Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Reason why Sam and I are Dorks... and how 2nd Grade Homework Baffles me

Good Friday, y'all.  Time for Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1

Sam and I have been biking to his work in the mornings. Problem is, we only have my two mountain bikes that are about 15 years old. I'll be the first to admit, we look like dorks.

Sam's got it especially bad, since he has to ride the bike with the baby seat. 

Every time we get passed by a group of real cyclists (and trust me, we get passed a lot), they turn to get a look at the "baby" only to find Sam's backpack buckled in tight.

To add further humiliation, the seat's labeled "CoPilot". 

Lately, just for our own entertainment, we've taken to treating the backpack as if it really is a baby. We'll say things like, "Get ready for a turn!" and then when we go down a hill, we say "Wheeee! Wheeee!" We also pet the backpack, and when we hit a bump, we say, "Oh! Poor baby! Are you okay?"

And at intersections, we always take the first turn. If someone else makes a move, I put my hand out and growl, "Make way! Man with a baby!" and then I hold everyone back as Sam goes through. 

I have to admit, it's getting more fun every morning.

Thing 2

Kid C came home from school and showed me his homework yesterday. Here's one of the pages.

Notice anything unusual? How about a zoom.

I wanted to write a note to the teacher, saying, "Yes. An apple do have seeds. Thanks for asking."

Does anyone else have trouble understanding homework these days?

What are y'all doing this weekend? I'm watching tennis. 

By the way, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, Rafa Nadal is playing a match tonight at the U.S. Open, on ESPN 2. Excellent Friday night action.


  1. omg hahaha "do an apple have seeds?" The nuns from grammar school would have died if they saw that.

    This weekend I'm selling all my furniture and attempting to install a trailer hitch on my car. Fun? For spectators, yes.

  2. Um, that's two "Thing 1"s in your photo.

    I think you should take the backpack one step further and dress it up. You could baste the clothes to just a square of fabric and then attach it with velcro on both of the insides of the baby seat so you don't actually have to do any dressing and undressing. That would be AWESOME!!!

    Or maybe just a little wig.

    This weekend we are going to Apple Hill (a large area in Placerville with many, many apple orchards) to do our annual "Damn, we still didn't get here early enough for the apple fritters that aren't like the hockey pucks you buy at the store", and drowning some witches in the American River. I mean, the kids are playing in the river.

  3. Melissa- That does sound like fun! Are you selling tickets? :)

    Sal- I can't believe I never noticed the two "Thing 1's" in the picture! That Apple Hill place sounds kind of cool. I'm assuming there's some sort of witch history? Or did you just throw that out?

    I'd give my left pinkie for an apple fritter. But remember, an apple do have seeds.

  4. I'm just imagining you guys to stop at a park nearby and send the backpack down a slide. Good times.
    Say hi to Rafa for me, I'll be traveling to see the in-laws in Idaho this weekend.

  5. Ladies - the man in that photo (the man with the co-pilot) is taken!

    Whats wrong with that sentence. That sentence make lots sense to I.

  6. Ah, workbooks!
    At least the answer key in the back of the workbook got it right. (Or is it wrong since it didn't copy the sentence exactly? hmmmm...)
    Check out this link, :

  7. Brodi, didn't you know English has changed since we were in grade school? I guess you didn't get the memo.

  8. OH MY!!! bad grammer is my pet peeve.
    an esp. hard peeve to have while living in utah...
    "we was going goin' to the store"
    (yup, we was!)

    and good job on the biking--who cares how you look right? at least you're out there getting it done!

  9. Debbie- That's a fantastic idea! Then push the backpack in the baby swing...

    Sam- It makes lots sense to I too.

    Kent- How did you find that! That is so funny. You'd think they'd have noticed, and NOT posted the picture.

    Jenni- No, I ain't got no memo. Sorry, I mean I ain't gotten no memo.

    Dorien- but what if we really was goin' to the store? How are we supposed to say it?

  10. I am belly-laughing Brod! The faux baby in the seat. You guys really are dorks -no - you're just plain funny. But the homework "sentence-a-day"! What? I'm jaw on the desk mouth open. And my kids are going to go to the same elementary school???? Seriously - I'm panicked. Please tell you me you sent a note to the teacher. Please???

  11. Cath- Don't worry. With the holiday schedule, and the teacher work days, they hardly go to school anyway!

  12. Way to go! Good job for getting out and execrising. I think mountain bikes are cool! Everyone eles is a dork. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the first day of homeword, and the first day only. Less then a week! Can you tell I am a bit excited!

  13. wow... like, you don't Google Book? (that's a verb, by the way). I thought it was the dream of all young hott aspiring authors to, one day, be de-copyrighted... er... fair used by google books...
    I mean, after all, the Dark Divine is on there...

  14. Anne- Maybe there is something to be said for sending your kids to private school!

    Kent- Ack! That is nuts! And a little sad. I prefer my books straight up. (Which means on paper, and paid for) instead of "on the rocks" (which means on paper, but free) or even shaken, not stirred (which is off paper, free, and looks a little sexy coming out of the ocean in a swimsuit).

    I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

  15. What *were* we talking about? I think you're saying you like BONDed books best.

    Keep blogging--you have mad writing skillz and your posts make my day. Or at least they make my every-other-day. Not counting weekends. And some holidays. (Because you really do deserve a break once in a while Brodi.)

    Hope you guys have a good long weekend!

  16. BONDed! Ha ha! I'm so glad I make your every-other-day-excluding-weekends-and-holidays.

  17. hehehe
    muito legal

  18. I escaped to the mountains, what did you do?

    I so do not want to know what they aren't teaching children these days!

  19. Una- I spent the weekend in the mountains too! (Midway, Utah. In a condo).

    We went on one of my sister's EPIC bike rides, and watched tennis.

  20. (If you blow up the picture, Thing 2 really does have a "2" on his button, but when it's small, it's harder to tell.)