Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Things About Me This Week: Including the World's Tallest Weed

Hey y'all.

1. I forgot to post the sneak peek teaser quote on EVERNEATH's facebook page. 

I am sorry. Thursdays are hard for me, because they are the only other day of the week that starts with the same letter as another day of the week, and so sometimes when it's Thursday, I wonder if it's really Tuesday...

Never mind. I just suck. It's up now if you want to check it out. (It's time to meet Nikki's best friend Jules)

2. Kid C said his prayers last night. 

He prayed that, "Grandpa will feel better, Japan will be able to clean itself up, and that the world will have no more wars... because I really hate wars... and that the world will have a great day."

So, Japan, if you're listening, try to clean yourself up a bit. 
Kid C. He's a pirate. With a stick. Doing Yoga.

3. For those of you new to the blog, you may not know I have an intense fear of "Plants that grow fast". 

One day, a vine grew through my wall... through my wall.... and I thought I was gonna die.

Yesterday I walked out to my backyard and discovered weeds that were taller than me. Okay, I'm exaggerating... its smallness. 

It was as tall as Sam. 
I don't know why he's looking forlornly off in the distance.

This says a couple of very disturbing things about me:

1. I am lazy.
2. I let an egregious amount of time pass between visits to my backyard.

So I did something I never do: I weeded. With a shovel. 
First dig of the day, I dug up a sprinkler line. It was a stubborn line too. I had to put the full force of my weight on the shovel before it came loose. I looked left, then right, and then - confident Sam didn't see me - nonchalantly shoved it back in place.

And that, my friends, is why I don't weed.

4. For Mother's Day, Sam bought me an iPad.
For Father's Day, I bought Sam a University of Utah t-shirt. 

Best. Wife. Ever. Am I right? 

High fives! Who's with me? *waits patiently*

*waits some more*

... Self Five!

5. The other day, I personalized an ARC of EVERNEATH for the winner of the contest (Lesli Lytle). 

I wrote in cursive, and apparently it's not like riding a bike, because I messed up quite a few times. And I had to subsequently scribble out a few mistakes.

Even on my Betsy Ross, I still flubbed up on the "o".
So, I will not be trying cursive in the future. And I'd love to have a tag line I can use for the signings. Here are some I'm considering:

1. Enjoy reading! Try not to end up in the Underworld!
-Brodi Ashton

2. Remember, there is no such thing as redemption, and there are no heroes!
-Brodi Ashton

3. Even if you're getting the life-force sucked out of you, try to see the cup as half full! 
-Brodi Ashton

4. Remember, it's never too late! But sometimes it is.
-Brodi Ashton

I don't know. Which one gets your vote? If any of you have read the book, feel free to help a girl out. 

*added: I forgot to mention this great "mini-review" of EVERNEATH


  1. I am looking sad because a weed lost its life yesterday. Since I am 6'5", you can truly see how tall that weed is.

    In fairness to you though, that shirt did cost as much as the ipad. We are all winners.

  2. Sam- You're 6'5"? Then I hate to ask, but who's the guy I've been spending my nights with?

  3. I'm more concerned about type of t-shirt you got him. I know you like red and all, but I didn't suspect that it ran that deep. I don't know if I can follow a Ute fan. :0 kidding. But go Blue!

  4. LOL. I just read your response to Sam's comment. Love it.

    I understand the long bouts of time between backyard visits. We had a tree growing in our backyard once. Normally, that wouldn't be bad, but we live in a townhome. A tree doesn't work in our little 10x10 fenced in concrete of a backyard.

    I vote for 3. It made me laugh because I kind of see that as my life, always trying to see the cup as half-full when my life force is being sucked out of me.

    Thanks for the shout out of my mini review! :D

  5. Folks- Hey! I like blue! I just like it in other things, like the sea, and the sky...

    Thanks for reading the blog anyway! If you find yourself frustrated, just remember last years basketball season. That should make any Y fan happy.

  6. I'd help you out, but Chersti forgot to loan me her ARC at writer's group this week. That means I have to wait another week to read past chapter one. Then I'm sure I'd have some suggestions for you to not use.

  7. Jenilyn- I didn't know Chersti had an ARC! I hope she liked it. And yes, hurry and read it so you can help me. :)

    p.s. you can skip the first chapter. You've read it enough.

  8. You know, if I lived in Utah, I'd be camping out on someone's doorstep until I got to read an ARC, too. *Is green with envy*

    I think that's why your plants are growing so fast. They're extra green because they can't read at all, and THEY SO WANT TO!!!

  9. for your book signings, i vote for #3.

    and that's all i have to say today. it's friday, my brain is fried....

  10. Robin- Don't turn green! It isn't healthy. And it clashes with brown hair.

    Abby- Number 3 seems to be popular. And I totally understand about being brain-fried on fridays. I try not to write anything on Fridays, because I'll just have to trash it anyway.

  11. What about Saturday and Sunday? They both start with s.

  12. If I'm ever getting the life sucked out of me, I'll definitely try to look on the bright side. ;)

  13. Alyosha- Ha ha ha. Ohmyheck, I am such a dork. Remember, today is "Friday: Brain-Fried-Day".

    Chantele- It's easy to look on the bright side, when you have nowhere to look but up, right? Happythoughts

  14. Keep that girl away from a shovel! I stay away anymore on principle. I hired someone (and I would have paid for it with my own money) to mow the lawn for us and my hubby went (behind my back) and stopped it. Fine. I don't do yard work now.

  15. Donna- I would totally hire someone, but for some reason Sam feels some higher calling to "work his own land".

    I'm all, "That's great. As long as you 'work your own backyard'!"

  16. I say use all the tag lines just rotate through them:)