Friday, August 19, 2011

Two Different Ways to win an ARC of EVERNEATH... and Wisdom from Kid C

Hey y'all! 

First up, some items of note.*

*sidenote: I don't think I've ever used the phrase "items of note"

1. There are two contests going on to win an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of EVERNEATH. 

One is at awesome apocalypsie-mate and debut author Gretchen McNeil's site. She is having a mega-giveaway treasure hunt with her own stellar-looking book POSSESS, and a couple other apocalypsie books like mine and SLIDE by Jill Hathaway.

The other is at another awesome apocalypsie-mate Jill Hathaway's blog. (Said author of SLIDE). She has an interview up with me and she is giving away an ARC of EVERNEATH.

2. EVERNEATH is available for pre-order. There are three places you can order from, and they are listed in my sidebar. (look a little to the right... more... there!)

3.  My fuse is short lately. I told Sam that normally it is "this big" (holding my thumb and forefinger about half an inch apart" and now it is "this biG" (squashing my thumb and forefinger together). 

I keep thinking this is a good excuse for snapping at him. It's not, I know.

To make my fuse even shorter (imagine my thumb and forefinger drawing blood, and touching bone to bone because of the force with which I am smushing them) I have Kid C literally very high on pain medication.

It doesn't make him tired. Or placid.

It makes him wander around aimlessly, imparting random bits of his wisdom.

Even as I'm typing this, we had the following conversation:

Kid C: "Everyone in the world has the best camera on earth, right?"

me: "Um, not necessarily."

C: "Yes they do. You wanna know what it is?" Then, in a low voice as if he was a magician revealing his biggest trick, "Your mind." Jazz hands. "You can click, and you can delete, and you don't even have to pay for it. If you wanted to buy a camera like your mind, it would cost thousands of dollars."


I keep waiting for him to start talk about all the pretty colors in the air, and marveling at the way his hand moves.

He just said, "Brodi, are ya okay? Maybe I've been a little too rough on you."

Aw, Kid C. We'll get through this.


  1. Sure Brodi's not into Kid C's meds? ;)

  2. I'm so torn! Do I rush over and try to win an ARC or let someone else bask in the awesomesauce that is EVERNEATH? I'll (obviously) be buying my own copy, so I don't need to OWN an ARC... but it would sure be nice to get to read it again before January....

    I used to use PMS as an excuse to be snippy. "I'm on PMS! Don't they know not to talk to me??" Yeah, not my classiest phase.

    That said, doesn't Kid C know you're on deadline?

  3. Yep, I can totally see that conversation in my mind. I plan on him having about 17 more of those conversations over the next couple of days with me.

    And you are wonderful, by the way. You totally rock. And I will be taping your quote onto my chest for the next 10 days: "I keep thinking this is a good excuse for snapping at him. It's not, I know." Now, go and rock that book!

  4. LOL. I love that you as you described Kid C's conversation with you, you said Jazz Hands. That just puts an awesome picture in my head.

    I know that short fuse very well. We go way back!

  5. Ha, now that you pointed it out, I feel like I should have waited a week or two to put up the interview and do the contest! Oh, well...

  6. Donna- That's always a possibility... :)

    Robin- I've discovered that Kid C has absolutely no regard for my deadline. You'd think he was just a kid or something!

    Sam- totally rocking the book. Totally not playing on the internet.

    Jenni- I was hoping someone would appreciate the Jazz Hands remark. :)

    Jill- You should NOT have waited! The more ways to win our books, the better! I can't wait to have a contest for your ARC. As soon as my deadline is in my rear view mirror. :)

  7. What's up with the arm? Is that what happened at the family reunion the other day? Poor kid.

  8. Whoops, just read your other post and saw that he BROKE the elbow at the fam reunion! Thinking back, I'm amazed at how well he dealt with it.

  9. Heids- I thought he was pretty brave too, considering the extent of the injury. This just proves family reunions can kill!

  10. Lola- I'm glad you found it too! Thanks for reading.

  11. Dude. I know it must be frustrating in real life? But in blog life? Hilarious.

    Also, passing the band-aids for that smushed fingers fuse.