Monday, September 13, 2010

How I Put My Pants On, and How I'm made up of Two Parts Lazy.

Happy Monday Y'all! 

Today is an exciting day for many reasons, not the least of which is the Men's finals match at the U.S. Open, starring Novac Djokovic and my boyfriend, Rafa. 

Rafa has never won the U.S. Open. It's so exciting. It's on CBS at 4:00 EST.

Our question of the day comes from Debbie:

Q: Do you, honestly, put on your pants one leg at a time?

Excellent question Debbie. The answer is, I don't use my legs at all. I dive head first into my pants, and then because I have a double-jointed pinkie finger, I'm able to finagle the pants down my body, to where they rest comfortably below my love handles.

Thank you for asking!

Thing #1*
I was walking through the kitchen this morning, when I tripped over Sam's backpack. (The one that rides in the baby seat of his bike.)

It was a pretty good stumble, but I recovered and continued on. Sam watched the whole thing with a curious expression.

Sam (laughing): "I can't believe you just tripped over that, and then left it there."

me: "It's your backpack."

Sam: "Yeah, but you just tripped over it! You'd leave it there for someone else to trip over?"

me: "No, you originally left it there for someone to trip over. If you want people to stop tripping, move it. Otherwise, I have to assume there's a reason it's in the middle of the floor, and all of these injuries will be on your head."

He looked at me like he couldn't believe how stubborn one wife could be. But it's not a matter of being stubborn. I think it's more 2 parts Lazy (because let's be honest, I could've moved it), and 1 part Clueless. Okay, and just a dash of Stubborn.

Clueless in the same way as when I see a toddler in the middle of the road, and I think, "Huh. A toddler in the street. Someone obviously wanted it that way. Somebody's obviously okay with what is happening."

I've spent years re-training my brain to do something about it, and now I can happily say that when I see a toddler in the street, it only takes me a few minutes to come to the conclusion I should do something about it.

So what about y'all? Would you have moved the backpack? Or would you expect Sam to move it, and apologize? Or, if you don't want to weigh in, how was your weekend? 

*This was not the original blog, but I wanted to send Sam a message. Zing!


  1. First off, thanks for putting that picture up again. That is a great looking shot. I know the blog readers love it.

    2nd, can't believe I will miss the match. And yes, I am cheering for Rafa, my nemesis.

    3rd, I am glad you didn't pick up the backpack. I left it there for my unknown strategic purposes.

  2. Sam- I knew there was a higher purpose for your backpack's position! I admire your strategery.

    You can cheer for Rafa as long as you are pure of heart in your intentions. Rafa doesn't need any negative energy coming his way.

  3. Personally, I wouldn't have picked it up either. I also would've left it there with the "it's YOUR backpack" argument. I also would've followed up the comment with the death glare that induces guilt because a small child could possibly trip over it also. I've found the small child stuff works well to induce guilt.

    As for the weekend - it was great to finally meet you in real life! Now you're just not Brodi-in-the-little-black-and-white-picture - you're real life 3D-Brodi! Woohoo!

  4. WindyA- It was good to meet you in person too! But I am sorry that in real life, I'm not small, black and white, and two-dimensional. My 3-dimensional self tends to run into things, and trip over bags.

  5. ME? i would've picked up the backpack, uttered a very loud and inappropriate curse word and chucked it at my husband....asking him "WHY in the blankety-blank did he leave it in the middle of the floor in the first place!"

    tell sam you are a MUCH nicer wife! :O)

    ps. sam LOVE the photo. i read brodi's blog JUST to see that photo!

  6. Dorien- That's excellent advice! Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with any curse words. Can you teach me?

    I'm going to try to post that photo in every blog from now on.

  7. I love my husband, but I figured out after about 20 years of marriage he just wasn't going to pick up anything, ever!

    Luckily he does feel responsible for the garage.

    He reads your blog so hopefully this doesn't cause an event.

  8. Picking up his own backpack builds character and teaches personal responsibility and helps him grow up to be a fireman when he's a big boy. Or something like that. Next thing you know, my husband will be picking out his own clothes for work in the morning. But I'm not holding out too much hope for the firefighting career.

  9. I solved the problem of how to put my pants on by buying those cute OshKosh B'Gosh overalls in really big sizes and I just snap them up.

  10. Let me just say that there have been many times where I have left the garbage bags right in the middle of the doorway to remind Dave to take them out on his way to work. In the end, all that happens, is that he trips over them, curses under his breath why someone would leave something in the doorway, and then drive off to work. This story has nothing to do with your blog, I'm just realizing, but garbage goes out tomorrow and could I be anymore obvious!!

    On another note, go Rafa!

