Thursday, January 27, 2011

Messy House, Cage Dancers and Brodi taking over New York

With Brodi being out of town, I have been asked to step up my game and come on over to her blog and post for her.  I know it is a Thursday, but there is a new sherrif in town and I am making up my own rules (and when Brodi gets back, she will crush my new rules and it will go back to the regular MWF timespots...but for now, I am IN CHARGE). 

Brodi is out of town.  She just beat the big NYC storm and now   She is New York City partying like its 1989.  Actually, she says that she went to a writers conference, but I have my doubts.  I asked her how her busy day of taking notes, studying the words of the speakers, etc. went...She avoided the question and told me that she went out with our niece for lunch and then spent the rest of the day exploring downtown NYC, Columbia, etc.  As you can tell, she is working very hard on perfecting her trade at this 'writing conference.'

I too have been living it up - I have spent the past couple of days getting her car working (OK, a mechanic did it but I did watch him), fixing the plumbing (OK, a plumber did it, but I did watch him), doing homework with the kids, actually working at my own job, trying to keep the house from being condemned by the city and yet I still find time to hold dance parties all through the night, complete with strobe lights, karaoke machines and cage dancers (don't ask!).  The kids have been well fed on poptarts, Rootbeer, waffles with extra syrup and ice cream.  All 4 food groups...or is it 5 food groups? We are somehow holding it all together.  We miss her.

On a different note - If you have a chance, please go and visit Brodi's agent's agency's website (that was a mouthful) at:  Brodi's agent Michael wrote a fabulous blog post on why he signed Brodi and what went in to signing her.  It is terrific.  Not sure who loves Michael more, Brodi or me. 

Also, if you have a chance, come on over to our house.  It is a ragin' party all day long.  I even have a couple of cute little boys that you can take home to keep as parting gifts.  Enjoy your Friday and weekend...I really have no plans - so feel free to let me know what you are doing so that I can imagine that I am make it good!  Toodles!


  1. Thanks for the link. I've read a lot of authors blogs but never an agents so that was a fun look from the other side of things.

    Sounds like the party is alive and strong over there. Have a good weekend Sam!

  2. Good job Sam! Way to set your own rules. Are you sure you didn't come ver to our house for that kitchen pic? As for the link, I read every word. Brodi's humble about things like this. So it was so fun to read how Michael felt about her work. We all know she's awesome, but I loved hearing it from someone else (besides you - as much as I love hearing it from you!)

  3. Debbie - yep, the party is alive and strong. Almost midnight and the party is just really starting. Wild scene here.

    Cath - Yeah, I like hearing it from Michael more than from me as well. In regards to the kitchen, I think I may just light it on fire as that get rid of the mess faster than just cleaning it all up. But I guess I would still have to clean up the ashes. Dilemma, dilemma.

  4. Love your posts, Sam! Have you thought about writing your own book? Then you could go to "writing conferences" with Brodi! :)

  5. Enjoy your bachelorhood for the time being. Although, I guess with two kids, you're not really a bachelor. Enjoy your single-dad-ness. :)

    I really enjoyed reading Michael's blog post about Brodi. But, I didn't like that he mentioned she needed to change her ending drastically. Although, I don't know what the original ending was, so I guess it won't matter.

  6. Robin - You are too kind. I leave the writing to you experts...I am just a trophy husband.

    Jenni - Its funny, it was a good thing...she had an ending that was tough but that she loved but she changed it up when she sent it to agents. Michael wanted to hear her thoughts on a different ending and they agreed on the one she used...which is terrific. So, it was all good.

  7. Much more fun being here than at my kitchen table grading the last 16 papers.

    You've got an awesome book/blog/agent/editor/um, life!!!