Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Twitter Status: Most of us are doing... Nothing. But Shellie is wafting in the odor of a hundred-year-old... nevermind.

Cam hates ellipsis... Makes me wonder... Hmmm...

Geek Quote of the Day: "I'm not anti-social; I'm just not user friendly."

Get Your Geek On:


Jack Vs. Sawyer.

So in our little poll last week, Sawyer beat out Jack as the guy who should end up with Kate. I was a little disappointed there weren't more votes for option number three: "Jack, so Sawyer is free for me". I guess my readers are a little selfish, and don't want me to have Sawyer.

Here's what I have to say about that:


I was very happy to see the return of Gaius Baltar, but why in the world would Admiral Adama give this guy, and his delusional followers, a bunch of guns? I mean, he's met the guy, right?

Gaius, cult followers, and butt-load of guns. What could possibly go wrong?

I'm having one of those days today, so just to bring you all down with me, consider this:

Smoky (my hairless cat who lives with my sis-in-law because I'm allergic) is up to 331 friends on Facebook. I'm still at, like 160.

Not only that, he actually finishes books he starts.

Anyone else sick and tired of February? Who's with me? Anyone?



  1. I picked Jack.

    I love that pic of Smokey. And as much as I always want to hate Balthar, I just can't do it. He is just too awesome.

    I also am ready for Feb to be over and party all Spring long.

  2. 1. I heart ellipses. They're like my trade mark . . .

    2. I voted for "Jack, so Sawyer will be free for me." But I thought the "me" in that sentence was for myself, not you. Sorry, but you'd have to wrestle me for him.

    3. I am so having one of those BLECK days, and wishing more than anything that I were allowed to eat ice cream. Meh. Can I go back to bed now?

  3. i picked Jack too...i guess i will have to fight sam for him.
    tired of february right there w/ya brodi...almost done! almost done!

  4. I never said I hated ellipsis...I was glad to find that it wasn't just something I made up...and it has a cool name...and yes I am SO over February...what else...hmmm...read any good books lately?...

    Okay, I'm done...

  5. Bree- Arm Wrestle: On!
    And I get the ice cream craving. Carter had melted ice cream on his cheek today, and I licked it off.

    Dorien- you can fight the winner of the above match.

    Cam- lol- seriously! I didn't mean to say you hated them... I was just... I don't know... ACK!

  6. ah man I knew I should have never admitted that. I can't wait till kate is potty trained :)

  7. okay smoky ROCKS! AND ROLLS! he is the most awsome cat I have ever met!

  8. I love how you call Smoky your hairless cat who lives with us! Do we ever get to claim ownership?Probably not.

    I love how he's yawning--like "yeah, I can read. So what."