Monday, August 22, 2011

Ask My Hubby Anything You Want! And... Kid C's First Day of School

Happy Monday Morning y'all.

I just realized the milk in my fridge has an expiration date that is past my deadline for my sequel EVERNEATH 2: Nikki Gets a Drivers License.
The Milk of Doom
Do you know what that means? I have until that milk curdles to finish my book.

So, instead of working on my book today, I will transfer the milk from the fridge to the freezer, in the hopes of slowing down the curdling process.

Thankfully I have more hours in the day to watch milk curdle because today was the first day of school.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! The happiest day of the year.
From Left to Right: Kid B, Yoshi, Sling, Kid C
Kid C looks so old outside our house.

Then we walk him to school, and he looks like this:

Awwww.... Don't even think about touching him, kids! I'm watching you...
He looks so small, with a backpack down to his knees, and straps tangled with his sling. 

Crazy enough, his left-handed handwriting is almost as good as his right. 

So, long story short... as a special treat to y'all, I won't be blogging the rest of this week. Instead, we will have a surprise visitor! 

Umm... it's my husband. (surprise)

I thought it would be fun if y'all would leave a question for him in the comments. You can ask him anything! 

ex: Sam, do you feel like you are in constant competition with Rafa for your wife's affection? 

Nothing's off limits! Well... almost nothing is off limits! So please help me with my deadline by asking Sam questions and stopping milk from curdling.


  1. Aha! I have found a way to comment on your blog. No questions about Team Rafa or Team Sam, BUT I would like to know if Sam is going to blog about Bachelor Pad?

  2. Nicole- That's an excellent suggestion! And I'm so happy you figured out a way to comment. :)

  3. Sam--do you, like my husband, have to force your wife to knock off and go to bed at a decent hour?

    It is obvious that you are a super-duper supportive husband--did Brodi buy you a nice thank-you gift with her advance?

    When Brodi becomes a bestseller early next year, will you quit your job?

    Who do you see as your greatest competition: Rafa or Jack?

    I'll be back later when I think of more.... :)

  4. Robin- You are so awesome. Great questions!

  5. Ahhhhh! Today was our first day of school too and I am in. Raptures.

    Okay, Mr. Ashton: What are your three favorite meals to cook, clean up after, and serve Brodi at the end of a long day of writing with a long night stretching ahead of her? Hmmm?

    Bonus points: What is the average length of the footrubs you give her while she types?

    That milk will never curdle. Or it will curdle at exactly the right time. Go Brodi Go!

  6. Good luck with your deadline! How perfect that school started just now. My daughter started today and the rest will start tomorrow. Based on this morning, I don't think I'll be shedding a single tear.

    Question for Sam: Who is funnier in real life, you or Brodi? What advice do you have for my husband, as one spouse of an author to another?

    Write, Brodi, write!!!

  7. Leigh Ann- Those are great questions, and also great reminders as to his priorities!

    Rachel- I think I can answer your questions:
    1. Me
    2. Thank your lucky stars every day

  8. Sam, what do you do while Brodi is writing?

  9. I especially want to know the answer to the Jack question Robin possed.

    "So, instead of working on my book today, I will transfer the milk from the fridge to the freezer, in the hopes of slowing down the curdling process."

    Brodi, this is brilliant! This must be the next best thing to a timeturner. Let us know how that works for you. =D

  10. Good luck meeting your deadline. I know you can do it!

    I've already started convincing the husband that the Yoshi backpack is a NEED as opposed to a want for me. I'm not sure how he's feeling about it yet, but he'll warm up to it ... eventually.

    Sam, if you didn't have kids would you let Brodi buy the Yoshi backpack for herself (if she wanted it), especially if she suggested it as a couch pillow? Awesome, right?

  11. Shelly Brown- I've wondered this myself. Can't wait to find out!

    Donna- I will let you know if time travel becomes possible through the curdling of milk. I think we may be on to something.

    Jenni- Yes! Everyone needs a Yoshi backpack!!

  12. dear sam--can you tell us how exactly you put the "sexy" in metro-sexy?

  13. Dorien- hahahahahaha! That's going to be a very long post. :)

  14. Sam, Who is your favorite sister? And what is metro-sexy? And what kind of backpack do you carry? P.S. Good luck this week Brodi! I can't wait for your book, 4 1/2 months, I am going crazy.

  15. what happens if your drink the milk? does the deadline go away?

  16. Love the school pics Brod. I saw all of you (your parents included) walking home from the drop-off. Even Yoshi was along. If I had brushed my teeth and wasn't trying to feed four starving toddlers I would have stepped out to say hello. Good luck with the deadline. Write like the wind....

  17. Emily- these are very urgent questions. I will put them in the front of the line!

    Lily- No, but I might try eating the manuscript...

    Cath- Beckham walked backward most of the way so it looked like Yoshi was leading. Funny kid.