Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kid C is on Pins and Needles... Literally. They're in his Arm.

We were five minutes away from leaving the park.


When Kid C limped toward us, cradling his arm and crying.

An hour later we were at an Instacare getting x-rays:
Don't be deceived. That is not a smile, and he is not serene.

Two hours later, we were at Primary Children's Hospital, getting more x-rays:

Four hours later, at about 12:30 a.m. we had the diagnosis: Type II Supracondylar Humerus Fracture. It would need immediate surgery.

And by "immediate", they meant 7:30 in the morning. Kid C was thrilled:

We got to have a "sleep over" at the hospital, where just for fun, the nurses would wake us up every hour to "hug his arm" (check his blood pressure), "give his hand something to drink" (adjust his IV) and "make his finger light up" (check his oxygen saturation).

It was so fun.

The next morning, Kid C got to go for a ride in his bed. In his bed! The bed had wheels.

Then he went to sleep.

When he woke up, his throat was raspy and sore. Despite how many times we reminded him he had a tube down his throat, he was convinced he was getting a cold.

He kept saying, in the voice of a 60-year old smoker, "I can't believe I broke my elbow and I'm getting a cold at the same time."

When he was done with surgery, he got to order room service. Pancakes and rootbeer slushees. He hasn't stopped talking about it since. 

Some of his observations during the whole ordeal (often high on pain medication):

When Sam was trying to cheer him up: "Uh, Dad, can you say nothing?"

When Sam went to take a picture: "No pictures. Do not disturb."

Upon seeing his x-rays with the pins in his bone: "Um, what the heck is that?"
We told him it was his brain on drugs.
When the nurse attached a cord to his finger, and told him to "watch the monitor to see magic numbers pop up!", he said: "Ugh. This is beyond boring."

Every time a nurse or doctor went to touch his arm: "DON'T TOUCH IT! I'll move it." Wincing, he grabs the fingers of his right hand. "Okay. Where do you want it?"

Lamenting his bad fortune: "I won't be able to raise my hand. I can't even wiggle my broken bone. I can't even bow." (For all those occasions when bowing is required.)

Immediately after surgery: "I can't believe I just fell asleep all on my own. I slept through the whole thing!" and also: "You won't believe the dream I just had."
About every five minutes: "I can't believe I'm going to be left-handed from now on."

and: "I can't believe my handwriting is going to be so bad."

and: "People make chicken out of birds, right?" (I have no idea what this was in reference to...)

In reference to the $250 emergency room co-pay: "Now I know why hospitals cost so much. You get free tv, free video games, free icees, free room service, free bed. I love the hospital."

Yes, Kid C, that was the most expensive "free bed" you'll ever know.

I'm trying not to think this is some sort of karma for me because of all my complaining about deadlines. It's not, is it? Is it?!


  1. Not fun at all! So glad he got some good care though, even though that free bed didn't come with a good night's sleep!

  2. Poor Kid C! He's so darn cute. Maybe your editor will take pity on those first three pictures and give you an extension... just look at that face!

  3. That sounds awful! I'm glad you made it through, though, and I love Kid C's observations on everything. Especially bowing. Do you have some sort of secret life where you frequently hang out with kings and lords and things?

    Good luck with the recovery and those deadlines!

  4. Poor Kid C. I'm glad he had "fun" at the hospital, though, when the pain meds kicked in and all.

    How did he break his elbow? His elbow! Of all bones!

  5. Aubrey- I've heard hospitals are not meant for relaxation. I think they're doing it all wrong.

    Gina- Here's hoping!

    Jenilyn- I know! He was very worried about the lack of bowing in his life. The funny thing is, bowing is one thing he actually can do with his cast on.

    Jenni- He fell off the jungle bars on a playground. Playgrounds should be banned!

  6. That's what you got for being a good little Gates and attending the reunion? Shafted! =] He must be a strong kid because the thought of breaking a bone/s in that area makes my eyes water.

    Hope he's up and at 'em soon!!

  7. Um, so people make chicken out of birds? Huh, who knew? ;)

  8. Oh, Brodi. Poor little guy (and mom and dad). Even with the deadline, having your little guy in the hospital sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it? My youngest fell off the end of the couch and broke his arm. I was commuting to downtown SLC at the time (by bus), and it took forever to get home. Just as I arrived at the doctor's office, hubby and co. were coming out, heading to SLC to see a pediatric specialist. *sigh*

  9. Holy Cow Brod. What an ordeal! And what a trooper C was - despite that surly early morning look. Sounds like you handled it quite gracefully. That's a serious break. And so much fun with school starting Monday. Poor guy. Maybe he'll be gloriously ambidextrous after all of this! Read no karma into it. None at all.

  10. Mel- I know! I'm thinking of suing the Gates Family association. (Which is your mom, my dad, and our aunts and uncles.)

    Chantele- Thanks!

    Jenny- Yeah, I wasn't quite sure how to answer that one. :)

    Donna- It most definitely puts things in perspective. Since the accident, I've learned how important my deadline is. Wait, that might not be what you meant. :)

    Cath- I keep telling him how Rafa was born right-handed, and yet he learned to play left-handed tennis. Kid C is not as impressed as he should be. :)

  11. Aww--poor Kid C! My s-i-l's little boy broke his lower arm... then, because he had a cast on, when he fell on it again, it broke right above the cast and required surgery. Of course, he didn't have school to go to.

    This also explains why I haven't heard back on the email I sent you yesterday. Quite a good excuse you have, here. :)

    Hope he heals fast!

  12. Goodness gracious, that was hilarious. I think sometimes pain meds create the best comedy there is.

    I'm so sorry for your crazy day and a half.

    And with school starting and everything :(

  13. Robin- Thanks for excusing my tardiness!

    Shelly- Oh yes, it's never boring with pain meds. :)

  14. Sad! Poor funny kid c! I hope he feels better soon! It's not karma I'm pretty sure it's just a boy thing.

  15. Oh! Poor little dude! That breaks my heart. I'm sorry you all had to go through so much. I hope he has a very quick recovery and that he won't have any more free beds!

  16. Andrea- I hear boys do like to break things. :)

    L.T.- I hope so too! We can't afford all this "free" stuff.