Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Revision Update: Third Time's the Charm? and a visit from the Diet Coke Fairy

Hey y'all.

So, I received my third revision letter (Or Help Edit and Learn Letter). Each HELL is becoming narrower in focus, and smaller in print, and this time around we will be looking at each paragraph... nay, even each sentence, to check for flow, consistency, and... some other stuff I can't think of at 8:00 a.m.

The Revision Letter:
I always read my revision letters through a soft-glow filter. It helps. 
Sometimes I use rose-colored glasses instead.

This revision comes down to 4 steps:

1. Comb the Draft

...looking for signs of weakness. Am I repeating words? Are the characters repeating actions? Is anyone flinching?

2. Ruminate on Possible Changes

Is there a fresh way to express what is happening? Is that passage even necessary to the book? Can it be fixed? Removed entirely?

3. Adjust Accordingly

Make the mandatory fixes. Trim the fat, where possible.

4. Proceed

... on to the next problem area.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I will be working on these four steps: Comb, Ruminate, Adjust, Proceed. Or CRAP.

As I am in the process of CRAP (CRAP-ing?), it is always good to have some essentials on hand, and Monday night I was lucky enough to get a visit from the Diet Coke fairy.

I opened my front door to find a 24-pack of bottled Diet Coke on my porch. 

I always knew that if I believed long enough, and hard enough, the Diet Coke Fairy would appear. It has been many years since I first heard the magical tinkle of the silver bells on the Diet Coke Fairy's sleigh. Decades.

My friends always told me I was silly to believe. But I can still hear those bells...

So, how is everyone else's January going? The good news is, when I'm finished with this round, January will almost be over! Yay!


  1. LOL! Diet Coke Fairy! Does she live near the Candy Fairy? Cause I should be getting a visit from her soon. Hopefully she'll drop off some gummy candy and a whole lot of chocolate!

  2. I'm glad the Diet Coke Fairy was so timely in her delivery. Good luck with the revisions!

  3. Shari- Everyone knows the Diet Coke fairly lives in the space between rainbows and dreams. I hope she doesn't start to bring candy- my thighs can't take it!

    Jenilyn- the Diet Coke Fairy is all-knowing, and all-timing. Thanks!

  4. Brodi, thanks for sharing what the editorial letters look like! And after this revision, your book will be just glowing with perfection :-) And I know you'll thoroughly enjoy your diet coke!

  5. we have a toy fairy and a tooth fairy visit our do i get on the list of the dt coke fairy? seriously...whats better than a dt. coke fairy--except perhaps a money fairy or a new car fairy....

  6. Dorien- I think you have to be on her mailing list.

    p.s. I can't believe you still believe in the new car fairy. :)

  7. Just don't accidentally spill the Diet Coke on the HELL letter, or it might be harder to CRAP.

    Just sayin.

  8. Yay for revision letter. Revision letters always put you in a good mood.

  9. Robin- I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Sam- I know! Aren't you excited to come home tonight?

  10. OMG there's a Diet Coke fairy?! Can you ask her to send the Double Stuf Oreo fairy over to my place? Because the only thing outside my door right now is the 2 feet of snow the Nor'easter fairy left at 3 a.m. this morning!

  11. WOW! A Diet Coke fairy!?! Do you think she ever comes to Logan? I could sure use that during finals week!

  12. Do you think there's a Gatorade fairy too?

  13. Gina- I believe the Diet Coke fairy is good friends with the Oreo fairy. Perhaps I can get a message through...

    Lulabell- I'll send her up. She has four-wheel drive on her sleigh.

    Jenni- In this economy, the Gatorade fairy is out of work. (too healthy)

  14. I want a trip from the Diet A&W Fairy. Do you think they're cousins? And your CRAP had me laughing aloud in the library so many thanks :D

  15. Bethany- I love making people laugh in quiet places! (libraries and funerals, mostly)

  16. Wow. How many HELL letters do you have to process? Those editors are sure picky buggers, aren't they?

    Love the Diet Coke Fairy, though I'd be wanting some lime with it.

  17. Donna- Yes, for some reason those editors want the best books possible. So annoying. :)

    Better yet, how about a diet coke fairy who brings a soda fountain, and a bucket of freshly cut lemons? And an ice machine?

  18. HELL, CRAP, and Diet Coke Fairy. Yours is TRULY a magical life. (And oh, so hilarious!)

    Revise on, Brodi! Revise on!