Monday, July 27, 2009

Lookin' For a Little Love

Blog friend Jenni Elyse has given me a special award: the Honest Scrap award. Upon hearing I won the award, I ripped off my clothes and ran down the street, pumping my fist in the air a la Tiger Woods. Then I found out the award doesn't come with a Tiara, and I walked back home, dejected and sagging in all the wrong places.

Here are the rules she sent along, should I choose to accept such an award:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and list his/her blog (with a link).
  2. Pass on the award to seven other people whose blogs you find brilliant in content or design.
  3. Notify the bloggers you choose for the award and hopefully they’ll join in.
  4. List 10 honest things about yourself and post a copy of the Honest Scrap Logo on your blog.
You all know how good I am at completing tasks (I think we are on month 9 of the 25 random things about me tag. I've done 15 or 16 so far.) So I'm sorta looking at the rules as a multiple choice kinda thingee.

Rule 1. Okay. Thank you Jenni. Check.

Rule 2. Blogs I love to read:
Bree Despain, Emily Wing Smith, Valynne, Eden Johnson Ellingson, Josh Berk, Debbie, Kim Reid, Cam, Sam, I feel like I'm forgetting people. Have I forgotten anyone? Leave it in the comments if I forgot you.

Rule 3. Umm... Hey Bloggers! Join In! Or Don't! Who am I to judge?

Rule 4. Oh Crap. Another list about me. How about I just list 10 things I learned from my weekend writer's retreat? Kay?

10 Things I Learned at Writer's Retreat:

1. I'm "Number One Crazy".

In my absence one night, my writer's group (when asked by James Dashner, which one of us was the craziest member) voted me "Number One Crazy." To which I replied, "You Cannot be serious!"

It's not as harmless as it appears, because I was voted craziest in a writer's group. That's like being #1 Nut at the Nut House. That's bad.

I demand a recount. I mean this is coming from a group of girls, any one of whom will do crazier things than me, like:

  • talk incessantly about nipples
  • refer to the middle seat in a truck as the "slut seat"
  • make a "To Do" list of how to become "Hot"
  • order buffalo wings wherever we go
  • fulfill a lifelong dream of staying in a yert
  • convince others that one of the bedroom walls in the condo is haunted
  • surmise that the driver in the car next to us isn't really checking his blind spot... He's secretly watching his dog in the back seat give birth to a litter of puppies who may or may not be aliens
  • mention her recent life-threatening motorcycle accident as an afterthought. As in, "By the way, I almost died last week. Look at the road burn."
  • can't park a car without getting a complaint letter left on her windshield
  • suffers from a "twitchy" eye
  • longs to be a member of the Babysitters' Club. (Okay, that's really all of us).
  • has a serious addiction to buying books. (Like 32 in a week).
  • threatens to "spring a spoon" on an unsuspecting sleeper in the middle of the night
  • is scared of a wooden owl
  • says, "See ya, Norma," whenever she leaves, even though no one is actually named Norma
  • has the optimism of a fish on a hook, out of water
  • organizes a seating chart at dinner according to who's left-handed and who's right-handed
So, one or more of the above may have been me, but otherwise that is some crazy stuff, no?

Wow. That was only number one? Okay, let's break this thing up a bit. I'll do more of what I learned at Writer's Retreat Wednesday.

How was everyone's weekend? Anyone do anything fun?

Feel free to leave a little love in the comments, preferably about something I've done that is not crazy.

Hugs and kisses.


  1. "little love"

    There you go! My weekend was crazy. Ever feel like your weekend becomes the burmuda triangle? You know, where everything intersects and your dumb enough to try to do everything? My brother and SIL came into town with my niece and nephew and we had friends stay with us while trying to get chores done and other responsibilities that sprung up. I'm tired but thankful to be at's peaceful here! =)

    organizes a seating chart at dinner according to who's left-handed and who's right-handed
    How is this crazy? This makes perfect sense to me. =)


  2. Una- thanks for the little - very little - love. I know about those bermuda triangle days- I had one last thursday.

    I'm happy you survived the weekend! And considering your perfectly sane comment today, you are no longer in the running for becoming #1 Crazy on my blog.

  3. You are so NOT crazy. Ok, maybe a little, but it is a totally hot crazy!

    And thanks for including a link to my blog. I had no idea you even read it.

  4. If I'm crazy, then what does that say about you for marrying crazy?

  5. Brodi - have you ever thought that you are the sane one and everyone else is disturbed?

    Oh, except me of course, since I totally get your list! =)

  6. Una- I think that every morning when I wake up.

  7. Ha ha! I love that you changed the rules to fit you! That's why I love you and your blog!

    Um, I think you should be honest here. All of those things are you and not others, right? ;)

  8. Jenni- At least 50% of those are NOT mine. I will not tell you which ones...

    Thanks again for the award!

  9. I love you, Brodi! I voted you Fifth Most Sane! But since I was Second Most Crazy, I was outvoted.

    Lots o'love!

    Spoon-sneak-attack love!

  10. Emily- Thanks. But, fifth most sane? That's still third most crazy. I suspect you used wordsmith-ery to make me feel better.

    It worked, my little yurt dweller.

    Spoon ya later,

  11. The "Slut Seat"!! Never heard that one before. I usually called it "riddin' bitch".

    It brings a tear to my eye that I made your top Blog list...sniff, sniff. I love you man.

    Tell me more about the nipples...

  12. Cam- I think I'll have to save the nipples for another post.

  13. So looking at this list, I realized a lot of things, but I will only point out a few:

    1)Many of these actually apply to more than just one of us. I mean, seriously, I wasn't the only one scared of the wooden owl, right? (This is a rhetorical question so don't answer that.)

    2)I claim many of these, which might mean that I should go up in the craziness rankings. (But I still should not be #1)

    3)You failed to mention that the unsuspecting sleeper would have actually welcomed said "spoon."

    4) Sara B not Z is definitely the sanest of us all.

  14. It's hard going camping without internet. Someone should really change that.

    Man it's gotta be great to be surrounded with other crazies even if you're at the top of the list. :)

    Thanks for the linky love.

  15. Valynne- We're lucky to have Sara B not Z, otherwise our group average crazyometer would be off the charts.

    Debbie- It's true. Although when you're surrounded by crazies, you start to think crazy behavior is normal.

  16. But Brodi, who defines "normal" anyway?

    I think this is the question! =)

  17. Una- Good point. I say, from now on, this blog defines normal.

  18. I would like to point out that very few of those things on the list actually apply to me. Which makes me think that I should be bumped down the list from 3rd most crazy.

    BTW, being voted 5th most sane, would still make you 2nd most crazy . . .not 3rd. Nice try.

  19. Dude- I was going off of a seven person writer's group. The ghost from the haunted wall makes up the seventh member.