Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Story to Topple the Story that Topples Star Wars, and Locals can read Everneath early

Hey y'all.

Three Things!

1. If you thought Monday's post had a bargain, wait til you see this. (Thanks to F.O.B. Leisha for pointing this out).

For sale is: The Story to Topple the Story that Topples Star Wars.

And it only costs $53.78 to buy it outright. 

The seller description is pretty funny too, if you want to check it out.

2. Last night, I was working in my study with the door locked. Suddenly Kid B was knocking on the door, saying what sounded like, "Hat! Monny Hat!" Before I could answer, he ran away.
Now, if you are a regular to my blog, you know that Kid B doesn't really talk. So I assumed he was just talking nonsense.  I went out to find him, and apparently, "Hat" was exactly what he was saying. 

Because nobody would want work on their computer while stark naked. That's just wrong.

He's fully nekked otherwise, but at least he has his hat on. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing.

3. Are you in Utah? Do you want to read my book before it comes out?

F.O.B. (Friend of the Blog) Windy Aphayrath is kindly organizing a locals only blogger tour of an ARC of EVERNEATH. (That's my book, in case I haven't mentioned it.) We won't have ARC's for a few months, but I'm dedicating one of my personal copies to this tour!

If you are interested in getting on the list, sign up at her blog:

I'm so grateful she's taking the time to organize this! So go on over and sign up!

That is all. This weekend I'm going to the Utah Blogger/Author Social. Anyone else going?

Anyone new to the blog and you want to introduce yourself? Any lurkers out there want to de-lurk and say "Hi"?

Don't be scared. We don't bite. And we're only deadly when it comes to our fish.


  1. i am glad you clarified that whole F.O.B. thing because, yanno, that is also a slang derogatory term for immigrants who are Fresh off the Boat. and although i was originally born in hawaii and could've taken a boat most of the way here, we came to utah on planes. the whole way.

  2. I'll go ahead and de-lurk.

    Crazy e-bay auctions and nekked kiddos are such things as hilarious blog posts are made of. Thanks for sharing. :)

    And I'll have to check out that list! I'd love to read your book ahead of time and be a stop on the blog tour.

    It was good to "meet" you over Twitter the other day. I hope you enjoyed your Doctor Who time. :)

  3. Windy- Crazy! I thought F.O.B. was the universal phrase for Friend of the Blog! I'm going to have to come up with something new...

    Shallee- Thanks for de-lurking! I'm loving my Doctor Who time. The special effects just get better and better with each season, and Matt Smith is growing on me. Nice to meet you!

  4. Ha ha! Love Kid B and he's totally right! A hat makes being stark naked completely better and less embarrassing. I signed up for the ARC tour. I'm so excited!

  5. I signed up! Can't wait to read it. It was to see you for a minute at LTUE.

  6. I'm glad the blinds were open.

    Also, I seem to remember that I was about your 11th de-lurker. And I can vouch for the non-biting. And you're only deadly to betta fish, so other species of fish are safe to de-lurk!

    I so want to read your book, so I'll be heading over to sign up!

  7. I'm protesting the geographicist (like "racist" only worse) nature of the arbitrary must-live-in-Utah rule. I have formally lodged my complaint on Windy's blog. If I do not get satisfaction, I will contemplate EXTREME MEASURES!

    However, I must also thank Windy for enlightening me on the definition of "Winter 2012." Who'd have thought that January 2012 was included? :-/

  8. Ugh, I have to live in Utah?? This is way depressing... WAY depressing.....

    But, on a separate note, Kid B is awesome! :) Too funny!

  9. I gotta hand it to the kid, he's got serious style.

    Windy rocks to take this on. I love ARC tours!

  10. LOL
    Off to sign up for the Blogger Tour...

    Not going to make it to the party this weekend-- Boo has pneumonia and the other two are already on antibiotics.... and we're debating whether the baby needs to go back to the dr or not. I am so over this winter. :P

  11. Jenni- Because then everybody looks at the hat, and not the nakedness!

    Elena- So good to see you too! Wish I would've run into you later at LTUE.

    Heather- you were a VERY early de-lurker! And I'm glad you de-lurked, because then we became friends.

    Robin- Yes, can you believe Winter 2012 means January? Which means it's even closer than you thought! And I have no doubt you'll be able to finagle yourself an ARC no matter what geographic location you are in.

    Kristin- Depressing in terms of the ARC? Or because Utah itself is depressing? I'll try to find one in Colorado for you!

    Debbie- He does have style. He gets it from Sam. I can't count the times I've come home to find Sam only wearing a hat.

    Britt- I hate winter on the kids. Kid B was in the hospital with RSV when he was only 2 weeks old. I'm always happy when winter ends! Get feeling better.

  12. Kid B is so cute! I love the hat too! I signed up to read the Arc I hope I get to play! So fun!!

  13. Andrea- Thanks for participating!

  14. Kid B is a keeper. Frakkin' adorable.

    Who doesn't work with just a hat on? Its awkward at my office, but people have adapted quite well (well, except for the one time that the police were called.)

  15. I might possibly be going to the blogging social this weekend. How's that for commitment! But if I'm there, we'll have to chat.

  16. Haha! Utah is NOT depressing. I was saying depressing in terms of the ARC. But finding one in Colorado would be completely amazing!! :)

  17. Like father like son?:) I think we should all do it! I think kid B. Knows what's up!
    I'm honored to even have a chance to participate! I'm so excited for Everneath I already tell everyone I know they should watch for it:) blog tour is a great idea!

  18. Sam- Yeah, sorry about making that call.

    Chersti- Hope to see you there!

    Kristin- Send me an email (under contact info) and I'll add you to my ARC's request list. (Not a guarantee, but a chance!)

    Andrea- Totally like father like son. They just walk around the house like it's the locker room at the local gym. It's embarrassing! Thanks for being excited about the blogger tour. :)

  19. Kid B is hilarious! =D

    Isn't Windy awesome? I frickin' love her. And she's brilliant too!

  20. L.T.- She's fabulous! I'm so happy she came up with this idea, and offered to spearhead it.

  21. Glad my child(ren) isn't/aren't the only one who prefers skin to clothing.

  22. Amber- What is it about the desire to be nekked? I don't understand it. At least they are comfortable in their own skin!

  23. So, I've signed up to read it! Of course! See you Saturday! :)