Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years, I'm Inviting you to a Party, and my Favorite Stephen King Nugget

Happy New Year everyone!

Just a quick invitation; come hang with me:

Bree Despain's official launch party is tomorrow, Saturday, January 2nd, at 3:00 p.m. and you are all invited! The more, the more crowded! (I was gonna say the more the merrier, but that is so very cliche). It will be at The King's English in Salt Lake City. (In the neighborhood of 15th and 15th.)

In case you haven't noticed, Bree's book is kicking some serious arse, so come meet her before she gets so famous she has to get bodyguards, and an entourage (besides her writer's group), and she becomes reclusive and writes a bunch of books only to shove them in the top drawer of her rolltop desk.

You may have heard a rumor that she spent last week puking her guts out, or that she almost burned down her house, but I can assure you these are just that... rumors that happen to be very true.

I don't think she's puking anymore, and even if she is, and she pukes all over your book, think how much more valuable that book will be!

Okay, I think I'm officially in trouble. Anywho, I'll be there, and I would love to meet some of you in person if I haven't met you yet. (That sentence was embarassingly clunky. And seriously, no one should ever use the world "embarassingly". Stephen King would be so ashamed.)

Speaking of which, I spent much of yesterday re-reading Stephen King's book "On Writing", which is a fabulous memoir/instruction manual as to the craft. If you are a writer, and you haven't read it, read it. (Thanks to Nikki M. for reminding me about the beauty of this little book). 

My favorite little nugget about inspiration:
King advises to keep to a writing schedule. Every day, at the same time. He goes on to say...

"Don't wait for the muse. As I've said, he's a hardheaded guy who's not susceptible to a lot of creative fluttering. this isn't the Ouija board or the spirit-world we're talking about here, but just another job like laying pipe or driving long-haul trucks. Your job is to make sure the muse knows where you're going to be every day from nine 'til noon or seven 'til three. if he does know, i assure you that sooner or later he'll start showing up, chomping his cigar and making his magic."

I love that. 

Update on the New Year's Melancholy:

We went to my sis-in-law's for a party last night. Kid B (whom we lovingly refer to as our sickly child) instantly developed a rash. I don't know why. Probably someone in the room looked at him wrong. Or maybe he saw a picture of a peanut. (He's allergic). 

Anyway, I took him home to fester in his own room, and Kid C and Sam stayed at the party. So, in a fitting twist of fate, I was alone on New Years Eve, reading a book. And it was seriously the best New Year's Eve ever.  

How was your evening? And are you coming to the Dark Divine party?

p.s. I'm thinking my blog needs a new look. Any suggestions? Hearts? Puppies? Bladders?


  1. I hoping to come to the King's English tomorrow - sounds awesome. Your New Years Eve sounds heavenly. I played motorcycle racing games on the PS2 with my 8 year old. He had a major meltdown because I kept winning (I don't believe in letting kids win, yeah I'm mean like that) anyway he wailed in the New Year and I wanted to die. Hubbie slept, It was fabulous.

  2. You could get a lot of money for a puked on Dark Divine over on EBAY. You would think that they would be rare, but surprisingly enough, there are quite a few available.

    Hey, I made it home just before midnight. In celebration, we lit all of the trees in our backyard on fire. It was very festive.

  3. Mary- One kid crying, hubby asleep. Sounds like every new years eve since becoming parents, don't you think? Hope to see you tomorrow!

    Sam- Maybe there are quite a few on eBay, but do any of them have a certificate of Authentic puke?

    And that fire in our backyard was beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  4. I'm totally coming to TKE and I'm bringing people. I'm excited, it'll be my first time at TKE.

    New Years last night consisted of us and our friends playing Who, What, Where and Scene It. Good times! Hilarious stuff.

  5. I'll be at King's English tomorrow! I can't wait...I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. Maybe y'all can teach me patience on my book subs ;)

  6. Debbie- Can't wait to see you! You always know how to make a party.

    Melissa- the key to patience is Solitaire. Lots and lots of Solitaire. See you tomorrow!

  7. Mary- You are so right not to let your kid win all of the time! If they can't pick themselves up after being schooled by their mamma, then we are doing them a disservice.

    Brodi- I would love to be there at the launch party tomorrow, but alas, will not be able to do so. I will have to wait until Ms. Despain comes down to Georgia for a signing.

  8. Not sure if I'll make it to the party but I'd like to. Happy New Year!

  9. I would just like to say that the puke fest is officially over, and that I was not the one who almost burned down the house.

    However, I may still puke on one lucky somebody's book, but not because I have the stomach flu--just because I'll be shaking like a nervous little puppy.

  10. P.S. For New Years, Hubby and I watched CLUELESS. Have to say, still made of awesome after 15 years.

  11. Nicole- Maybe we can talk her into adding Georgia to her list of tour cities. And then she can take me along as her baggage handler.

    L.T.- happy new year to you!

    Bree- Clueless was 15 years ago? Holy Frakkola, I'm old. As for the puking, I'm sure your publisher will send someone to hold your hair back. They have people for that, don't they?

  12. I'm SO going to be there! Debbie & I are carpooling together & I'm embarrassed to say it will be my first time at Kings English too. I've been meaning to go FOREVER, since I've heard such great things about it, but just get sidetracked whenever I'm up in the big city lights of SLC.

    I've been so tired moving that for New Years we went to a little family party, left early, put the kids in bed, watched the finale of Survivor, & made out with my husband. The End.

    P.S. I love, love, love Stephen Kings "On Writing" So good.

  13. Olivia- I love that you added "and made out with my husband." I had to read it twice!

    See you guys tomorrow!

  14. Happy New Year! :) That's a great tid bit from Stephen King. I'm going to start my first Stephen King book in the next couple of days. I'm going to read The Stand--all 1200 pages! :S

    Unfortunately, I can't come to the party. I want to, but my family has a party planned and I've already said I'd go. I hope you all have fun!

  15. Jenni- I'm ashamed to admit I've never read any of his books, except the one on writing. They're too long and I have a short attention span! But he must be doing something right... He said in his book that out of all his books, "The Stand" is the most well received.

    I think it's about the apocalypse, no? I should really dig a book like that. Maybe they'll make a YA version sometime soon. Let me know how you like it!

  16. I wouldn’t miss Bree’s launch party for anything except maybe if I had an accident or died unexpectedly. I’m sure you’d understand. But otherwise, I’ll be there. Not that I’m planning on having a tragic accident…unless you count the last book I wrote. But only my ego would be bruised then—a far cry from death.

    You know, nevermind. I’ll be there. Really.

  17. Douglas- Death wouldn't stop me from this launch party! It would only delay me a little.

    See you there!

  18. Dude, she already has a body guard. If you recall, I am Secretary of Defense, and I do not take my job lightly.

  19. That's it. I'm moving back to Utah. Somehow we never have cool book signings here. Well, I did get to meet Jessica Day George when she came up, which was way cool, but that's it in 5 years!

    Is Bree coming to Twin Falls on tour? It kills me the number of times she's doing book signings within a couple miles of the house I grew up in!

    I spent New Years with my husband's family. My nephew went to urgent care with RSV. Fun times ahead for all.