Monday, January 18, 2010

She Can't Bluff at Cards, Even when the Cards are the Size of my House

Happy MLK day, y'all.

Remember to enter my contest for a signed copy of James Dashner's The Maze Runner here. It's been so great to meet so many lurkers, so if you're a lurker, stop by and say hi.

This weekend, my entire family went to our condo up in Midway, Utah. We escaped the sludge they have the nerve to call "air" in Salt Lake City.

It was nice to have a break from the apple-corer we'd use up our noses to dig out the sludge that had collected there.

While we were at the store in Midway, my sister saw a big box of face cards. She said the condo needed a bunch of decks on hand, so she bought it.

Only it wasn't a big box of cards. It was a Box of Big Cards.

It's all in the semantics.

We played B.S., and little Necie had a difficult time managing such big cards while at the same time bluffing.

So she'd put down a card and say, "It's a four."

her dad: "We're not on fours. We're on fives."

"Okay, it's a five."

My sister can't bluff to save her life either. Every time she bluffed, her face looked like this:

(Nothing to see here)

When that wide-eyed innocent face didn't work, she tried for the super-distracted tactic. The one where she's so distracted by other stuff going on in the room, that she's just gonna throw down two 3's, without even thinking too hard about it. Trust her! She's too distracted to lie!

Only problem was, there was nothing else going on in the room.

Yeah, she ended up holding the entire deck of big-arse cards.

Today I'm off for a marathon writing day with The Six. What's everyone else up to? How was all y'all's weekend?


  1. Ahhh bluffing. It must be said that I can't bluff for my life. I get hives if I lie. I get hives if I even think about lying. Oops.

    And my weekend was excellent, thank you very much! I spent it at Hotel Monaco for a work retreat...even though I live 5 minutes away. :)

  2. Glad you got to escape the air. I went running this morning outside (thinking it was ok now that it had snowed a bit) and now I'm hacking up my lungs.

    This weekend I went to Bree Despain's book signing. She did a bang up job and it was a lot of fun to get to hang out with people who love books. Makes me wish I read faster so I could get through more and more and more.

  3. All I read was 'blah blah blah blah blah.' WHAT? No mention of your hubby turning 30 years old?!?

    Good thing that I have all of my facebook friends who talk about my birthday.

  4. I'm not a good bluffer when playing BS either. I also don't call other people's bluffs very well. I still love the game, though.

    I'm glad you got to escape the air. Provo was yellow instead of red yesterday. It will be nice to get green air again.

    My weekend was good. I got my hair done and spent time with some friends.

  5. Melissa- My sister gets a spot on her lip that turns white when she lies. It's so funny!

    I love Hotel Monaco. A little jealous here.

    Debbie- She did a great job, didn't she? That was a very fun event, and so good to see you there.

    Sam- whoops. I was totally going to mention it, but this was just a quick post. The real birthday post will be on Wednesday. Prepare for your world to be rocked!

    Jenni- I always lose B.S. because I think everyone is a liar, and I go by the motto "Trust No One." I think it comes from writing too much fiction.

  6. Hope you are having a great writers day. Tell Bree I gave myself a fabulous Dark Divine Pedi over the weekend :) I also wrote a bunch - I'm up to like 15,000....It's hard.... I might have to bribe you to read it before I get too carried away :)

  7. The box said (and i quote), "This has lots of decks of cards for fun use at a condo." So I bought it. Little did I know that the gosh darn thing said, "BIG ARSE CARDS THAT NO ONE CAN HOLD OR SHUFFLE." So I'm blaming the big cards for my lack of bluffing skills.

    BTW, I hope you got some good pics of Sam ice skating for his 49th birthday. Don't tell him, but he doesn't look a day over 43, unless he's ice skating...and then he looks like an old man :)

  8. Cam- 15,000 words? That is crazy good. Bree is most impressed too. Go Cam!

    Erin- you have a point. We all look pretty ridiculous holding those cards; it's hard to bluff while looking ridiculous.

    And why oh why didn't we get video of Sam trying to ice skate? Why?!?!

  9. Yeah, those big cards would make it hard to B.S. (I totally love that game.)