Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Power of a Picture Book

It may look like just a book...
OH, DADDY! by Bob Shea

But it's not. It's really magic.

Because this kid...
Kid B. Pulling a "Bieb". 

...loves OH, DADDY! Loves it.

And every night, as Sam is tucking him in, Kid B reads some of the words in the book. 


"Is THIS how you eat carrots?"

"Oh, Daddy! No, THIS is how you eat carrots!"

I hide in the hallway outside his room and listen. Because if you're familiar with Kid B, you know how rare it is to hear him speak.

Often during the day, he is unsure of the right words, and even more unsure of how to put them together. And too soon, he becomes frustrated. Hopeless.

But at night, he is confident in these words. And he speaks them loudly.

It's heaven. 

Do any of your kids respond to a book like this?  


  1. Love this story! Reading with kids is such a great thing!

    My daughter isn't at a loss for words, but she LOVES to read back words and be part of the reading proccess with a few books we have.

    One of them is "Are You My Mother" and another one is "Bedtime at the Swamp".

  2. He seriously loves this book. He gets so excited to change the page so that he can just laugh at the silly daddy. Kids and laughter truly rock.

  3. My daughter LOVES Big Bad Bunny. Sometimes bedtime gets a bit loud...=)

  4. I'm reading the 13th Reality to my kids. :)

    My own Kid B (with speech-delay) has no qualms about being a chatterbox, regardless of who can understand him. :)

  5. Aubrey- Those are such good books.

    Sam- I know! I hope he doesn't grow out of this phase. I hope he's sixteen and still laughing hysterically at this book.

    Shari- I don't have that one! I've got to give it a try...

    Robin- I hope my own Kid B will have the same level of comfort someday soon!

  6. I hope so, too, for your sake (and his). Methinks consonants are easier to teach than confidence. :)

    Even though confidence without consonants is awfully annoying at times!

  7. I don't have any kids, but I am a lot (11 and 13 yrs.) older than my bro and sis, so I remember very well their little years. My brother was one of those who didn't talk much either when he was young, but he got soooo excited about books. He would bring me HUGE stacks of Dr. Seuss books (15-25 at a time) and plop down for me to read to him. Great times. :) Kids are so much FUN!

    BTW, my bro is a teen now and still a book fanatic. :)

  8. Robin- Stupid consonants. I mean, do we really need them? eiou? (That last word was "seriously" without the consonants)

    Kristin- So good to hear he still loves books. Yay for early reading!

  9. Oh, Brodi, I know exactly how you feel! My son is 6, autistic with speech/communication delays, and books are a huge deal with us too. For a long time he didn't want me to read with him, but as he learned to speak, he started liking to read. Like Kid B, he gets shy and frustrated when he tries to talk to people, since he still doesn't always know the words or speak clearly, but books are his haven. He will work on it and work on it until he knows each word in the book we read before bed, until HE reads it to ME, instead of the other way around. After years of hearing nothing from him, it's almost too much joy to hold to hear him talk and read so proudly to me. :) Books are amazing things. Really, they are, and this is just one more reason to love them as much as we all do.

  10. Amen, Jenn. Your comment made me tear up. :)

  11. This post just melts my heart. I love that Kid B is confident to speak those words clearly! So cute!

  12. Jenni- Those kids sure know how to melt those hearts, don't they?

  13. My kids loved "The Spooky Old Tree" by Jan & Stan Berenstain. I'd substitute their names to personalize the story, and I'd have to read it over and over again. Now it's the grandkids who are crazy for it.

  14. My "Kid A" had a speech delay as well. He's doing a ton better now and loves loves LOVES books. One of his favorites are the FLY GUY books by Ted Arnold and the I SPY books. I think reading to him has helped him SO much. He loves finding things. :) He absolutely loves reading by himself now and I love walking by his room, listening to his cute little voice.
    Books really are amazing things. It's probably why I love reading and writing them so much. :)

  15. Donna- That's why picturebooks have to be so good, because we- as parents- have to read them over and over and OVER!

    Chantele- I can't wait until my kids can read on their own. Here's to books!

  16. "But at night, he is confident in these words. And he speaks them loudly." I lingered over this line, felt your love for that darling boy. You're a good mama. A lucky mama.

  17. I'm very happy that I obsessively google my name. What a great story.

    bob shea

  18. Cath- A very lucky mama.

    Bob- I'm so grateful you wrote such a fantastic book! And also that you obsessively google your name. We love your book.