Monday, January 11, 2010

My Weekend Movie Report... and Further Evidence as to Why I Stink at Housewifery

Hey, y'all.

How was your weekend? Mine was good.

1. Saw two movies: Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. Both were an excellent waste of time.

I loved Avatar, although I think that's because I went in with low expectations. As much as everyone was saying it's the wave of the future, I couldn't help thinking it would be a smurf-erific treat, with aliens and humans interacting along the lines of Paula Abdul dancing with Skat Kat.

So, yes, I was surprised I liked it so much.

As for Sherlock Holmes, I liked it too. When I mentioned I was seeing it, Bree Despain tweeted to me the following:

"Sherlock & Watson are like you and me. If we were guys & wicked smart detectives, that is."

Which begs the question... how exactly are they like you and me then? And I happen to think I am a wicked smart detective. So one for two ain't bad.

2. Continuing on in our series "Why Brodi Sucks as a Housewife", take a look at this:

Pretty Chinese cabinet, right?
Only take a closer look:

I thought this "Bibbity Bobbity, Boo" thingee was a cute Halloween decoration, but I was too lazy to procure a hammer, nail, and an actual hanging place for it. Luckily I found a nail already in place behind the Chinese cabinet. Now it's January, and yet, it still hangs.

3.  I don't know how many of you live in Salt Lake City, but today we officially have the worst, most unhealthy air in the country.  I think I shall stay indoors, trying not to exert any energy, or even move. I was so worried about breathing the stuff that I made the kids walk to school so I wouldn't have to step outside.

Just ikidding.

Whoops. I guess ikidding is "kidding on the internet".

How was your weekend? See any good movies?


  1. I want to see Sherlock Holmes. I'm still not sure about Avatar, though. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    I think that's a perfectly logical place to hang a Halloween decoration. 8O Okay, so it's a little weird, but it's okay. As for taking it down, eh, Halloween's almost here again! Just leave it up.

    I heard the air was horrible in SL. It's not quite as bad in Utah County, but the air is still thick enough to eat. I guess we need it to snow soon to clear out the air.

    My weekend was good. I spent most of it catching up on Japanese for my class and writing my first paper for English class in 10 years! This paper is going to give me an aneurysm or worse. I blog all the time, but the minute I'm supposed to narrate an important experience, my mind goes blank and I'm not sure how to express myself anymore. Ugh!

  2. Jenni- Good luck with the paper. I always go blank when someone actually asks me to write something, and puts the pressure on!

    Scuse me while I go outside and bite off a chunk of air. :)

  3. We went to California where there were flowers blooming, clear blue skies, and we went swimming--outside!! It was a nice weekend.

    I want to see Sherlock Holmes, but I've been trying to read the book first and haven't made it very far. Maybe I'll give up on that goal---the first of many that I give up on this year.

  4. Jenilyn- I'm ashamed to say I've never read a Sherlock Holmes book. But hubby read the first one ever written A STUDY IN SCARLET about the "murderous mormons".

    I'm jealous about California. I can't believe we used to make fun of their air.

  5. Snort! Laugh! You crack me UP!!! Halloween decor on the back of the cabinet (which by the way - is very lovely!) Yeah... pretty bad. So is this the clunkiest? Or do you have something forthcoming to top it!!? I'm dying to see clunkier!!

    Previews for Avatar left me.... way disinterested. But SH looked good. Would you not recommend it?

    As for the air, I ran in it this morning at 6AM. Still dark. When I couldn't see the cove lights on Mount Olympus I thought, "good thing it's so dark I can't see what I'm running in, I might turn around and go home." YUCK!

  6. Cath- I would not not recommend it. But, you know, I never really recommend anything, because I always get flak from someone who didn't like it, or was offended by it. So, I stick by my first sentence. I would not not recommend it.

    As for something clunkier, I will take up the gauntlet (glove) and document all of the clunky goings-on in my house. And I will dedicate the posts to you, dear friend.

  7. Well, at least the Halloween decor is mostly hidden from view. And I'm pretty sure ilaughing is an app for the iphone. Perhaps it is to be used when you can't muster your own laugh.

  8. Melissa- Unfortunately, I have no problem whatsoever mustering my laugh, even at the most inappropriate moments. Funerals, sad movies, etc.

    ilaughing right now.

  9. So, I take it back. Utah County's air quality is just as bad as SL's ( It's sad that Utah, and northern Utah at that, is the only place in the US with red on that map. *shakes head in shame*

  10. You forgot to mention our quest for dinner in a timely manner after we watched Sherlock Holmes. Restaurant after restaurant had too long of delays to even get seated. It got so bad, we almost went to Applebees (sorry to all of you 'bees lovers). Alas, it was way too full there as well. I still can't believe that we ended up just sitting on the Gateway streets asking people to give us their scraps.

