Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kid C Expresses his True Feelings

Kid C came home yesterday with a gift for me. 

The kids in his class were instructed to make these bunny bags, and then write how they feel about their moms. The other kids wrote messages like, "I love mom. She's the best! She makes me food and ties my shoes!"

Kid C's message was this: 
(If pressed, I'd admit I like mom.)

I'm pretty sure I can guess his thought process: 

"I like mom okay. I mean, I could take her or leave her. I'm not gonna get all mushy just 'cuz I glued a few whiskers on a paper bag. Sure I made her a bunny bag, but c'mon folks, it's a bunny bag. It's not a diamond bracelet. I will leave her a note befitting the bag." 

That'll do, kid C. That'll do.

It's Spring Break for us. You can tell by the weather.
So even though the kids are out of school, it's not so bad. At least they'll be able to play outside. Jump on the trampoline and stuff.

Personally, I can't wait to do a little sunbathing. Mother Nature, what did I ever do to you?

No blog on Friday. Happy Spring Break. Don't forget the sun block. What's everyone doing? Anyone going on vacation?


  1. Yeah! I'm the first commenter!

    Our spring break was a few weeks ago, and we had decent weather for it. Na-na-na-na-na.

    I think the note on the bag is good. Kids always love their mothers--even when they hate their mothers, but they don't always like us. Like is good. :)

    Have you heard about Stephenie Meyer's new novella about Bree? I'm so excited!

  2. Robin- I wish I had a prize for the first commenter or something. I've heard a tiny bit about SM's new novella. When does it come out? Is it free?

  3. She explains all at The quick and dirty is that it will be available for free online starting June 5, but you're going to want to buy it anyway, since $1 of each sale is donated to the Red Cross. Plus, come on: it's a Stephenie Meyer book, the cover is awesome, and who wants to have an incomplete set?

  4. Oh sheesh, that trampoline looks like we bought it on the side of the road of the county dump. I need to fix that up so we don't look like the white trashiest people in town.

  5. I already forgot the sunblock on Sunday. I'm recovering from a horrid sunburn on my arms, face, and leg. Yes, only one leg. OH well.

    I hope you have a great Spring break and that the snow melts as quickly as it has fallen.

  6. I know! What happened to in like a lion & out like a lamb.


    Isn't that the old adage?

    What does an adage mean anyway?

    Sorry, the snow is just throwing me off today. I literally shook my fist angrily at the sky this morning. NO SNOW!

  7. Robin- I would so embarrassed if I had an incomplete set.

    Sam- Without our white-trashy clues, how would people know who we are? What if someone came to our door, and there was no dirty diaper in the planter? They would think they came to the wrong house.

    Jenni- Ooh, sunburns are the worst. But just for fun, go put your leg in the snow and see if you can make it sizzle. Report back.

    Olivia- an adage is a short but memorable saying that makes a commentary on life. Like: "It's snowing again? WTH?? So far, Spring is a burr on my bottom!"

    My mom used to say that one all the time.

  8. Wow. You are having an amazing week. No wonder we playing "animals that growl."

    Also, I like Kid C. He's rationale. you don't see a lot of that these days.

  9. Okay, it kind of looks like he wrote I like Valynne. I must have made a good impression on him. I mean, he did give me spuds last night.

  10. I can't tell you how bummed I was when I opened the garage this morning and saw that snow!

  11. Yesterday I was all, "I'm not going to the grocery store because the wind might blow me over." Then it snows the next day? I can't win. Especially when we're out of milk. And I seem to only have good hair days when it snows/rains--which means the good hair day only lasts until I open my garage. Grr.

    But jumping on a snow-covered trampoline actually sounds strangely appealing--like a trampoline combined with a slip 'n' slide combined with making snow angels. Good thing you've got the safety nets!

  12. Reporting back ... the snow sizzled like a steak on a grill! No, not really, but that would've been cool, huh? Luckily, my sunburn has gone down enough that it wouldn't make anything sizzle right now. If it had snowed on Monday, though, then I'm sure we would've seen some awesome sizzling action!

  13. i.hate.snow.

    now i have to listen to my kids trapped indoors (all 4 of them), bickering and complaining and fighting, heaven help me.

    i may just get in the car and drive over to my white trash neighbors house and leave them home alone. (albeit, that house is only 4 houses away--but if i DRIVE, then the kids think i have gone somewhere far, far away!)

    does my logic make sense to anyone but me?

  14. At least he didn't write "I like Brodi."

  15. I always love the blogs about kid C. He makes me laugh every time! Although I'm thinking that might not of been his own words...because he called you "mom" instead of "Brodi". Asher has been calling me "Erin" lately too.

    Spring break looks awesome! Come down to St. George with us!

  16. Spring break? What's that...I remember it when I was going to school...

    Sorry the weather is not cooperating. Maybe you should send Mother Nature a strongly worded letter. I know I am sending son's first Easter and day at church and it's supposed to rain. =(

  17. Jody- You know what would make my week better? If you'd play a word already!

    Valynne- He woke up this morning and said, "Hey! Where's Bux?"

    Cam- Seriously. It's a good thing there were no sharp objects around.

    Jenni- too bad. Maybe next time it will sizzle!

    Dorien- I take offense to said "white trash neighbor's house" reference! I'll have you know we currently have only 3 diapers on the front porch. (It's snowing, and the trip to the garbage is way too long for me in my hair rollers).

    Emily- That's true. Although now it makes me wonder who this "mom" is that he refers to in his note...

    Erin- I would join you with the other hordes of scantily clad teenagers down there, but I've misplaced my tassels.

    Una- I know. Spring break doesn't mean what it used to when you have a kid. Hopefully the weather will clear for your Easter!

  18. This spring break I was planning on getting a base tan in preparation for my upcoming vacation. I guess those plans are now thwarted. For the record, I. Hate. Snow.

  19. Yeah, you got to love the weather. Or not.
    I do love the bunny sack, though. So funny how our kids express themselves.

  20. Haha, that is too funny. Kid C sure has a way with words. As for my spring, today it was 70 degrees and sunny in DC!

  21. Awwww... I like Kid C's "like" bag - must read in to the like factor. Lots of love there...

    As for Spring Break - seriously! My kids are stir crazy as is - but despite the cold temps and snow my girls are escaping outside anytime the door opens! Last week (no snow but COLD) Ali spent a half hour outside in her swimsuit riding her tricycle. The neighbors made comments but she was determined to stay. "I just a little bit freezing Mommy!" Please don't report me.

  22. Mother nature hates me. Having a spring baby was supposed to mean being able to get out and go on walks and such... it's nastier out there than it was when my fall babies were a week old! :P

    Enjoy "spring" break. Wish I was going somewhere warm...

  23. Kayla- You could always try to get the base tan off of the glare from the snow... report back.

    Leisha- this age is so funny.

    Lulabell- Don't rub it in! Just remember this moment when in a month you guys are sweltering in 100 degrees, 100% humidity.

    Cath- Consider yourself lucky. My boys crack the door open, take a whiff, and then slam it shut, saying, "There's too much air outside!"

    Britt- I wonder how we offended Mother Nature, and how we can make it up to her.

  24. Old Habits die hard. I came here to check in on today's blog and just as the page started loading...I remembered no blog today. Hope you are all having a fabulous day and wish you a wonderful weekend!

  25. Una- I love being a habit. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  26. LOL!!!! "I like mom"

    ah man I know this isn't the most brilliant comment in the world but i had to let you know a big LAUGH LAUGH came out of me reading this!!!