Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fellow Crow's Debut... and There's never an Ice Pick When You Need One

**Whoops. For those of you  coming from Bree's blog, I'll post my blogging tips on Friday. Sorry! **

First off, fellow Upstart Crow-ian (Upstart Crow is our literary agency) and fellow Sherpa Ted client (Ted is my agent) Josh Berk has a debut that hit book stores yesterday. 

It's called The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, and I can't wait to read it. 

It got starred reviews from Kirkus and the School Library Journal, which says: "A coming-of-age mash-up of satire, realistic fiction, mystery, and ill-fated teen romance, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin is a genre-bending breakthrough that teens are going to love."

Josh Berk is hands down the funniest person I know on Twitter (as in, actually know, because there are some funny people I don't know...), and if his book is anything like his personality, it's gonna be huge. He's also good at online Scrabble, and he knows his Karate Kid quotes.

He even wrote and sang a song and made a music video for his release day. You can check it out here. Stop by and tell him I sent you.

Here are some random things that are on my mind this Wednesday:

1.  I thought it would be cool, after Monday's post, if we did pretend we were up against fluffy white bunnies. And then we could get bumper stickers that said, "Kill the Fluffy White Bunnies" and tattoos and stuff and it can be a blog-wide inside joke. What say you?

Kill the
Fluffy White Bunnies

2. Anyone watch 24? Anyone else think Freddie Prince Jr. is going to spend the entire day being "five minutes out"?

Jack: "They've got Renee. They didn't buy her cover!"

Freddie (in helicopter): "Okay, Jack. I'm five minutes out."

Jack: "Renee got her hands on an ice pick, and now all the Russians are dead. She's totally stable, though, and I might love her."

Freddie (in car): "Okay, Jack. I'm five minutes out."

Jack: "They're taking me, and I think they have torture on the mind. One guy has jumper cables with nipple attachments in his back pocket."

Freddie: "Okay, Jack. Stall for five minutes."

I think when Freddie actually arrives at a place -- any place -- the show will be over.

3. Watching Hollywood week on American Idol last night:

me (drawing parallels to getting published): "Wow. Can you imagine getting all the way to Hollywood and then going home after five minutes? I feel like that sometimes."

Sam (snorting): "You'd never get to Hollywood."
Where's an ice pick when you need one?

4. I got a musical education during my trip to Vegas.


a. Did you know it's not "CoCo Cabana"... It's "Copa Cabana"?  Me neither!
b. I've never heard of Barry Manilow's most famous song "Mandy". I'm thinking my friends are messing with me, and the song is really obscure. Either way, they are ashamed of my lack of Barry knowledge.

c. I heard a Taylor Swift song for the first time ever. We also watched two Taylor Swift videos. 

Where's an ice pick when you need one?


  1. LOL

    My husband would totally love a bumper sticker that said "Kill the fluffy white bunnies". Maybe I'll find a way to get him one for his birthday.

    I did in fact know that it's Copa Cabana-- I memorized the song in high school for my voice lessons. :D

  2. What is up with all your Ted friends having "DARK" in their titles? I'm hereby changing my book title to "Breaking Dark" or "Dark Rank."

  3. 1. I'd totally put the fluffy white bunny sticker on my car! Very "inner circle".

    2. Gah! 24 kills me & you're so right about Freddy Prince who I still can't take serious because of "She's All That". And did you see Renee loose it?!? Whoa. I was like, whoa. (like the thumb indecent- BAH!)

    3. I only just recently heard my first Taylor Swift song too! I probably wouldn't have been as disappointed if people hadn't compared her to "angels singing from heaven". She ain't that good people.

  4. Ooh, thanks for telling us about the Hamburger Haplin book. That sounds pretty cool. I think I'll add it to my TBR list right now, and I'll hope that when I have an agent someday I'll have fellow authors as cool as you promoting my debut. Way to be awesome like that!

  5. Or Hamburger Halpin. Spelling counts when you're trying to put something on goodreads or on hold at the library. My bad.

  6. hey, i have ALL the barry manilow "B SIDES" memorized...

  7. Britt- I think I'll have them made up and give them out to blog readers. If I do, I'll send your hubby one!

    Jody- I know! You take "Dark Rank" and I'll take "Dark Echo."

    Olivia- yeah, Renee's had most of the "OMG she did NOT just do that" moments of the show so far.

    Nikki- In fairness to you, It is a hard name to spell.

    Dorien- I thought Barry Manilow had his B-sides removed during his last facial reconstruction. Am I wrong?

  8. Being such a metrosexy guy, I totally knew that Barry sang 'Mandy.' LOVE IT!!! And take that back what you said about Barry--he has not had any plastic surgery. He uses safety pins to pull his face back. All natural (with just a bit of safety pin metal)!

    Yes, Freddie is running a bit late all the time...but you have to remember that he spends as much time as he can with his lovely wife Sarah Michelle--so it is OK if he is a bit late.

  9. "You came and you gave without taking... and I sent you away!"

    However, I owe Me First and The Gimme Gimme's for knowing that song-- honestly, Barry's look kinda freaks me out. It's like a 70 year old Blonde Zoolander Blue Steal.

    Down with bunnies! Up with Writers!

    (word verification "mianurow" - sounds like Sloth trying to say Manilow. Fitting really.)

  10. I hate to tell you but your friends are right. Barry's most celebrated song is "Mandy" and I did know it was "Copa Cabana" because there's a Star Wars parody song sun to that tune. It's awesome! I'll let you listen to it some time.

    I have been watching 24, but I haven't seen the last two episodes. They're still on my TiVo. Thanks for spoiling it! Ha! Just kidding, like I couldn't figure that out from the previews. But, I agree with you about FPJ. My hubby's wondering by FPJ is even on the show.

