Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Five Things on my Mind... My Tiny Tiny Mind

Hey y'all.

So, if you're interested in who will win the EVERNEATH arc, the winner will be announced on Friday on Debbie and Windy's blogs. 

Five Things that are On My Mind:

1. Welcome to all the new blog visitors! I hope you enjoy your stay here. 
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So, welcome y'all! Thanks for stopping by!

2. Ever since I got a box of ARCs in my mailbox, I've been ruined for the mailman. 
Pretty Mail
 He comes to my door, and I whip it open and tackle him, wrenching the bundle of envelopes out of his hands. 

Then I stand up and use my foot in his stomach to hold him down. I thumb through the stack, with a frantic look in my eye, and when I have determined the mail is not interesting, I scream, "THIS IS IT??!! When did the Postal System start hiring stupid people??!!"

3. It's a great day to be a criminal in America.

4. Happy Birthday America!
Sam (hubby, who is frugal) bought the $20 fireworks "Super-Pack" from Costco. He was very proud of himself. I wondered if 20 dollars could really buy anything worthwhile. 

I was wrong. 20 dollars can get you so many smoke bombs, you won't know what to do with them. Literally. You'll invite your extended family over for a "fireworks display" and they'll be sitting there, waiting to be entertained, and all you'll have is smoke bombs. 

We lit bomb after bomb, and forced the audience to enthusiastically shout out the color of the smoke. No one was allowed to complain, or say things like, "I drove all the way over her for this %&$#!" For the big finale, we lit two smoke bombs at once. 

It was amazing. A great dedication to our country.

5. Today we're going to Lagoon. 

No, no, not this Lagoon:

This Lagoon:

It's What Fun Is! If Fun is Throwing up! Which it is in our family!

So, what's on your mind today?


  1. ha ha, love it!

    I am thinking, do I really have the energy to go to the store or should I just do more sit around housework like a load of laundry that my washer does all the hard work and I sit and wait for it.


  2. Aubrey- I vote... sit around!!! Thanks for asking.

  3. Poor mailman, and I thought mine had it bad with all the accidental lewd comments I'd given him. ;) Have fun at Lagoon!

  4. Mostly, I'm amazed that you have over 10,000 unread emails in your inbox. Would you like me to teach you about filters? I <3 filters. Especially the ones that mark something as "read" and then archive it. :D

  5. Jenny- I must know more about these lewd comments!

    Robin- my email DOES mark them as read. 10,000 is the number of emails I haven't read. And I've told you about my fear of the archive button, haven't I? That it's sorta like a black hole?

  6. I so want to go to Lagoon this year. I don't know if it will happen, though. Have fun!

    PS--I do the same thing with my mailman. He has yet to deliver an Everneath ARC to me. What's up with that?

  7. Archive is life. An empty inbox is a happy inbox. (The black hole can be overcome with excessive tags. Tag the heck out of everything and the black hole will collapse under their weight. Especially filters that automatically add tags help scare the black hole away.)

    Also, Lagoon is SOO fun... but I have yet to take my children there. :) And I'm with Jenni on the lack of ARC goodness in my mailbox. :(

  8. Thanks for the encouragement to go criminal today. I have big plans...

    Your fireworks display sounds amazing. The only thing that could of improved it would be the addition of the dramatic Black Snakes.

  9. Have fun at Lagoon. My kids are begging to go. So far we've stalled them. I'm not sure how long we can hold out.

  10. Don't get me going on fireworks...I$%^&

  11. Jenni- I don't know! Next time you see him, beat him up, and then be all, "That's from brodi!"

    Robin- I skimmed your latest comment. I admit, you lost me at "excessive tags".

    Ruth- Good luck going criminal! Try not to kill anyone.

    Leisha- My kids spent the first few years of their lives thinking Lagoon was just a figment of their friends' imaginations.

    it was a sad day when they learned Lagoon was a very real place.

    Gennifer- I KNOW! Seriously.

  12. I hope that you didnt go on the scary old rickety wood roller coaster! If its still around. Wow, Lagoon = good times. I hope you had fun.

  13. Jessie- That rickety old roller coaster is my favorite ride! And, we survived the day. So, I guess that means we had fun. :)

  14. You had me at it's what fun is if fun was throwing up. :)