Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How the Olympics are like the Hunger Games... and the Free Book Friday Winner

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Many of you have asked how I pick the winners. It's simple:

1.    I assign a number to every commenter, starting at 1 with the first commenter, and continuing on. If the commenter has tweeted or blogged about it, they get another number too.

2.    I take all the numbers, and I write them on separate squares of toilet paper, and attach each one to a tiny little parachute.
3.    Sam then takes them sky-bound and drops them over Vancouver.

They are judged in much the same way as the pairs figure skating event, with high points awarded for artistry and synchronicity, and with a slight proclivity toward Russian entrants.

Anyone watching the Olympics?
Evan Lysacek was amazing on the ice last night. He makes it look so effortless. 
Okay, maybe that move took a little effort.

I love watching men's skating, because like many girls from my generation, I wanted to grow up to be Johnny Weir.
 Did you see the looks he was throwing the judges last night? He'd wink at them like they could get him VIP seating at the Bedazzler Convention. (I bought my tickets last June. I can't wait!)

Winter Sports can be extreme, and not just a little schizophrenic. Like the biathlon. 

Cross country skiers are forced to stop after each lap, drop to their knees with skis on, and shoot targets. It just seems so random.

Like the gamemaker was all, "They go round and round in circles, with sticks on their feet, then they stop and..." scratches head... "get attacked by bears?... no... chew 17 saltine crackers and whistle the Star Spangled Banner?... no... I know! Carry an egg in a spoon!"

They were about to give up when another guy was all, "Let's just have them drop to the ground and shoot stuff. We'll make 'em carry their own rifles."

It's something straight out of Hunger Games. I'm just waiting for the Muttations to appear.

Anyone else watching? Anyone else putting off writing to watch women's hockey? I know I am.


  1. Wait, what happened to Smokey the cat?

    And yes, I am totally putting off writing.

  2. I love the last pic...that totally looks like me trying to ski! Awesome.

    I sure love dropping little notes out of the airplane...though I will say that the flight attendants get ticked when I open up my window to drop them out.

  3. Valynne- Smokey the hairless cat complained he wasn't getting the "star treatment" so he walked off the set.

    Sam- Flight attendants, and airlines in general, can be so touchy. When are they gonna get a sense of humor?

  4. Evan is the hottest ice skater in the world!

    I was like "HUBBA HUBBA"

    and then I was like

    "ooooh glitter"

  5. Shell- And then I was all... Oooooh, Shiny Sparklies...

  6. I love watching the Olympics! I love the stories behind every athlete, their hardships and obstacles they've had to overcome just to be there. I love any commercial that Morgan Freeman narrates too. I'm always in tears at the end of them.

  7. Alas, I was forced to put off the Olympics to write. I realized last night that the First Chapter contest at LDS Storymakers has a March 1st deadline. That's um, soon.

    Of course, first, I finished The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Have you read that? Read it.

    Oh, and I want a recount. Just because I'm not Russian....

  8. I think Evan is the first ever sparkly man bird I've seen ... since Adam Lambert.

    And I'm so with you on the rifles and toothpick skis. Weird. I kept expecting to see someone dressed as a bear running around. Bigfoot, a bear, a writing deadline, SOMETHING worth shooting.

  9. Sadly, I haven't watched much Olympics, but I did see a bit of snowboarding and that stuff blows my mind! Amazing!

  10. Erin- I want Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. Can you imagine his voice saying, "When she was a little girl, Brodi played dress up... but today, if the temperature is just right, and the time on the clock is 3 pm, you'll find Brodi Ashton driving carpool. Through shin splints and headaches, she'll be there, every other day. Go World."

    Robin- James is a friend! I'm so happy you liked Maze Runner. Good for you on forgoing Olympic coverage to enter the first chapter contest. March 1st is very very soon.

    Sara- They should totally shoot something worthwhile. Like that one pair of shoes that always gives me blisters.

    Suey- Snowboarding Cross is one of my favorite events. It's madness!

  11. wow! that guy looks better in high heels than me (that's not saying much). he actually seems like he could walk in them as well.

    which is one step ahead of me!

  12. Yeah, see, I already knew you were too cool for me. You know the best people!

    I did watch a bit of snowboard cross with my boys, but had to abstain from the figure skating, which is my favorite Olympic sport. No time. Only 12 days until March 1st....

  13. I'm totally procrastinating writing and it's making my brain get too full.

    I swear, what did I do before I started writing? If I don't sit down & get stuff out all these thoughts just pile up until my kids are like, "MOM! MOM! MOM!" & I've been staring off into the distance for hours.

