Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cosmic Good Fortune... and My Plan to get in on that Action


So, the top story is...

Rafa won the U.S. Open!

Talk about being surrounded by good cosmic energy. He's got the stuff in abundance.

Me on the other hand? 

I was washing my face the other night, when one of my not-very-long fingernails nicked the tip of my nose in just the perfect way to slice it open. Now, I have this unsightly gash that will gush blood if a butterfly in Tokyo flaps its wings just right, as this chaos theory graph shows.

This week, of all weeks, I need more cosmic justice than ever before. Instead, I'm picking off my facial features one by one with my own fingernail.
I'm all for creating my own luck. After all, it's not pure luck that Rafa landed where he is. But sometimes, even after all the hard work, you need a little cosmic ooomph. 

Maybe all y'all are feeling the same way right now, so here's what I propose. And if we do it right, my entire bloggerville will be shrouded in a blanket of Providence. (the luck, not the city)

Steps to capture Rafa's Good Fortune:

1. If all of my blog readers will kindly cross your fingers. (Left and right hands)

2. Next cross your toes with the toes of the person on your left. (I will personally cross my toes with Rafa's, thus completing the energy loop). 

3. Everyone spontaneously start singing: "People all over the world... Join hands... Start the Love Drain... Love Drain." 

It's okay if you're at work, or reading this on your iphone on a commuter train, or whatever. Go ahead and belt it out... Wait. Hold up. I am just getting news (from Sam standing behind me) that the correct words are "Love Train" not "Love Drain". Even better.

4. And for the final step, if someone could get David Archuleta to sing a special rendition of "All we are saying... is give peace a chance!" 
Bonus: Does anyone have a personal connection to Kofi Annan? Or perhaps Nelson Mandela?
Those guys can make anything happen. Anyone?

Thanks for all y'all's constant support! And I wish you all good fortune too.


  1. Thanks Jenilyn! Good luck to you too!

  2. Thank you, my young padawan. Right back atcha!

  3. I appreciate all of the good luck to me in my tennis match tonight. I think if the whole blog readers world pulls together for me, I may pull it off.

    Did Rafa win? I wouldn't know except for the 13 posters of him throughout our house all with congratulations written all over the posters.

  4. No removing of facial features!

    Nothing can stop Rafa - not rain, not New York, not rabid fans just as nothing can stop your cosmic Karma keeping you on that Love Train!

  5. Sam- Oh yeah! This post was totally written with your tennis match tonight in mind. Um... totally.

    Eden- Long live the Love Drain!

  6. Long live shared toe crossing!

  7. Rafa's energy will carry you through Brodi. I'm expecting another one of those lego people animations with computer voice overs on just how Rafa won. Good luck and good cosmic fortune and all that. Can we go hang out sometime? :)

  8. Edo- I can't think of a better person to cross toes with than Rafa.

    Debbie- Let's totally hang out!

  9. Wow, your fingernails may not be long, but apparently they are very sharp!

    I am crossing every appendage I have, fingers, toes, legs, arms for you! Maybe I will even try to braid my hair! And I am currently calling my plethora of connections for David Archuleta to give you a private concert (but don't be expecting anything too soon). Good luck good luck good luck!

  10. I don't know those other people (who?)but I do know Eddie Levert (O'Jays lead singer) and he says it is "Love Drain", FYI

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  12. yay RAFA!!! Oh, and good luck to you too, Brodi... :P

  13. Oh, and I'm sorry about my first post...I didn't want to expose my typo to the rest of the world.

  14. Sending tons of good fortune to you! Can't wait to hear how this week turns out (or the coming few weeks). ;)

  15. Best of luck to you, Brodi! You crack me up!!

  16. Thanks for all the good fortune, everyone! I think it's starting to work, because I for sure felt the ground rumble beneath my feet.

    Oh, wait. That's the street sweeper outside my house at 7 a.m.

  17. Ever consider your nails as a superpower? Think of all the criminals that you could disarm.

  18. Becky- excellent point. And great idea for a new book.