Monday, January 3, 2011

My Christmas Break Report: I edited, I swore, and I looked like a Dork

Hey y'all! It's great to be back. I missed you. (Yes, you!)

Things I accomplished over the Christmas break:

1. I edited the boogers out of my manuscript.

It's true. There are no more boogers in it. Now, when it breaths through its nose, there are no more whistling sounds.

2. I only cut myself six times while opening the kids' stupid toys in their stupid packaging. And then I only swore seven times. (An extra one for good measure).

3. I hosted a birthday party for Kid C and about 11 other 8-year-olds at a swimming pool. Because a party isn't a party unless you're risking a life. 
We only like to swim when it's -2 degrees outside.  

(Kid C's birthday party with my husband's family)
Kid C's birthday party with my family. Not quite as big in numbers.

Kid B pointedly NOT swimming

4. Despite having two children who are in their thirties, my mom can still manage to dress us like we're twelve.

Here's us, modeling the presents my mom bought us. 
Yep. Your eyes do not deceive you. She bought us matching hats and scarves, that in turn matched the dog.

5. You wouldn't think someone could pull off looking cool and digging for spare change from the money jar. But Kid C can.
I'm not desperate. I was just sitting here, in my preppy vest, and my hand happened to fall into the money jar. And if I come up with a fistful of coins, I'll just shrug. Whatevs.
6. Kid C and Niece N had a sing-off to the tune of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". Nobody died in battle, but some blood was shed. Mostly by the audience, who tried to slit their wrists with wrapping paper.
Battle formations... check.

7. We wore the kids out sledding.

Kid C and Kid B, in a dress rehearsal for the cold weather.

This is no dress rehearsal. It's 2 degrees outside.

Raise a glass... to child labor!

8. The results of number 7:
 Pictures like this stop me from sending Kid B back up the chimney to search for his "real" dad- the fat guy in the red suit.

9. And finally, the ninth thing I accomplished over the holidays...

I made the yuletide gay.

At first, he wanted nothing to do with it, but by the end, he relented.

How was all y'all's holidays?


  1. I only burned myself three times while cooking!

    I want that Utah hat that kid C has on!!!!

  2. I'll get you one for your birthday!

  3. Spent 3.5 days with the in-laws. 10 adults, 12 kids, and the enduring spirit of my b-i-l's pet puppy which was accidentally killed the day before I arrived to join the fun.

  4. Yay for Christmas break. Super Yay for school to start again. I think we also celebrated Kid C's birthday about 8 times. Cause you know, one birthday party is never enough.

  5. Boy your kids have some awesome heads of hair! Reminds me of what I DIDN'T do this Christmas- get my roots done!

    Then again, I think I'm over my Bella-from-Twilight-red phase. New year, new hair color!

  6. It looks like you had a great holiday break! I'm glad your manuscript doesn't whistle while it breathes anymore.

    The picture of Kid B sleeping on the couch is really cute. And, Kid C totally looks like a stud while rummaging through the coin jar.

  7. i must say you, sister e, and the dog certainly all look mighty cute in your matching gear!

  8. Robin- That's the saddest thing I've ever heard! I'm sorry. About the puppy too.

    Sam- He gets that from your side of the family. :)

    Gina- The new year is the perfect time for a new color! You may have noticed I went from platinum blond to blond.

    Jenni- Make fun, but whistling manuscripts are the worst.

    Dorien- So cute, we would probably get beat up.

  9. What a fun Christmas break! That pic of Kid B is the cutest

  10. Okay, no more feeling sorry for Sam and his "beached whale" pose last summer. I look like a freakin elephant in our matching picture. Who posted that? Can't you photo shop me to look somewhat slimmer....especially when you are posting this out into hyperspace??!!
    That picture is giving me my new years resolution: learn how to photo shop:)

  11. Lulabell- Isn't he the cutest?

    Erin- Learning how to photoshop is infinitely easier than actually losing weight.

    And I agree, that picture does not really look like you!

  12. By the way, I think I meant to say "cyberspace" and not "hyperspace"... What the heck is hyperspace anyway??!!

  13. Erin- It's the magical layer in between outer space and hyper active.

  14. I only slept till 12 twice!!!

  15. Once again thanks for the smile--and debuggering your manuscript. Someone could sneeze and that'd be dangerous.

    Be grateful for having family close by. Or for Skype which lets you connect.

  16. Lily- Wow! Good for you. Your mother must be so proud! :)

    Donna- I am very grateful. When we lived elsewhere, we did the Skype thing, but it's not the same!