    Writing is weird that way.

  14. Dorien- I still think it would be easier to do a triple axel than to walk in those heels...

    Robin- Are you Tivo-ing the skating? If so, I won't ruin the ending for you.

    Olivia- That means you're a writer! It's a good pain, isn't it?

  15. How do you come up with this stuff? You're hilarious. Shall I buy you an extra stash of TP next time I go to Costco??

    As for Olympics - watched the Biathletes yesterday. Seriously. They are machines. Whoa. Haven't seen figure skating (we actually have NO TV - I know. When the world went digital we went black). But internet keeps us up on most things.

    Finished Hunger Games a few days after picking it up. Really enjoyed it. The Mutes were yes - most disturbing. Willing to part with Catching Fire?

  16. I've been Olypi-vegging ever sice the opening ceremonies.

    Every night I tell myself that I'm going to do something useful like folding laundry while I watch. But laundry is officially my Kryptonite so I still haven't worked up the nerve to touch it.
    Have you ever seen the BBC series of Robin Hood? Evan Lysacek looks like Guy of Gisborne on skates!

  17. WTH is that picture of Johnny Weir?? Don't even know who he is but I am extremely disturbed that you, like other girls (huh?) wanted to be like him! I was more along the lines of Mary Lou Retton...but then, I'm insane so what do I know?

    Somehow I don't see Peta in blue stretchy pants ;)

  18. Cath- I just got Catching Fire back from a borrower. I'll bring it by soon. Happy you liked HG!

    Kayla- "Olympi-vegging"- love it! You're right- Evan does look like that Robin Hood guy. I think Evan is very handsome, especially when his hair isn't slicked back a la Ronald Reagan.

    Cam- Johnny Weir is the controversial yet flamboyant ice skater! Known for his antics off the ice as well as on.

    He can rock heels better than I ever will. But truth be told, when I was a little girl, Weir was not yet a twinkle in his mom's eye. I hate to come clean, but I wouldn't want you to think I'm twelve.

  19. I'm loving the Olympics too. Watching short track as we speak.. er.. write. And yes, biathalon is weird, but I still think curling takes the odd prize - brooms???? (you don't have any hidden Canadian heritage do you?)

  20. Heids- You're right. Curling takes the cake. And then sends the cake sliding on the ice, with broom sweepers sweeping its path.

  21. ha ha ha! This is one of your funniest posts. (Well, for me!)

  22. Sorry I have been MIA. Crazy! I used to love the Olympics, especially figure skating and ski jumping. But, alas, I don't have much of a life outside of work and school right now.

    Smokie ditched you? Dang hairless cat!

  23. Brodi, I'm checking in, my son was born on Jan 7th and it's amazing how one just doesn't have time for turning on a computer, let alone checking the internet. Hope you and your family is well!

    The Olympics are a night feeding hero, gives me something to watch other than infomercials and home shopping.

    Oh no, Smokey has left? What can we do, shall I start a petition so he knows how loved and admired he is?? I loved him picking the winners!

  24. Jenni- Thanks for checking in! Work and school are much more important than the Olympics. Smokey went on a walkabout, in the Australian outback. It's okay, because he sends postcards. We are currently auditioning hairless mice to take his place.

    Una- I've been wondering how you are! I assumed you were buried under diapers and bottles. How is the baby? I remember those night feedings and how happy I was when there was something to watch other than infomercials. So good to hear an update from you!

  25. Wow, I totally won something! (I'm not at home so my SIL, Melanie texted me with the good news). I had to google you to find your blog in my sweet suite at the Ramada Anaheim (HA!). Thank goodness for iPods and free wifi, otherwise I'd be coming home to 6 real emails and 9270 spams!

  26. Yes HG is like the Olympics...except that the heroes and heroines are POOR. Olympics are for rich people and makes people around the world poorer. Just for the olympic stadium in Montreal we could have built thousands of affordable houses and give it to those who need it. Look what happened in Greece without Olympics this country could have a strong economy. Les Olympiques c est du gaspillage de fonds publics.

  27. Yes HG is like the Olympics...except that the heroes and heroines are POOR. Olympics are for rich people and makes people around the world poorer. Just for the olympic stadium in Montreal we could have built thousands of affordable houses and give it to those who need it. Look what happened in Greece without Olympics this country could have a strong economy. Les Olympiques c est du gaspillage de fonds publics.