Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Which I Answer the Burning Questions about My Book Deal

Hey y'all. 

Okay, so I have no idea how to follow up a post like Monday's, except to say thank you again to all of you for being BFOB's. (Bestest Friends of the Blog). 

Maybe it would be best to answer some of the more frequent questions I've been getting about this whole publication thingee. 

When will the first book come out?

It's slated for Winter 2012, which means anytime from January to March 2012. 

Isn't that, like, a frakkin' long time?

I know 15 months seems really long, but it's actually pretty fast for the publishing world. My editor has even hinted that they are extending a couple of my deadlines so I can make it in time.

Who's your editor? 

Her name's Kristin Daly, and she's with Balzer and Bray. She's the one who read the manuscript, and got the ball rolling. We already get along great. We both love Diet Coke. We both love soup. We could talk or not talk all day long.

Do you get to design your cover?

Of course. Right now, Sam's on the cover, wearing biker shorts, no shirt, and a cape. 
Just kidding. Fortunately for everyone, I will not be designing the cover. Authors rarely have any say about the cover. 

Is there going to be more than one book?

Yes. It's a trilogy.

What's up with everything being a trilogy these days? 

I don't know. One more would make it a saga, and I don't want a saga. One less would be a companion, and I don't want a companion.*

*The above statement doesn't make sense. Don't waste time on it.

How come Jeni got to read the entire first chapter?
Because Jeni was in my workshop group at WIFYR last summer. Everyone there was forced to read the first 20 pages. 

Are you going to get a "real" website now?

What? This isn't a real website? Ha ha. Yes, I have a ".com" website. You can check it out now. Just go to your browser and type in

*snicker snicker*

Do you really think you're being funny?

A little.

Because I think you wouldn't know funny if it bit you in the bum.

Hey, question-maker. That's not even a question.

Fine. You wouldn't know funny if it broke your arm?

You know what, question-maker? Just putting a "?" at the end of a sentence doesn't make it a question.

Are you sure about that.

Okay, now you're just leaving off the question mark. 

Prove it?

Argh. Can we be please just get back on track?

Okay. Where are you going to be tomorrow night at 6:00?

Thank you! Excellent question. I'm going to be at The King's English for Matt Kirby's book launch of THE CLOCKWORK THREE. Everyone is invited! Will I see you there, question-maker?



I'll either be there, or I'll be toilet-papering your house while you're away?

Suck it, question-maker.  

Feel free to add to the questions in the comments. And anyone going to The King's English tomorrow night? Let me know so we can say 'hi'!


  1. I'll be at TKE! Wouldn't miss it. And have I ever told you how much I love soup. It's like the world's most perfect food (besides chocolate). MMMM, chocolate soup . . .

    Let's go eat some soup together this week.

  2. I'll be at Matt's signing. Will you please say hi to me?

  3. If they want to sell millions of copies, then yes, I should be on the cover in jeans and a cape. That cover will sell...BIG TIME!

    I would love to be at Matt's signing, but I will be busy doing homework with the kids, giving them baths, making dinner, cleaning the house, doing yardwork and saving stranded baby quail.

  4. We both love soup. We could talk or not talk all day long.

    I'll have to keep my eye on you and Jane Lynch.

    So glad everyone's coming tomorrow. I'm really excited!

  5. Have I mentioned lately how much I love your blog? I laugh and laugh. Doctors should hand out prescriptions to read it. :D

    One of the great things about your publisher is the lovely "search inside" feature they have on upcoming and newly published books. That feature will allow me to read portions of your book before it is actually available. Excellent choice of publisher. I approve. :)

    I wish I could be at TKE. Curses on my geographical handicap!

  6. I wish I could be there tomorrow. Sounds like a fun night! Oh well.

    I also love soup. Soup is the most wonderful thing, especially on a blustery day. Which it isn't today. It's more like a summer day, even though it's almost October. Which makes me wonder why the pools aren't still open, so I can have somewhere to take my kids in all this heat? But despite all that I'm still craving soup now.

  7. so when you're famous (really really famous) someday soon--and get to be on Oprah (i hear she smells good) can i come along just to watch in the audience? i've always wanted to see Chicago!

    well, and see you on Oprah--of course! :O)

  8. Bree- Soup really is the perfect food. It's a vegetable and a fruit at the same time. (Or is that a tomato?)

    Valynne- Hi!

    Sam- Wow. You're going to be very busy Thursday night. If you see question-maker tp-ing our house, kick him in the baby-maker for me.

    Matt- I knew someone would get the reference! I'm so happy it was you!

    Robin- I'm so happy you approve of the publisher! Now I am free to sign the contract.

    Sara- I feel your pain. But my kids are in school all day. So, really, I don't feel your pain. :) And now that we're all craving soup, we should have a soup party! Who wants to be in charge?

    Dorien- That's strange. I've always heard Oprah smells like soup.

  9. I would love to know who the Question-Maker is!

    Again, congrats. I'm so excited and happy for you!

    Oh, and I like soup too!

    If I was in the area, I would so be there!

  10. Una- Another soup lover! Partay! And, as everyone knows, the question-maker is a mythical being that lives in the space between stardust and rainbows.

    And he can be a butt-munch.

  11. Now I wanna know what your favorite kind of soup is. Cause personally I think I might go for a salad instead. Although I did make potato soup just this week. And it was delicious.
    Are you going to the Book Academy at UVU tomorrow?

  12. I wish I could go to Matt's signing, but sadly, unless it's on Saturday, I can't do much of anything outside of school, work, boot camp, and homework.

    I'm excited that your book is going to be a trilogy. I really like trilogies.

  13. PS - My favorite soup is homemade creamy tomato soup smothered with saltine crackers. Basically, it's becomes crushed up saltine crackers with some tomato sauce on it. Or, instead of asking me "Do you want some crackers with your soup?", you'd have to ask "Do you want soup with your crackers?"

  14. Brodi I just love you! I don't know if I'm going to make it to TKE tomorrow or not! Have fun if I don't see you!

  15. Debbie- I love potato soup, tomato, tortilla... really anything. It's heavenly.

    I'm not going to the book academy thingee- I didn't even know about it! Now I'm going to have to look it up.

    Jenni- Everything's better in three's, right? And feel free to bring me some of that soup any time. :)

    Aubrey- I love you too! I love everyone! Seriously.

  16. I feel so famous! Brodi mentioned me on her blog!!

  17. I fell for it. Didn't use to lead somewhere else? I seem to remember a cool site (not that your blog's not cool) being there before. Am I going crazy?

    p.s. is it okay that I'm feeling insanely envious of you this week? I want to have an editor gush about my manuscript on Twitter!

  18. Jeni- I mentioned you because you're famous!

    Nikki- Yeah, the .com used to lead somewhere else, but then I couldn't figure out how to update it, so...
    As for the editor thing, yeah, it was very surreal!

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  20. Man, that is one tough question asker! Although he may need to work on correct question construction! (How's that for alliteration?)

  21. Lulabell- The question-maker never went to college. He came from humble circumstances.

  22. I just read your book and liked it very much when is the second and third book being published???