific.

    #2 - Whose leg do you have to hump to get one of those ARCs? ;)


  23. Melissa- Since you didn't make a shelf, I'll just tell you: "This book might suck, but please try it anyway!"

    Tara- #1 Thanks for being willing to read the book! Although I have to warn you, it's not funny. But I hope you still like it!

    #2- Hahahahahahaha.