Monday, January 17, 2011

Thing #1 and Thing #1: The Australian Open, Sam's Birthday, And what a Rafa Slam really looks like

Howdy y'all! Happy Martin Luther King Day. 

How about a quick... Thing #1 and Thing #1!

1. The Australian Open started today. 

Well, technically it started on Monday, Australia time, which is really Sunday our time. 
We always laugh at their logo. Nobody, not even Rafa, can strike that pose. That shaded man is very bendy.
And that's why the Australian Open is so brilliant... you can see the future. 15 hours ahead. And it looks like this:
The future looks bright. And clean. And apparently designed by a twelve-year-old.
Amazing what we can do with 15 hours!

Rafa will be going for his fourth consecutive grand slam title, a feat that hasn't been accomplished... since... dinosaurs walked the planet. You can take my knowledge of tennis facts to the bank!... of the East River and throw it in.
Rafa. He's comin' to getcha!
Some people are all caught up in saying, "Well, technically it's not a Grand Slam since the wins are not all in the same calendar year... but we'll just call it a Rafa Slam... but don't anyone think it's a Grand Slam."

I respond to these people by throwing bran muffins at their heads. When I hear "Rafa Slam", I picture this:
The Rafa Slam. I'm hungry!

By the way, Rafa doesn't care what anyone calls it. He lets the talking heads talk their heads off while he goes out and dominates the world of tennis.

So yeah, probably most of my posts will go from Revision-centered to Rafa-centered. And if this surprises you, you are probably a very new reader to the blog. Welcome! Don't be scared.

2. It's Sam's birthday today. 

This morning, the kids came into our bedroom and as usual demanded their breakfast rightnowican'twaiti'mdyingofstarvation. Sam didn't budge. For, like, 15 minutes. I was like, "Hello? What's going on here?"

That was my first clue he was feeling a little entitled.

So, let us all raise a pop tart, and toast my main squeeze. (Not Rafa). Happy Birthday Sam! May your days be filled with happiness, and your donuts be filled with jelly!

Feel free to wish him happy birthday in the comments! At the end of the day, I will put all the wishes together in a song, and sing it to him.

So, anyone else going to be watching the Aussie Open?


  1. I am the best! I am #2 on the list, in my rightful place behind Rafa. I plan on having many poptarts today all washed down with some Tab. It is going to be a party. I plan to dance a lot. I also plan on singing some of my favorite 80s songs throughout the day to keep you inspired while you revise.

  2. Sam- Hey! Don't kid yourself. You are not #2. You are Thing #1! Rafa holds nothing on you, and you know he covets your awesome dance moves.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sam!!

    And Brodi, I am guessing that since the tennis thingy is going on, I probably won't see you this week. Wah! Oh well. If I had what ever channel this is playing on, I'd probably tune in to watch some Rafa slamming going on just for the fun of it.

  4. Bree- As much as I love the Open, I still have to revise! Besides, the action doesn't get started until the afternoon every day. Plenty of time for a writing day.

  5. Happy Birthday, Sam! January birthdays are the BEST! I personally take a full week to celebrate mine. My family knows it's all about me

    Brodi, have fun with the revisions. (Maybe someday......)

  6. Nicole- Don't give Sam any ideas about taking a full week. He's lucky he got half an hour this morning, so he could run to the grocery store. :)

  7. I always look forward to your Rafa posts. They're so much fun!

    Happy birthday, Sam! I think you should totally feel entitled and make Brodi do EVERYTHING for you.

  8. Jenni- Make me do everything?! Take it back! Where's a comment moderator when I need one!

  9. Happy Birthday Sam! I'm sure Brodi is happy to wait on you hand and foot... but, really, isn't being married to up-and-coming, soon-to-be-International-Bestseller Brodi Ashton present enough? What more could you want? (I'll bet she even lets you read her books. Now that's love.) :)

  10. ROFL - I love your editorial comments, Brodi! I've got friends both from Australia and living there now, so that 15 hours into the future is brilliant.

    Happy Birthday, Sam!

    "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter." ~~author unknown

  11. Robin- I wish Sam looked at being forced to read my books as a present.

    Donna- You have friends in Australia? Would they mind just popping on over and getting Rafa to sign something for me? :)

  12. hap-happy birthday to theeeeee most met-metrosexy man i knooooooooooooooooooooow. (does that fit the tune of your song?) :O)

  13. if not, we could always bring him into primary next sunday and give him a REAL bday song. ;O)

  14. or your friend that talks like Snow White could sing him happy bday in her best snow white voice...
    k, done typing now....

  15. Dorien- We should definitely sing to him in primary! In fact, he told me that's what he wants for his birthday.

  16. I love the Aussie Open, even though the time difference means I have to stay up all night to watch Rafa. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now. It's 2a.m here and he's cruising through his first round game. Vamos!

    Yay for the Rafa slam!! :)

  17. Leanna- 2.a.m.?! Where are you? I'm watching the match too. It looks like you won't have to be awake much longer at the rate it's going.

    p.s. Doesn't the Rafa slam look delicious?

  18. Deeee-licious!

    I'm in Ireland! I really didn't mean to stay up so late, but you know, anything for Rafa! I really don't think his opponent is going to last much longer. His knee doesn't look like it's in great shape. At least Rafa's knees are behaving themselves at the moment!

  19. Yes, let's hope those knees last for the entire tournament.

    And... I love Ireland!

  20. Happy Birthday Sam-a-lam-a. Does anyone ever call him that? Hope it's a great one. You guys going to the Melting Pot to celebrate? I've never been there but hear it's good.

    Hooray for Rafa season.

  21. Yay! I love Thing 1 and thing 1. I hope Rafa does as well as you hope for him. And Happy Birthday to Sam!

  22. That shadow man is incredibly bendy.

    Happy Birthday, Sam!

  23. Debbie- I call him that all the time. In fact, I'm sure he would love it if everyone called him that always forever and ever.

    Lulabell- Rafa is going to take over the world! Or, go out in a fireball of glory.

    L.T.- He is very very bendy. Sometimes, just for fun, we try to contort our bodies to match his. Sometimes we end up in the hospital.