Friday, January 2, 2009


New Year's status: Survived the first day of 2009. No bloodshed. Maybe this is the year we have Peace on Earth...

Book status: I thought there was no bloody way I would have to add 5,000 words. So, I'm halfway through my revision, and I've added 4,998 words. Crap. At this rate, it will be 10,000 words too long. (Because for every word I add, I have to take another one away.)

Needless to say, this will affect my...

BLOG STATUS: sporadic, at best.

But I would like to leave you with this quick thought:

Meet Smoky the Hairless cat. Believe it or not, Smoky was our cat for an entire two week period.

Isn't he cute? Kind of like a chihuahua had a forbidden love affair with a rat, or possibly a menage a trois with the addition of a bat.

Why did we only have this dear cat/rat/bat for two weeks, you may wonder? Well, I am insanely allergic to cats, and apparently it has nothing to do with hair.

So Smoky went for an extended 'sleep-over' to my sis-in-law's Eden. (We told little Carter he was just visiting. He's now been there for three months.)

I know what many of you are thinking when you look at his picture: Is there anything creepier on the face of this Earth? Or in Hell? those are demon eyes!

Before you go thinking you're all that, with your normal eyes, and your over-rated hair, and your non-creepy ways, ponder this:

Smoky's friend list on Facebook has topped 200. And he's been on Facebook for only a couple months. I've been on Facebook longer, and my friend count is only at 135.

Now, don't go shaving your head just yet, but take away from it this eloquent lesson:
(To view lesson, look at picture and press "play")

His latest friend request is from a cat named "Bogey Sniggles", so I guess that makes me feel a little better...


  1. Smoky is awesome and yes, he looks a little bit rat like, but that is part of his charm. I am just glad that you came out ahead on the 'Who to keep, Smoky or Mommy?' vote...Beckham and I voted for you, but Carter went with Smoky.

  2. Dang girl, you are funny...stinkin funny. Not like Hallmark card funny but like Christmas present Pilates DVD abs sore funny.
    I told Maggie my New Years Resolution is to drink MORE Diet Coke. She just looked at me.

  3. Your loss was definately our gain. We are lucky to have Smoky sleep over here. Although who would think a cat would have to take baths. That's just weird!

  4. Too funny Brodi. And you must love your kids a lot to try a hairless cat. I think I ma allergic to the way he looks. Eek.

  5. smokey is awsome he is so fun to pet. my freinds love him. either that or their afraid of him

  6. ok i will say it....
    he is the ugliest d@mn cat i have EVER seen!
    that said, i am glad he is in a home where
    people love him. i am not sure i could...i guess
    i am just a shallow person! LOL!
    (and for what it's worth, i don't like ANY cat AT ALL, i am simply NOT a cat person)

  7. As far as the your revision status goes, just be glad Ted didn't tell you that you had to cut 2 words for every 1 you added! It was like, "I need you to add 5,000 words of content, but it also needs to be 5,000 words shorter than it is now." Actually, all in all, it ended up being 9,000 words shorter than it originally started.

    And why am I telling you this? Because it is the only way to make myself feel better after seeing the size of Smokey's friends list.

  8. That is the evilest looking creature I have ever seen! Good luck on your revisions....what is so magic about 5,000 words??? Do they have to be in any certain order? Do they have to make sense?? I could give you a few words :)