Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Bloggers Slash Local Authors Shootout at the Golden Corral: or How I Named my Chest

Do you like the new blog look? The old look was making me itchy, so I'm going to be trying out some new looks. Let me know what you think.

We have some rockin' book bloggers in Utah, and on Saturday night I went to their Bloggers/Authors social extravaganza at the Golden Corral. 
 (some of the bloggers and authors. I'm too lazy to name names.)

Since I am neither a "Book Blogger" nor an "Author" I was a little unsure what to put on my nametag. 
It's not a matter of self-esteem or anything, it's semantics. I am not technically a book blogger, and since I haven't published a book I'm not an author either.
So Emily Wing Smith made me a new nametag: Brodi Ashton: Bombastic (which means pompous or overblown).

Oh wait, it says "bombtastic". Which is a made up word meaning... well... not pompous and overblown.

I'd never been to the Golden Corral, but I was excited to relive my hardcore buffet days from Vegas.
It was very reminiscent, although I kept waiting for the pirate ships full of dancing women to appear from the ceiling and toss beads at us. I guess that's only a Vegas thing...
(Me, Agent sister Sydney Salter and Suey's Hubby)

The evening culminated in a rousing game of "Book Swap". The rules are simple: Bring a used book. Then swap it. Other than that, it's Anything Goes! Some of us forgot padding, so there were a few injuries.

Other ensuing shenanigans (I stole some pics from Suey):
- Number of times we'd cheer when the book swap numbers were called: 32

-Number of times James Dashner would say one of the following: 
"Stop Cheering! There are no winners and losers!"
"It's not a drawing!"
"Everyone's a winner! Stop it!"
... 32

-I won Carol Lynch William's book THE CHOSEN ONE. James got a Baby book. See? There are winners and losers. 

-Bree Despain won a bodice ripper. The male model on the cover was undressing everyone in the Golden Corral dining room with his eyes. By the time dessert rolled around, everyone was naked. That's when the pirate ships appeared and the disco ball lit up. Makes you want to come to the next one, right?

-Number of trips I took to the ice cream bar, all the while claiming "I'm gonna get my ten bucks back in ice cream alone!": 4

-Number of times I complained that the hot fudge machine was rigged to be difficult: 4

-Number of times I told James to "stop looking fuzzy" for my camera phone: 2

-The whole night, I refrained from saying how I thought Apollo Anton Ohno is cute, because I didn't want Natasha Maw to think I was hitting on her husband:
(Natasha, her hubby, and her sister Leisa. The resemblance to Ohno is uncanny, isn't it? Although from his expression in the pic, I imagine a little word bubble above his head saying, "If someone tells me I look like Apollo one more time, I swear I'm gonna throw this table across the room." Just kidding. He's really nice. This is a long picture caption, isn't it?)

Here's the real Ohno. Tell me there isn't a resemblance...

-Every time someone asked me about my book, I'd answer using "We..." As in: "We're still waiting... We're working on it... We're spending our mornings writing..." I don't know why this made me feel better. As if writing wasn't such a lonely endeavor. I finally said, "And by 'we', I mean me, my left boob and my right boob. The three of us are working hard on the book."

-When asked why she had two nametags, someone said it was so she could name her two best friends:

-I won't tell you who it was...


  1. I'm seriously jealous I missed this one... but seeing as how I was practically falling asleep by 5...

    Next time, next time...

  2. That sounds like it was a lot of fun. Too bad I missed it. Not that I'm a book blogger or an author, and I doubt I would have been as creative in my naming, er, name-tagging as you were.

    I like the new look. March is a good time to change things around.

  3. I sure wish I'd gotten to your table as it sounds like it was a lot more exciting than mine (which at first was so exclusive, you had to be a member of my family to sit at it). You should have put "writer" on your tag. That totally works.

  4. Britt- I'm holding you to it. See ya next time.

    Jenilyn- You and I are in the same position. We'll carpool to the summer social!

    Melissa- You should've come over! I was going through the pictures afterward, and I saw the one on Suey's blog with your name, and I was all, "That's Melissa? I was right by her all night!" Seriously, we need name tag hats next time. I feel like I know all the bloggers so well, but only by their avatars. Am I using that right? or is it Gravitars? Or Icons? Anywho...

  5. he does look like ohno! you were wise to refrain yourself.

  6. You guys owe like a million dollars to the boob jar.

  7. I feel so bad that I didn't meet you but at least I'm discovering who you are now. Hilarious post. I look forward to following your blog and reading your book someday. You truly are "bombtastic"!

  8. Shell- It's eerie the similarity, isn't it?

    Val- Can I help it if my boobs had a mind of their own that night? At least we'll have more money for our cruise.

    Kim- I hope you didn't look at this post for your first impression of me. Come to think of it, none of my posts create a good first impression of me. Hopefully we'll be able to actually "meet" at the next event!

  9. As soon as someone develops beam-me-up-Scotty tech, I'm coming to all these awesome events... as Susan's +1. (She's a book blogger. I'm just a wanna-be-author.)

    --Isolated in Idaho

  10. You're right, James Dashner is looking a little fuzzy there, but so are your name tags--if you squint, they look like they say "boobtastic". Also, I like the new blog look, but you know what? I've been known to waste hours playing with backgrounds and colors. Wouldn't want to get itchy eyes, you know.

  11. *sigh* I love going to Golden Coral! Sadly, it's a little out of our price range... yep.

    That wasn't the REAL Apolo Ohno... I sat across from him at IHOP just last week! (he had the bandanna and everything! I should have snapped a pic!) I just want to know how he made it all the way from Vancouver to St Louis and back in such a short time!