    I also had a huge accomplishment...not getting sick in the 3D Avatar. Yay for me!

  11. Jenni- That map is seriously sad. Every year, the inversion makes me want to move.

    Sam- Just so you know, there was know way I'd let us eat at Applebees. No way. Even if it didn't have a wait. Because when we're there, we're family. And I already have enough family.

  12. I would agree that you are a wicked, smart detective . . . except when it comes to identifying blood.

  13. Valynne- Hey, if Sherlock Holmes were there that night, he would've done exactly the same thing I did. Dip a piece of paper in the "blood" and examine it under the light .

    And then promptly throw the bloody paper toward a lawyer's office, and run away really fast.

    Downright Holmesian, if you ask me.

  14. Okay, do I really have to explain why you and I are the girly writer versions of Sherlock and Watson?

    I mean, seriously?

    They are total BFFs who banter endlessly and practically share a brain. I bet if they were to each write novels independently of each other, they'd end up being full of really weird coincidences like Soul-sucking Walmarts and Persephone metaphors.

    Plus, Watson is the more sane of the duo, so it totally makes sense that I'd get to be Watson.

    But then again, we are apparently no longer friends so I guess you can no longer play Holmes to my Watson. Dang it all.

  15. Bree- Now I totally see it. We really do share one brain between us. And it really is a tiny one.

    Don't forget the stories involving volunteer work at the soup kitchens. And Wraiths.

    I'm sorry we're no longer friends, so you can be Watson to my Sherlock. Hopefully our little spat will end soon, because we have a writing day on Wednesday.

  16. Yeah, and Wednesday is my Birthday!!!! So take back what you said about my picture looking "fine" and we can Holmes and Sherlock again.

    Dude, I forgot about the wraiths and the soup kitchens. You are my Holmes! Even if you have weird opinions of bad photography.

    Can we learn fancy fighting moves and can I carry sword in my cane? I have the bad knee already, so a cane would come in handy!

  17. Okay, fine. Your picture made you look like a skanky-looking crack chick. Happy? Can we be friends now?

    And yes, you can have a cane with a sword in it, as long as you don't use the pointy end on me.

    Ah, the sweet feeling of friendship. Come, Watson. The game is afoot!

  18. You were supposed to say that I looked like bloated old hag in that photo, but I'll let it slide.

    Let's go score some opium and gamble on a boxing match and then go stop some of them murderous Mormons. Tally ho!

  19. Bloated old hag, skanky crack ho, same thing.

    Yes, dear Watson, I'm all for hunting down those murderous mormons. If only we could find their secret lair. *shakes fist at sky*

    It might just be hidden by the inversion.

    On second thought, let's do the opium thing first and then go from there.

  20. Oh, and by the way everyone, I got in trouble for NOT bashing a picture of Bree, and saying she looked "fine".

    Just didn't want any of y'all out there to think I was a big fat meanie.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed Sherlock Holmes and was entertained during Avatar. Sounds like Dad really liked Avatar too. Good for him! If you are going to see it, see it in 3D for sure!

    I just got a new phone (for the record). I think I might be able to text now...not too sure but it is supposed to be easier on this phone. So BTW, CU later. How's that for tecxtying.

  22. Erin- ha ha! That's perfect texting! Now to see if you can actually do it from phone to phone.

    L8TR, sis.

  23. I haven't seen Sherlock Holmes but I did see Avatar and was also surprised by how much I liked it.

    I just found a halloween pot holder the other day. Hooray! You're not alone.

  24. I haven't seen either movie yet but I've heard such across the boards about both of them. We'll see.

    Love the Halloween decoration. Sometimes it's the thought that counts, but quite frankly I just dont know if this counts. Haha!

  25. L.T. - I know what you mean. I was also surprised I liked it, mostly because I thought I would hate it.

    Debbie- Hey! My thoughts should count as much as the next guy's!

  26. Avatar rocked. I just had to put the "guy" stamp on this post. It ruled beyond cool. There's no word for how... ... the movie was.

    I saw it in 3D. It was amazing!

    Oh, and I noticed the area looked pretty clean, so your Housewifery skills are not stinky. Like I'm a subject matter on the expert... moving on!

  27. Joel- ha ha! You're right- there is a lack of testosterone around here. I'm right there with ya, though, in saying Avatar rocked.

    I saw it in 3D IMAX and I can't wait to see it again.

    Oh, and the part where you said, "Like I'm a subject matter on the expert... moving on!"

    I read it like three times, and after the third time, I was convinced someone slipped me a hallucinogen where words stop making sense.

  28. Yeah. Sometimes idea the quickly get always in that place. 'Nuff said. I think. Is that an ice-cream truck!? *Runs away*