  11. Haha, that is a fabulous picture of Sam. I think it should be posted as often as possible for the readers. As for picking up the backpack, that is definitely the droppers job! Sorry Sam!

  12. With a husband as cool as Sam, how can you even compare Rafa to him?

  13. It all comes back to Josh sitting next to our babys and saying bird poop! And not lifting a finger to prevent them from ingesting it. Also, good luck with any other things that might be happening today!

  14. Is it wrong for spouses to fight on your blog about who is constantly picking up after themselves and others and who is not? I think I am the only one who takes dishes from the bedroom back to the kitchen and kindly leaves them soaking in the sink so that when she finally gets around to cleaning the kitchen they clean up easily! Now that is thoughtful.

  15. If I had tripped over my husband's backpack, one of three things could've happened:

    1. I would have cursed at my husband for leaving his backpack in a place that I could trip over it and make him move it.

    2. I would have silently cursed at my husband for leaving his backpack in a place that I could trip over it and then move it myself.

    3. I would have violently chucked or kicked the backpack to a new place where no one could trip over it again.

    I guess it's a good thing Sam isn't married to me. Although, my husband may not want to be married to me now either. ;)

  16. Wow. I was only gone for lunch. Thanks for all the comments!

    Eden- What are the chances your hubby will actually read all of the comments? Oh, wait. He's "Danno" isn't he? Might be another Danno though.

    Kaylie- They really are just big kids, aren't they? I can't wait until Sam decides what he wants to be when he grows up.

    Joe- Excellent advice. Now to find a really big pair of overalls. Really really big. (jk Sam)

    Erin- Ha ha!

    Edo- Word.

    Lulabell- I'm going to show that picture until Sam pays me not to.

    Analyst- you're right. Rafa is in a stratosphere of his own, he really shouldn't be compared to anyone.

    Danno- On the contrary, I think it is totally appropriate for couples to argue on my blog. Whenever I see things getting tense between two people, I'm always all, "Hey you two. Take it to the blog."

    And thanks for the luck on the other stuff going on today. :)

    Jenni- You can't lose with any of those options. Although the backpack loses with option number three.

  17. Love the photo of Sam! Keep posting!
    I would have moved the backpack so noone else would have tripped over it.
    GO Rafa!

  18. Anne, you ate obviously a better woman than me. Than I. Than myself.

  19. I'm not sure if it's worse than lazy, clueless or stubborn, but my hubby accuses me of being blind. He thinks I don't see the things I leave in the "wrong" spots around the house. I tell them that I DO see them, I just have my priorities and those things haven't reached the top of the list yet. If I put away everything I SAW, what time would I have left for writing??

  20. Nikki- I'd give my left eyeball to be blind. Excellent excuse.

  21. First off, this is for Sam. At least she didn't put that picture of you in a green shirt, green shorts, and riding a bright green scooter. That really could have hurt your image!

    Secondly, and I don't want this to be a pick on Sam day, but seriously! The backpack thing......we all know whose fault that is.

    Anyway.....Brodi, it is your birthday week, you can do nothing wrong!

  22. Amy- Finally! A voice of reason. Thank you!

  23. We watched Rafa last night. My son got all into it. Then when Rafa won and fell on the ground my son jumped up and exclaimed, "Tennis man died! Oh no! He died!" It took us a minute to calm him down. It helped when Rafa go up. Since he's your boyfriend, can you talk to him about upsetting his young fans?

    Anywho, thought you might get a kick out of that. :)

  24. Leisha- "Tennis man died!"- Ha ha! So funny!

    I'll use my influence to see what I can do.

    (and by "influence", I mean I'll comment about it on my blog and nothing more.)

  25. I watched a bit of the match and highly enjoyed it. Of course my 4 year old complained that it was a "grown up show" and after about 30 min. of whining I gave up.

    I am with you on the backpack. Guys are lame for always leaving their garbage all over and then wondering why Donna Reed doesn't pick it up with a smile. Does that sound bitter? It totally isn't. Totally.

  26. For future reference... I would say pick up the backpack, but then place it in his path so he trips over it.

    So is that what child seats on the back of bikes used for now? To hold your "back"packs?

  27. Keersten- Funny. Sam also complains that tennis is a "grown up" show. And if Donna Reed were available, I'd totally want her for a second wife.

    Sheree- You're not suggesting he wear the backpack on his back, are you? That's just weird.

  28. Ah pants. I knew you had a good trick.

    It's funny, cause when I trip over my husbands stuff I chuck it in the corner. Mostly it's his shoes that he randomly leaves on MY side of the room so when I'm walking in the dark I fall over. Silly boys.