Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Many Fumbles does it take to Break an iPhone? And Thank Goodness for Sisters

It's time for... Thing #1 and Thing #1!

Thing #1 

I've dropped my iPhone close to a zillion times, and nothing ever phased it. I thought it was indestructible, until yesterday.

I dropped it in the parking lot of my favorite restaurant (The Dodo) and this is what happened:

It still works, but every time I use the touch screen, it makes this crunching sound. The shattered pieces are held precariously together by the screen cover. 

So, right after I took that picture (with our camera that has the broken focus) I immediately opened our garage door (that doesn't open anymore) and started Sam's car (that won't start) and drove myself to the iPhone store to buy a new one (that I can't afford right now). 

Do you ever feel like everything breaks at the same time? Guess I'll go turn on our sprinklers (that flood our basement). 

If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm totally not. I love my crunchy phone, and as long as I have scotch tape to hold the pieces together, we're good. Plus, it's comforting to shake an electronic gadget and hear a rattling sound. I can always kid myself and pretend it's the sound of loose change...

Thing #1

Ahh, the beauty of the sisterly relationship.

The other day, I was sort of freaking out about something. The details aren't important, but it was one of those instances where I was lamenting, "What must those people be thinking of me? What are they saying about me?"

My sister was there, and she had some great words of wisdom.

Erin: "I know those people, and if you knew how little they cared about you, and anything you do, you wouldn't be worrying right now. Talking about you would be like talking about the weather. Boring."

Sometimes it's good to have someone around that will give you a head slap of perspective every once in a while.

How's all y'all's week going?


  1. Oh, I love Bouguereau! That is a beautiful picture.

    I also love sisters. I has 6 of them. :D

    Sorry about your phone. But now it has interactive crunchy sound, which is cool.

  2. Heather- You have 6 sisters? That is crazy and fun. And I love the interactive crunchy sound. I can pretend it's like typing on a real keyboard, where the pieces move and everything.

  3. Broken phones are sad - but at least it still works! Silver lining!

    My sister's 19. She doesn't have that kind of wisdom yet. But she is a great inspiration ... for the insanely dramatic teenagers I write about.

  4. In fairness to Bro, it really wasn't her fault that she dropped the phone. She called me right after and let me know about a huge gust of wind (tornado possibly) that ripped it out of her hand. Luckily she survived the brief wind storm but the phone did not. Thankfully, she has lived to tell the story.

    If you think Brodi's sister is a fountain of wisdom, you should hear her husband talk about statue will blow your mind!

  5. Windy- I've only ever had the one older sister. I wouldn't know what to do with a younger one! I suspect I wouldn't have the patience...

    Sam- Are you referring to bro-in-law Dave's brilliant idea that Salt Lake could raise its tourism revenue if they made the giant iron eagle (that hangs over Main Street) poop on cue?

    That story only gets better with age!

  6. I knew what you were talking about. I just like to tell that story again and again.

  7. maybe you could patent and sell a new "crunchy broken sound" ap for the iphone????

    aren't sister the best! you know, some people (like my 80 yr old parents) actually think the weather is VERY interesting to talk about. it is a main topic of there!

  8. I sadly do not have any sisters (unless you count my sister-in-law). I have two older brothers but I have always wished for an older sister. I'm so jealous!

    At least your phone still works. I dropped my phone once (it was a flip phone) and it somehow disconnected the screen from the base. It worked but you never knew who was calling, you couldn't use the contacts list, or text message, or take pictures, but as long as you knew the number, you could still make phone calls! Hope you can get a new iPhone!

    A statue that poops! Would it poop something yummy or nasty? Could be more popular one way or the other...

  9. I hate when it feels like everything bad is happening all at once. It's like, "Can't I get a break here? Can you just give me one challenge at a time?" And, then of course, it's like fifty more challenges present themselves. That's what I get for being rhetorical.

    PS - Una, older sisters aren't always the best. I know because I have five. I think having a younger sister would be better. Then, when they're not being helpful with words of wisdom, you can torment them. At least that seemed to be the way my sisters worked.

  10. So sorry about your phone, but what a funny post. See, another silver lining. :)

  11. I thought I was so important at church and how devastated they would be when I moved. I had several people call and ask me to say prayers, talks and an invite to bring a salad to a baby shower -- all months after I moved.

    No one had even noticed!

  12. Bummer about the phone. I drop mine a lot too, but it definitely isn't an iphone, so it hasn't got much of a screen to shatter :)

    That sounds like something one of my sisters would say. Ah, the truth. It hurts.

  13. Dorien- We totally need an app that makes your phone face look like it's been shattered, and is about to fall apart at any moment. We'd make a killing!

    Una- I don't think there's anything the bird could poop that could make it less nasty. A pooping bird is definitely different than a pinata.

    As for sisters, you can totally borrow mine. She'll put you in your place for only a nominal fee.

    Jenni- ain't that the truth? Also, my sister and I used to fight about who our "imaginary brother" would like more, me or her.

    Leisha- Yes, when all else fails, at least it makes good blog.

    Eden- That's hilarious. Agree to say the prayer next time, and then don't show up. Joke's on them!

    Melissa- The truth really does hurt so good, but sometimes you need a kick in the pants, right?

  14. Garbage can! Sorry about your phone.

    At least that comment came from a sister who you know cares. I have friends like that, that honesty don't realize they're being completely offensive.

  15. Too bad you only have ONE sister (who makes lame comments) and can't trade her in for another. And by the way, if we had a brother, he would totally like you more...I'd just date his cute friends, while you hung out with him :)

    And, I just downed an entire bottle of homemade peach one sitting...with a spoon! Who does that??!! Only your sis.

  16. I have four little sisters. There's nothing like a sister to totally whack you upside the head with some fabulous thought like the one you posted.

  17. Debbie- I totally have friends like that, where the motives are questionable. At least with sisters, you know their motives are dishonorable. I mean... honorable.

    Erin- Why are you not sharing your peach jam? You can't just say "homemade peach jam" and then not share. I'm telling mom.

    Sara- So, yeah, you totally know what I'm talking about!

  18. What a great sister. =]

    I'm not in love with crunchy phones. I can't help it. Color me jerkwad.

  19. I totally forgot yesterday was Wednesday. Or, I remembered that the day was Wednesday, but didn't remember that it was WEDNESDAY! Blog day! I'm so ashamed.

    After horribly forgetting to check your blog, is it unforgivable to now flaunt my siblings? I have an older sister, two younger sisters, and two younger brothers. All are very wise.

    Also, I think a crunchy cell-phone screen saver would be a great theft-deterrant. :)

  20. L.T.- So, you wouldn't pay 1.99 for a crunchy phone app? Crazy!

    Robin- Good point about the crunchy phone app deterring would-be criminals! We are one step closer to making the world a better place.

  21. Poor iPhone! What will Kid B ever do without it. And your sister is totally right. You rock! Don't let yourself think otherwise!

  22. Lulabell- Ha ha! I'm sure that's exactly what my sister meant! :)