    I'd totally put a "Kill the fluffy, white bunnies" bumper sticker on my car. Or, I'd even wear a T-shirt or something else like that.

    Oh, and an ice pick is in the mail. (Don't tell Sam.)

  11. PS - Thanks for letting me know about your felling Upstart Crow-ian. I'll have to check out his book.

  12. Can we make it a vicious-killer fluffy white bunny like in Monty Python? Most of the knights were slaughtered by the furry little guy, so the odds are the same. :)

    I must confess that I am a Taylor Swift fan. I don't know I'd compare her voice to angels, but I'm impressed with her songs (which she writes herself) and she seems very down-to-earth and fun. Go to and watch her "Best Day" video about her mother. It's quite unprofessionally put-together (I think she might have done it herself), but the sentiment is really cool.

  13. Sam- Safety pins at the back of the head are so much easier than plastic surgery.

    Brick- Those lyrics you quoted are great. Where are they from?

    Jenni- Sorry I ruined the end for you: Spoiler alert: Freddie remains in the car the whole day!
    thanks for alerting me to the copa cabana parody- I'll have to google it.

    Robin- That's one of the videos we watched, and I truly did love it. Taylor Swift is infectious.
    I forgot about those killer white bunnies in Monty Python! They really are scary!

  14. Don't go knocking Taylor Swift! I love her! She doesn't have the best voice. At all. But her songs are awesome and I love them. But I can't sing them, because they seem to only work for her voice. Go figure.

    (WV:canse, as in, canse ing)

  15. Also, I want that bumper sticker. Or t-shirt. Or whatever. It'd be a cool way to promote your blog, with the web address on the back.

  16. Haha, thanks for making my snowed in day much more entertaining. I think everybody knew it was Coco Cabana!

  17. My favorite Barry Manilow songs are the Band-aids jingle and the Goldfish jingle. I think they're a shining example of his best work since their over in less than 30 seconds. (He gives me the heebie jeebies!)

    I'd love a "Kill the fluffy white bunnies" bumper sticker... it would go great with my SPCA window cling! :)

  18. Heather- that's a great idea for blog promotion! I'll get right on that. And I wasn't knocking Taylor. I definitely appreciate her appeal! It's just that it's not the kind of music I normally listen to.

    lulabell- how is it in the east? I remember when half an inch of snow would shut the city down. I hope you have some fun DVD's to watch!

    Kayla- "SPCA window cling" ha ha! Maybe I should clarify that I mean metaphorical bunnies...

  19. I believe it's from "Buttermilk Biscuits" by the great Sir Mix-A-Lot. An oldie but a goodie. Beautiful lyrics.

    Frankly, I'm surprised you did not know that, and that you ignored my brilliantly placed Goonies reference. You're not slipping I hope...

  20. You don't like Taylor? Tsk. Tsk. I have a pre-pubescent girl at home though so I am stuck with her no matter what.

    I quit watching 24 because after 10 seasons I am so tired of the exact same story and sorry lines and blah, blah, blah..enough already. Give me something new! (How is this season though? I watch the first 6 hours)

    I am totally on board with killing the fluffy white bunnies!! You totally stole the title of my book!

    I bought a copy of Maze Runner because I am totally inspired by the fact that James Dashner is a CPA. But....I will not pick it up and read it until I am done with my book. It sits on my coffee table and taunts me!

    Is this a long enough comment? I am still at work and can't form a complete sentence (or spell apparantly) and I immediately thought....HEY! I NEED TO CHECK BRODI'S BLOG!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha!

  21. Can't wait to read "Hamburger Halpin" book. Let me know how it goes and can I borrow the book when you are done? And I'm so addicted to 24...infact I dyed my hair the color of Renee's because I liked her so much...up until the thumb thing and the stabbing the russian to death thing. Maybe I'll go a little bit lighter with the hair thing.

  22. That 24 joke was hilarious! ROFL!

  23. Oh to be a young adult in the 70's. Barry Manilow rocks! I have the CD of his greatest hits if you ever want to borrow it.

  24. Brick- I knew it was either Sir-Mix-A-Lot or Rico Suave. Both excellent groups.

    And I didn't miss the Goonies reference. I just didn't read that far.

    I jest!

    Cam- It's always best to check my blog when one is brain dead, so well done you. And you're wrong about 24. This year it's totally different. Sure, bad guys tried to assassinate a president, Russians are selling nukes to unidentified muslim nation, and Chloe is as sour as ever. But this time, Freddie Prinze Jr. is five minutes out! It's a can't miss season!

    Erin- Yeah, you look exactly like Renee. Exactly. Don't let anyone tell you different.

    And you don't have to borrow my copy of Hamburger, since I bought you one too. Happy Valentine's day.

    L.T.- Making fun of 24 while simultaneously enjoying it is one of my family's favorite pastimes.

    Margaret- I'll be right over to borrow it. I thought Barry was new on the music scene, because he looks so young and spry. But I've since learned he's a veteran of the biz.

    But hey, since I've never heard him, he's new to me!

    "Oh Mandy... You took and you took without giving..."

  25. So true about 24 - will he ever get there? Poor fluffy white bunnies - I totally want a bumper sticker.
    I knew it was Copa - I have gay friends also I heard of the Mandy song from some teenie bopper movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I'm not a fan. Taylor Swift is okay - don't think I could listen to her a lot though.
    So sad for the ones who leave after the first day.

  26. Mary- I'll reserve you a bumper sticker.

  27. Ok totally supposed to be taking my kiddo to the doctor in like 3 minutes and I can't stop reading your blog. :) And now I've lost all good thought on how I was going to be cute and funny. So I'll just say HI!

  28. Debbie- HI back! Good luck at the Doctor's.