  12. Okay, so the "slash" in the title of this post had me expecting something more along the lines of shoot-out at the ok corral, except at Golden Corral with steak knives maybe...perhaps there is a zombie or other story in there somewhere.

  13. The book bloggers/author event was so much fun and your recap is the best/funniest one yet! I love it! I'm so glad to be in on the fun on that one.

    I like your new blog look. I think it looks really nice. I'm excited to see what other themes you try.

    You forgot the number of times Bree Despain ate dairy and wasn't supposed to: 2

  14. I should have gone to get ice cream four times to get my $10 worth, because I didn't get it any other way, that's for sure. My husband said, "think of it as an entrance fee." Oh, well.

    Great recap. As I said in my post, your table was rockin'.

    And I think of you as both author AND book blogger, so own up to them both! :)

  15. I'm so jealous, your author-esque events always seem like so much fun...or maybe it just sounds that way, you are a very talented typist (isn't that what we figured out for you last time??) I would so attend but without bending time and space, the drive from Cali is just too long. Where is Scotty when you need him?!?

    We see commercials for Golden Corral all the time and yet, as far as I know, they aren't anywhere near where I live.

    Careful Brodi, men in white coats come if your two friends start talking back to you! But if they only converse with each other, I think you'll be fine.

  16. Like the new blog's springy, makes me happy. Not that the other one made me sad, I just like the brighter one...for now. You can change it again and I will like it again too.

    Golden Corral. Only been there once. Great rolls. Sorry you had to bring your 'two best friends' for moral support. Thank goodness they've always got your back...and your front. Your book will be the next one to be published. Guaranteed.

  17. So, somebody's fired for not inviting me... although I guess it's my fault since I am neither a writer nor a public blogger! (Does the title professional storyteller qualify me for the next one?!)

    It looks like a lot of fun! My favorite part of Golden Coral is always the rolls. I'm pretty sure I can eat enough of those to get my $10 worth! Hi, I', Kayla and I'm a breadaholic.

    Have you heard that Richard Peck is doing a local author visit tomorrow night? I'm really excited to go to that!

  18. Robin- I'm a wanna-be author too!

    Kaylie- I only wish my job title were "boobtastic".

    Shauna- The real real Apollo? Or a fake one like mine? And did you know you won the book contest last week? You need to email me!

    Susan- That's totally how I wanted it to read: "Book Bloggers Slash Local Authors..." That's a blog I would read!

    Jenni- So fun seeing you that night. I'm leaving Bree's dairy confessions for her blog. She better be honest...

    Erin- You're so right about my two best friends: "Thank goodness they've always got your back...and your front". Ha ha!

    Kayla- I was planning on going to hear Richard Peck, but I think I might be getting a head cold. If you see me there, say hi! And everyone's invited to these shindigs, so next time come! (I'll try to actually post about the next one in advance...)

  19. I forgot to post, I like the new look Brodi. Sometimes it's nice to just change the scenery.

  20. Una- I'm such a dork! How did miss your first comment? I totally should've put typist. Anywho it would be cool if u lived closer and we actually met in person at one of these shindigs. Thanks for liking the new blog look!

  21. Well, no it wasn't the REAL REAL Apollo. But if you combined your fake one with mine and added skates, it could be his twin!

    I thought I did email you... but I'll do it again!

  22. Forgot to say how much I love the new look of the blog! :)

  23. I was waiting all weekend to hear how you'd recap that evening. I think our table got quite a few stares (since we were laughing so loudly) from the other patrons behind us who were doomed to sit so near. So I had dinner there and unexpectedly got entertainment as well. :)

  24. Shauna- Got your new email. Thanks! And I can't wait to combine my fake Ohno with yours. It'd be like our own little science fair project.

    Robin- Glad you like it. Hubby told me not to change it, because it would confuse people, but I think my blog readers are smart enough to know it's still me.

    Debbie- I didn't realize our table was so raucous. I just thought the entire restaurant was that loud. Now I'm a little embarrassed. And a little proud.

    And that's a poem. The Nyquil must be getting to my brain.

  25. Aw! I'm so jealous. Looks like you guys had a blast :)

  26. Super fun. Love the double name tags :o)!

  27. Congrats on the "winning" book and hey, a baby name book can still come in handy. ;)

  28. I had a lot of fun there, too. I wish I'd sat closer to your table, but I did enough wandering I think I stopped and said hi. Can I steal your title of "Boobtastic" next time someone asks me what I do? "I write books and am totally boobtastic."

    Loved your post!

  29. Likin' the new look! Spring green! Appropriate.

    And I think I love Brodi "BombTastic" Ashton! Are you using it on your next draft?

  30. Looks like fun. I almost went to dinner at the Golden Corral that evening. Love the new look - always good to change it up a little.

  31. L.T. - that's true. I have nothing against baby books. Or babies.

    Jaleta- the title of "boobtastic" is all yours!

    Cath- of course. It's my nom-de-plum. (Did I spell that right?)

    Mary- Why weren't you there? You should've been there. Or do bloggers run in different circles? Anywho, next time, come. Are you in contact with Mawbooks? If not, meet her. :)

  32. I didn't even know you took a picture of us. I"m making a really weird face probably because I ate too many fried shrimp that night.

  33. Taylor- Actually I didn't take the pic. I stole it from I think Suey. I know what you mean about the fried shrimp though. They always elicit strange facial expressions from me.

    Really I thought your face looked fine, if a little tired from hauling around your gold medal.