Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Give you the Pictures, You Fill In the Blanks

I'm here! I'm here!

Our Blog BFF Emily Wing Smith has been nominated for a very cool award for her book The Way He Lived. Stop on by her blog to read about the announcement, and give her a shout out.

Sam has disavowed all knowledge of the following blog. He would like you all to know the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect his own personal views. He has already removed several incendiary sentences.

Okay, so it's been one of those weeks. You know, where your soul has been sucked, and you haven't even been to Wal-Mart. I'm having extreme writer's blockage, and no matter how much ruffage I eat, there is no relief.

Apparently the first version of my blog today was a tad on the inappropriate side. I don't know what my problem is..

It's been going on for a few days now, and this morning it has come to a giant whitehead. Even now, I'm sitting at my computer, feeling very itchy. It's probably a good thing I'm leaving on Friday for a writing retreat.

Anyway, I can't quite get the blog together without offending someone. So, since all of you know me better than I know myself by now, I'm just going to show you the pictures I was planning on writing about today, and I would appreciate it if you would come up with your own version of my post.

I'll give you the theme, and the captions and even a couple of fill-in-the-blanks. Feel free to put the fruits of your labor in the comments.

The theme of today's post is:


Niece G's Prom Pictures- 2009
(Faces are blurred to protect the beautiful)
Doesn't she look like a dream? And he has the matching tux...

Contrast that with...
Brodi's Prom Picture- 1990
(Yes, that's a thick, flowered, crocheted sweater tucked into a pleated skirt)
Fill in the Blank #1
"A sweater tucked into a skirt? She might as well have been wearing____________"

Brodi's Prom Outfit- 1993
(Yes, those are pants. Pants. And a gigantic black bow in the back of my hair. You can barely see it. It's underneath all of those bangs.)
Fill in the Blank #2:
"She wore pants to her prom? With brown leather sandals? What kind of statement was she trying for? ________________"

Hopefully my condition will have righted itself by Monday. (I'm taking the 24th off because it's a holiday in Utah, where we celebrate an old bearded man who - in 1847 - looked over our valley and said, "This here's the spot. Let's establish some crazy-arse liquor laws and then write back home and tell everyone this land is fertile.")

I love you all. Because I tend to love everyone when I have a soul-sucking week. Tell your families "Hi" for me, and that I love them too.

So, what are y'all doin' this weekend? Holiday or not? Enjoy your long, Brodi-free weekend.



  1. Brodi - I am so sorry you are having a soul sucking week. Glad to hear you have fun (inspiring) weekend planned. I have family coming into town to visit (luckily they are staying at my parent's house) and a friend of mine and her hubby (and dog) are coming to stay with us this weekend. I may hate people by Sunday evening! =) I have no idea how to juggle them all, I just hope to have dinner with my friend (and hubbies included) and have the opportunity to play with my niece and nephew.

    I'll send you some bottled soul, it' might help perk you up!

    I can't possibly comment on those pictures, *shudders* it reminds me of what I wore to my high school dances. *smacks forehead* What was I thinking?!?!

  2. Una- that sounds like a fabulous weekend, where you will be exhausted from hosting. Here's to survival! And as for the fashion, seriously, what were we thinking? I'll be checking my mail for the bottled soul. Thank you.

  3. ok i am MORE worried about your date's HAIR (sorry if he reads your blog) from the 1990 picture!!

    curious on the pants though...why pants?? lol

  4. Pants to the prom? Well-played, madam. I should've done the same.

    Have a great writing retreat!

  5. Did he coordinate his crocheted tie with your crocheted sweater? What fashion sense!

  6. p.s. you need grace to tell you the cute story about carter and his, um, poop today! hee hee

  7. Dorien- Yeah, I heard it was as big as a cloud. I'm so glad Grace was babysitting at the time... She is too, right?

    Shannon- I don't recommend it. I nearly got kicked out for not being a good "example". Ah, memories!

    Eric- That's so funny. I didn't even notice his tie. I'm not sure if it's too short, or if he was wearing his pants low or something. And it does look, rather, knitted doesn't it?

  8. Bro, you look fabulous in a tucked in pleated skirt or jeans or whatever--total babe.

    And fwiw, I disavow pretty much all of your blog posts...

  9. I was working on my writing this week. By that I really mean I sat in a chair with a spiral notebook and a hot pink pen staring at my kids playing in the backyard. This is why I can't write yet. There's some major blockage. Until I have a glimmer of an idea I will make no claims to writing. Word Count: 0 Pictures Drawn: 10 Have fun on your writing weekend!

    I love those pictures! That's awesome. Our prom was held at the capitol building so there was fancy schmancy all the way around.

  10. Holy blast from the past!! Where did you dig those up Brod? As for comment #1 - You might as well have been wearing slacks to that dance too! Seriously - I wore a navy sweater that year with a pleated skirt. Why did we think fancy was so passe? Grunge, casual -whatever you want to call it - we missed out!

    And as for comment #2 - I don't remember you wearing pants. I love it though. You look great. It's a typical Brodi statement. Simply content to be dissimilar, individual, different. Unaffected by the trendy or mass thought. You've always had a knack for that. It's what makes you so much fun. We all love that about you. As for my floral print - pretty sure that was the dress I made in Home Ec. Now - what was I thinking?

    ps - loved your jab at the Beehive liquor laws. Truly. Bout time we be a little more accommodating to visitors.

  11. Debbie- Nora Robers says, "I can fix a bad page, but I can't fix a blank page." So if your pages have drawings on them, you're good to go!

    Cath- Ah, man. That's like the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. Isn't that picture the best? That was actually right before we picked up our dates for Junior Prom. Personally, I think my date was lucky I wasn't in jeans and a tee shirt. Now if I could just find a picture of our dresses from the 9th grade Hello Day assembly...

  12. Sam- you disavow all of my posts? Well, I disavow those pants you wore today.

  13. Ha, ha, ha! So sorry to take pleasure in your pain but at least you can laugh at yourself. I must you said it has come to a big white head I started itching to pop it, cause I am just that gross.

    Sweater tucked in a shirt...she might as well have been wearing a singlet and a cod piece. That's exactly what yo uwere thinking, right?

    Have a good weekend.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. It seems fashion is cyclical, think grunge will ever come back?

  16. I loved your comment about you big black bow being underneath your bangs. Fortunately, I never wore those bows. However, unfortunately, I did have the mile-high bangs. We should call them Denver bangs after the mile-high city. That was lame, I know.

    I'm sorry your week has been so evil. I think it's in the air. My week has been like that too. I hope yours improves soon and that you enjoy your writing retreat!

  17. Sorry for being MIA. I've been at the hospital all day with my mom, whose appendix may have ruptured so she needs surgery.

    I knew something was going to happen! I could smell it in the air...

    Cam- thanks for being the first person on my blog to use "cod piece" in a sentence.

    Una- Despite what I've said on the blog, I hope grunge and pegged pants make a comeback. Preferably at the same time.

    Jenni- No joke is lame on this blog!

  18. Seriously you just made my day. I LOVE the pictures. If you check my facebook pictures, someone recently posted pictures from Sophomore Homecoming Dance and Jr. Prom. I just had to laugh at myself. I too had major bow and bang issues. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who tucked their sweater in! What was with tucking a sweater in?

  19. I know. Tucking sweaters in? We might as well have been wearing parkas.

    At least your date to sophomore Homecoming didn't go home with someone else...